Monday, August 1, 2011

120 days left until the competition

Weight 140.1

I am on my official count down with the diet. I am so excited to get things started....although somewhat early (16 weeks out). I am hoping to lose body fat and maintain my muscle for the contest, so I thought starting 16 weeks out and taking things slow will help so that I don't cut in too much of my muscle.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am hoping to cut using Lyle McDonald's Ultimate 2.0 (UD2) diet and training plan. I have had luck with his plan in the past even when I did not follow it exactly on the refeed days. I think I will have great success on it if I do it right the entire time.

I have my head on straight now. I am mentally prepared for the challenge. I am happy that August 1, 2011 started at the beginning of the month and on a Monday. I am OCD about starting my diet and training plans on Mondays and it is even better that it ended up at the beginning of the month. I have set up this training log/blog as a diary toward my contest prep and to share with anyone who cares to know what I am doing.

I started my EC stack today. I must admit that I love how the EC stack makes me feel. I have been off of it for a few months...which I did on purpose so that I could get some of the appetite suppressant effects the first week or two into my diet. Initially, the EC stack curbs my hunger, but this great effect does not last long for me. If it lasts a week, I will be happy. What I love even more about the EC stack is that along with the thermogenic fat burning effects it has, it really makes me feel happy, happy, happy. It is a mood enhancer for me. My serotonin levels must be on the lower side when I am not on the stack. I don't get depressed or anything like that, but when I take the EC stack, I have loads of energy, feel mentally clear as a bell, and I feel happy, happy, happy. A win win indeed!!

I am planning to add links to my account that will have my meal plans and other stuff to look at. I will also add a link to my training plan if I can figure out how to do that since my training apps are on my iPad. I will try to make this blog user friendly. I may even look into this Twitter thing hahaha.

This morning I was a bit irritated because I plan to head to the gym only to find that it is closed down for the week for maintenance. I forgot about that, so I did not get my morning cardio in and I don't think that I will want to do cardio after my depletion workout tonight. We will see.

I am going to have to be organized throughout this thing so that I have balance between my training, work, and family life.

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