Wednesday, August 3, 2011

118 days left.....

Start Weight 141.1
Today's Weight 136.9
Loss/Gain= -4.2 pounds

Yesterday I had several bouts of diarrhea. I was nauseated, sweaty, and just blah feeling. I rarely get sick and I rarely call off of work. So I went to work, told my staff that I did not feel well and planned to chill in the office as much as possible. I had 3 training sessions to teach at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm. I prayed that I could get through them without having to excuse myself to rush to the bathroom. It turned out that I did not have any additional episodes of diarrhea while I was at work. I just had waves of nausea and sweats.

Between training sessions I ran home for lunch around 1:15. I scrambled an egg and 4 egg whites, threw in 3 ounces of chicken, some diced tomatoes, green onion, and sweet pepper and ate it. Surprising enough, it settled in my stomach just fine. I was actually starting to feel better. I went back to work, taught the last training session and then went up to my office to check some emails and make a few calls. I ended up leaving work around 4:30. When I got home, I made myself a double protein shake to drink prior to my glycogen depletion workout....the workout from hell. Unfortunately, I became EXTREMELY nauseated after the protein shake. I let things settle for an hour and decided to train even though I was nauseated.

Thirty minutes prior to training I had a granola bar....19 grams of carbs...for some energy to get through the brutal training. I also mixed some BCAA's in my water bottle to sip on during my training. I felt like crap all the way to the gym. Once I got there I went straight to the vertical leg press machine and started hammering out my 6 sets of 15 reps. To my surprise, my nausea was not as noticeable during my sets...but was pronounced during my rest periods. Oh well, I pushed through the entire workout.

I managed to hit my macronutrient goals but was lagging way behind in my water intake. I had zero appetite yesterday so it was easy to stick to the nutritional plan. I had to force myself to eat.

No weight training for me today or tomorrow. I welcome that because I am a bit sore from Monday and Tuesday training. I plan to do 40 minutes of cardio both days and then hit the weights again Friday and Saturday. I am glad to be back on track and am looking forward to doing this entire plan the correct way...even during my refeed days. I do so much better when I have a plan....that I like. I felt lost and aimless during my diet break and during my brief run with RFL. I think it is psychological. I like the challenge of UD 2.0 with the insane training and all the planning involved with the nutrition. I guess I am a glutton for punishment. I am the same way at work. I like to be constantly busy. of the most productive times in my life was when I was going back to school for my Masters degree, working full time, traveling extensively with my girls travel volleyball team every weekend, and working on a few projects. But, I must admit, I did not watch my weight during that time and I was the heaviest that I had ever been during that time (between 2006-2008).

My goal for today is to get my gallon of water in and to hit my protein needs with solid shakes. We will see.

I am feeling better today. No diarrhea and nausea :)

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