Friday, August 26, 2011

Being a grandma first today....

I took a day off work to have along weekend with my grandson. He is so FUN!! He is 17 months old but he looks like a 3 year old. He is a big the 97th percentile for height. His dad is tall like most of the guys on his side of the family. His name is Cameron aka Cam. I think his first word ever spoken was ball. This little dude was born with a fascination with balls and sports. I bought him a Little Tikes Basketball Hoop. I am not kidding....he makes his baskets, can throw poke a five year old and can catch a football with no problem at 17 months old. How can that be????? It seems unreal, but he is an athlete already. You should see how he palms the football like the big guys and slaps it with his other hand like his dad before he throws it. Simply amazing indeed.

Last night his dad asked me how many pushups can I do. I answered, I don't know. I haven't done pushups for over a year or so. I then asked...why do you ask? He said, because I just want to rest assure I can do more pushups than you. I said, well let's see.... So I get on the floor and bang out 40 pushups with perfect military form without even starting to fatigue. I did not want to humiliate him, so I stopped at 40. I think I could have easily knocked out 20 more without problem. I was surprised myself.....and pretty proud that at almost 47 years old I could max my Army PT test without problem. Twenty five years ago, the most pushups I did for a PT test was 36. The run was never a problem but I did struggle with maxing the sit-ups but could do it. I am fitter in my forties than I was in my twenties.

I am steadily losing on the UD2 diet. I hit my weekly weight goal of 130 and continue to hit personal records in the gym. I know I am not losing muscle...I think I am still gaining muscle even though I am cutting.

Today is my high carb day. Trying to hit 800 grams carbs today. I am also trying to keep my fat grams low....around 50 grams. The low fat part is the challenge with a 4000 calorie intake.

This is a great day....carbs, off from work, and enjoying my grandson!!!
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