Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's Been a Minute…..

It  has been a minute since I have posted....over a month. A lot has happened since I last posted. All is going well. I am going into week 3 of Go-Live at one of my Michigan hospitals. The Golive has gone extremely well, but the travel back and forth to Michigan just wears me out.

Whenever I am in a Golive, my goal is to simply maintain what I have lost. I have not trained since Dec 2, and my diet has been on the REALLY not so clean side because of the holiday cheer. So I have GAINED a few pounds. But nothing crazy bad.

Hopefully my training and diet will get back on track after the holidays. Until then, I just need to maintain 146 pounds (up 3 pounds). If I do that through the rest of this month I will be very happy. regards to work, things are going well. There are a few stressful things happening in regards to work but nothing interesting to blog about. 


  1. I have gained 3 pounds (yikes)
  2. My hormones are all over the place causing cystic acne at age (..almost 49) on my face
  3. I have a freaking chemical burn on my face under my right eye the size of a nickel *sigh*. Thank God for concealer!

Pictures of my Grand Kids

Grandson with his Daddy (The youngest grand)

Big Brother, Little Brother, and Cousin…soooo cute

Don't you just love the coat!!!!

Brother and Sister
Erica…My 17 year old

Getting inducted into The Nat'l Honor Society

Erica giving a speech

First Major Snow

Thank God for Snow Blowers!!