Saturday, August 20, 2011

What the heck......

Yesterday I decided to take a "nap" around 6pm after eating some watermelon and feeling quite uncomfortable.That was stupid of me because I was carb loading and had just ate a box of cereal for my carb load. Yeah....I know, a box of cereal???? Yep....a box of Lucky Charms. I munched all day by the handfuls and ate the entire box by 5pm. Sad thing is.....I could eat the entire damn box without any discomfort. Last week I ate alot of bagels and English muffins....and higher fatty foods and felt horrible. So, I thought I would carb load on Lucky Charms for 2 reasons....1) to satisfy my carb craving 2) prevent discomfort. Everything was good until I ate the watermelon which sat in my stomach in a big lump.

Well, any who, I thought I would take a nap and let the watermelon digest before my highly anticipated tension workout. I awoke 6 hours later after midnight!!! Crap, missed my workout and did not hit my 800 grams of around 600 grams. I must have needed the sleep because I laid back down and did not get up til 9am this morning. Then my hubby and I went to Bob Evans's for breakfast where I ordered a stack of 3 blueberry pancakes. They messed up my order and they gave me plain buttermilk pancakes. I went ahead and ate those because I did not want to wait for them to make the blueberry pancakes. Pissed me off. I only ended up eating 1 3/4 pancakes and drinking a bunch of coffee.

I suppose today I will do my tension workout and do my power workout tomorrow, and then do my depletion workouts as scheduled Monday and Tuesday. I know that sounds insane, and a few months back I would never consider hitting my muscles that hard without any rest days in-between; but what I have found out is my body is amazing and adapts to the stimulus put on it without difficulty. This UD2 nutrition and training plan has helped me realize alot about my body that I would have never realized.

Now, as far as my appearance this morning....following my cereal and watermelon carb load yesterday....I definitely spilled over in my abs. they were still there this morning, but smoothed out. I forgot to weigh myself...but so what. I plan to eat more complex carbs today and tomorrow.

This weekend I am going to spend some needed time with my plants. I have neglected them just a bit and they need some TLC. People that know me know I LOVE my plants and have tons of them. I need to do some watering, fertilizing and pruning of my inside and outside plants. Check out the plant in the picture that sits on my coffee table in the study. I love that crazy Medusa looking plant. It is eccentric just like me.

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