Friday, August 12, 2011

The journey never ends does it?

I got on the scale this morning and was 132.1 depleted (before my carb load). Last Friday I weighed in at 133.2 depleted. So I am very happy with the fat loss. I have quite a ways to go but I will get there.

Yesterday I was on the phone yacking to my girlfriend Sumi about my diet journey. It is so cool to have a friend that knows the highs and lows of gaining muscle, losing fat, gaining some more muscle, losing fat, maintaining muscle, losing fat, gaining fat to gain some muscle....and on and on it goes. She not only feels my pain, but she understands my pain as well because she is a personal trainer. And guess what!!! She is doing UD 2 for a while with me and so we have alot to talk about.

I met Sumi on the Body Building Revealed forum and we have been sisters since. Yeah...I know....another body building revealed person??? ...If you have read my previous blogs or some of my page links, I seem to mention the body building revealed forum or site often. Well....yeah I do because that site is my first love when it comes to learning and asking for advice and I have developed some special cyber friendships on that site. I can be myself on that site. If I want to brag... throw up some pictures that are showcased on the front page...(longer than I like). If I want to whine....I whine and people will listen and support me. If I want to learn...all I have to do is spend hours and read the forum responses and soak in all the knowledge. If I have a female issue...there is a fab female moderator named Ellissa that is there for me (as well as the guys who always chime in ). If I want to be lazy and not try to find the answer to something, someone will help me and my question ALWAYS gets answered!!!!! If I want to cry and complain I just private message Scott  aka rbtrout...and he always puts things in perspective for me.... If I want to act problem....the regulars act silly with me. I just love that site and it is hard for me not to talk about it or the people on it because they have helped me considerably in my transformation journey. OMG....I have digressed!

Ummmmmm where was I?? Oh sista in crime lol. I think me and Sumi joined the forum close to the same time. Yeah...I remember her...the cute little thang she is. Here she was being spot lighted on Will Brinks site with her cute self. Made me want to Just kidding.....kinda. Just look at her...

Ladies, doesn't she make you jealous!! What a freaking cutie pie. And what made me wanna gag even more was that she had such a dang cute bubbly personality!!  You just have to love Sumi (aka Robles ). Ya can't help it!!! Grrrr.....

And of course, Sumi would hop on my threads and tell me to posts some pictures!! Shut up Sumi!!(I never said that to her...but I thought it). I ain't gonna post any pictures until I lose some weight. Lol...those were the times I would cry on Scotts shoulder cuz Sumi was Fab and I was not. Do you sense just a wee bit of jealousy there.....yeah I admit it. But in the same vein I adored Sumi and we became sisters immediately. So I worked damn hard to get into shape so that I could post some lean pictures just like her. And guess what.... with the support of my girl and our forum family, I got lean. I love you Sumi!!

Can I tell you a bit more about Sumi?? Why am I asking?? This is MY BLOG!! Me and another dear friend Robyn (aka rojobo) shared a room together at the Arnold this year in Columbus. Yep...all 3 of us in one room. We were all meeting each other for the first time. girl flew in from Australia and we instantly hit it off. Robyn is beautiful and has competed in figure competitions in all I did was ask her question after question after question while we waited for Sumi to fly in. Well Sumi finally arrives and drive to the airport to pick Sumi up. There she is....just like the picture and more. It was great to meet my sista in person!! She was just like she, bubbly, and high energy. We got back to the hotel and quickly talked sleeping arrangements because there were only 2 queen beds. Guess who got the bed  to herself? Yep Sumi :). I forgot how we came to that agreement, but we did. Then the 3 of us went to dinner and had a great time. Three sisters from 3 different mamas....and daddy's...haha.

 We went back to the room and went to sleep. First thing in the morning we woke up to go workout in the hotel gym. Me and Robyn threw some clothes on and were ready in no time.Guess what Sumi was doing....putting on her LIPSTICK TO GO TO THE GYM!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME....LOL. That is so SUMI!!!!She looked like a model going to the gym. I still smile when I think of that story.

Wanna see more photos of Sumi, learn more about her, or do some online consulting with her? You can reach her at this link....Goddess of Fitness or you can find her site under my list of fav links.

So...Sumi call me after you read this girlfriend!!

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