Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So much work to do!!

I am hungry today and I want to cheat. I want to eat a box of Lucky Charms cereal. That is all I want.....just dry lucky charms. Even a bowl would suffice. When I start wanting to cheat, I have to pull out the current photos to snap me back into reality. Can I afford to go off my diet and cheat???? HECK NO!! Just look at my thick self. My competition out there is eating chicken and green beans and training super hard and probably doing some cardio. My competition out there is has her head on straight and her eye on the prize. My competition out there wants to win.

So how do I stop thinking about that box of Lucky Charms? Well look at this chick. She obviously did not dig into a box of cereal, huh?

Thank God I have 14 weeks. I plan to be really tight week the last 12 weeks. Currently I still eat whatever I want within my macro range. That will stop starting weeks out. I will be eating alot of chicken and

This morning I took a hard long look at myself in the mirror in the buff. I have some serious work to do

I think I am about 18-19% bodyfat and I need to get down to 10-12% to be presentable. That is some work indeed and I am hoping to do it with as little muscle loss as possible. My weak areas are my shoulders and calves. I have been working really hard on them, but still they are very weak.

I think as I lean down, my back will be alright and I think I am least I think I am. I have a tendency to lose size in my legs as I cut. I am worried about that. I have worked hard on my legs. I don't have the problems with the hip and thighs many ladies struggle with. I gain my weight in my upper body and I lose the weight LAST in my upper body.

By time it is all said and done I am probably looking at 122 pounds competition weight. I have a weight graph that I use to help keep me in check. My goal is to stay below the goal line as I do my depletion and carb loading. So far so good.

I record everything that enters my mouth.....the good, bad, and ugly. And I have been good and bad. Because of my sucky last weekend, I will not come near my goal of 132.0 pounds by Friday. I am kicking myself. I was pissed when I got on the scale this morning. I was at least hoping for 134.
So bad eating can set me back 2 I better keep that in mind. But, as long as I stay on or below the goal line of my weight graph at all times I will not panic.

I find when I carb load with bagels and English muffins, I feel like crap. I am going to carb load this weekend with cereal on Friday...minus the milk. I am finding that I am having all kinds of issues with my dairy particularly milk, yogurt and DEFINITELY ice-cream. I get bloated, gassy, and just plain miserable. Even with my whey protein shakes I feel crappy.

I am still not getting my water in. AGH!!!!!!!!!SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!!!!!
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  1. I want you to know.... You may not be where you want to be, and comp ready, but you are a beautiful woman. Look at where you were, to where you ARE. Look at all of the other women in the world your age not doing ANYTHING about their bodies, and not considering setting goals to do so. You made great progress just in skipping the lucky charms! You're going to get to where you want to be! And you weight is STILL under the blue line! Good Job girl!