Tuesday, August 2, 2011

119 days left until the figure show

Start Weight 141.1
Today's Weight 138.9
Loss/Gain= -2.2 pounds

My first day back on the UD2 diet was on point. I found the gym to be painful. The depletion workout was grueling because I did not eat a few hours prior to training. The diet was painless today as a result of the EC stack's appetite suppressant effect. I could not even consider cardio after the training. All I wanted to do was go home.

I have to travel 13 miles to Findlay to train since my local gym is closed for maintenance. What a pain in the butt! But the gym is nice. The weight room was full which was irritating, but I made it work. I am not digging my appearance in the mirror...lol

After training I cooked my huge dinner. As you can see in the picture, I had a pan of squash, some green peppers, and onions. All veggies picked fresh from my garden!!! I cooked my chicken on my New Wave oven. Let me tell you about the New Wave oven. It is one of the best infomercial purchases that I ever bought. I cook all my meat on the new wave and the cool thing about the oven is that it seals the juices within the meat and my food ALWAYS comes out moist and tender. It also cooks everything super fast. I cooked all those chicken breast in 24 minutes!! I love the new wave so much that I own two of them. In the picture you cannot see the top that covers the grill, but it is a clear top with controls. It is an amazing piece of equipment. I think everyone should own one...especially if you are health conscious. You will never want to fry foods again and it stomps on the George Foreman grill...which sits in storage in my basement collecting cobwebs.

I hit my macronutrient ratios. You can see the diet here....My Diet Diary

I am actually under my calories, but I did hit my protein needs and was slightly under on my fats and carbs.

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