Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Carb Load Blahs

Start Weight 141.1
Today's Weight 136.4
Loss/Gain -4.7

On my nutrition plan I eat 4 days low carb and then I add carbs (alot of carbs) on Friday and Saturday. I am doing an awesome diet and nutrition plan my Lyle McDonald called the Ultimate Diet 2.0 (UD2).This kind of diet is called a cyclical diet. The reason I am doing this diet is in a desperate hope to MAINTAIN all the muscle that I have put on while I cut my bodyfat down to really low levels as I prepare for my figure competition in November. It is extremely hard to maintain muscle while cutting bodyfat for a contest. I experienced that when I was doing the challenge. I ended losing a good amount of muscle and fat as I strived to transform my body. NOT GOOD!! So, I have put on about 2-3 pounds of muscle since that challenge and I don't want to lose it!!

I had great success with the UD 2 diet the past couple of months as I strived to gain muscle and not alot of bodyfat. Despite the fact that I would go bonkers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and eat what ever I wanted during those days I managed to gain the muscle and only a little bit of fat. I did gain fat because I did not follow the diet at all during my carb load days.

Well now that I am preparing for a show, I can't play around. UD2 is not a standard bodybuilding cutting diet, but I am going to try it for 4 weeks and see what kind of results I can get. I think I will have great results...but that remains to be seen. My job now is to do the diet RIGHT.

Well, everything was going good with the diet until yesterday. I was figuring that my carb load would be a piece of cake since I can eat lots of carbs!!! I am a carb-a-holic. The thing that made this extremely difficult to me was the fact that my fat grams had to be around 50g. I simply could not eat that much. It took no time to hit 57 grams of fat. So all the rest of the work was eating carbs that had no fat. At 10pm I was in a panic. I had 400 grams of carbs to eat to meet my carb load. That is 1600 calories worth of straight carbs in a couple of hours before my bedtime. So I went to Krogers and found the biggest bagels I could find...then I started looking at juice. I figure I could get alot of calories just drinking juice. Grape juice had the most. Then I bought some preserves to put on my bagels...and some dried fruit which is really high in calories. I went home and drank a quart of grape juice, 2 bagels and after that I had to struggle to keep it down. I mentally made myself not throw up...else I would have to start over with the food. After it was said and done, I only got in 520g of carbs not even coming close to my goal of 777-888 grams of carbs.

Got up this morning, I am not bloated, feel good and can still see my abs despite 3 pound water weight gain. I am contemplating if I should make up my carb loss today or just count it as a loss. I am thinking more the latter and keeping my carbs between 230-250 grams today.

Got my power workout today in the gym. Woohoo! my previous blogs this week, I inserted pictures of me, my grandkids and food. I am now going to highlight my 3 girls and tomorrow my son.

In the pic Left is my 15 youngest daughter Erica...she is 15 years old and smart and athletic. Middle is my oldest daughter 23, who just had my grandaughter 3 months ago, and Jessica on the right is 19 years old and the mother of my 16 month old grandson.

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