Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Piece of Heaven

Cams daughter

Ah.... It's 5 o'clock in the morning as I bolt out of the bed to run downstairs to prepare a bottle of 1/2 milk and 1/2 water for my 21 month old grandson. He just squirmed a little, but that was all it took to wake me up and send me flying downstairs before little man woke up screaming for his baba. Mother instinct or should I call it grandma instinct, whatever it takes to keep my baby happy I shall give.

Yesterday I was so wrapped up in the joy of having my grandson that I totally forgot about myself. It was all about him from the time he awoke to the time we went to sleep. It was about 10 pm yesterday when I noticed that I had a screaming lack of caffeine headache. I went the entire day and night without an ounce of coffee....and I usually drink a pot. I had a mild headache early on and I told myself....better make some coffee, but Cameron kept me distracted enough to forego the coffee. By 5 o'clock this morning my headache was over the top! I took 3 Excedrin which has some caffeine in it and a caffeine 200mg capsule while I got Cam's bottle ready. Headache GONE!!!

As Cam and my daughter continued to sleep (we all sleep together in my queen size prevent Cam from falling out of bed) I snuck out of the house and drove a few blocks to the gas station to get my fav coffee mixed with a bit of pumpkin spice cappuccino. I am enjoying my coffee as I type this blog.

It is mornings like this that I feel I experience a bit of heaven as I stare at my grandson sleeping. I am staring at pure innocence. Pure innocence for sure. This little man is full of love. Yesterday I bet he came up to me at least 20 times to give me a kiss on my lips with his wet lips. Haha...yesterday I had milk kisses, snot kisses, tootsie pop sucker kisses, and cereal kisses.

He kissed my flat screen TV a dozen and he kissed his cousin picture on my iPad alot too. My lil' man leaves a trail of love wherever he goes. Oh how I wish that he would stay that way and that we would imitate that kind of love to each other that he so readily gives without expectation. That would be heaven on earth for sure.

This week was a good week for me diet and training wise. I ate pretty much on plan 5/7 days and ate whatever I wanted for only 2 days. I can see a hint of my abs again.

Training has been good. Instead of 3 sets of all the exercises, I did 2 sets of everything to minimize the time spent in the gym....but to make up for shaving a set off of each exercise, I either increased the weight or did an entire cycle of exercises with hardly NO rest in-between sets. I did whatever it took to feel it the next day lol.

As far as the diet, I just ate clean and kept my calories fairly low for 5/7 days.

Coach said that we may look at changing my routine come the first of the year. I am kinda excited about that. I hate to leave my current routine, but the thought of something new excites me. I have been doing the 5 day MET training for 12 weeks and it is great. I have no clue what the change will entail, but one thing I do know is that I plan to incorporate diet with the training plan and see where this will take me.

I am looking forward to seeing what Coach Scotts training and diet will do for my physique. I am sure that I will see some amazing results without doing any extreme dieting.

Several people at my gym ask me about competing in 2012. At this point, the only person that I want to compete with is myself. I have NO DESIRE to get on stage....NONE. But, I want to get in peak condition and at least look the part. I am really curious to see where I can take my physique in a healthy way. I want to be a hot I want to rock all those new cute tee shirts that I March 1, 2012.

So by March 1, 2012 I plan to be leaner for sure.

Here's a funny pic

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm not fat dude!!!!

Alright, alright, alrighty dude!!!! Just because I don't post progress pictures like I used to does not mean I have turned into fat Annette. I used to post weekly progress pictures on and I have stopped posting the pictures because I decided not to compete this year. Plus.....I don't need to post pictures anymore because I have more confidence in my ability to stay accountable toward reaching my goals then I did in January of this year.

I used to post pictures to help me stay accountable to the diet. I don't need that anymore.

I am happily enjoying my off diet whatsoever. My goal is to look better January 1, 2012 then I did January 1, 2011. I will meet that goal for sure if I simply maintain my current weight.....which is nothing to brag about. I weighed myself a few hours ago and cringed when I saw 145 pounds. Well.....hmmmm......can I blame it on the fact that I am going to start my period tomorrow??? Haha.....maybe a little. Ummmmmm or was it the eggs, hash browns, coffee cake, lasagna, greenbeans, 5 mini peppermint patties, and 2 peanut butter cookies I ate today...oh yeah...and a can of regular pepsi.

I decided to take some pictures of myself because I really have not taken any pictures in my sports bra and shorts for awhile....and I know I have put on some weight. So I took some pics and compared them to my leanest body this year...March 2011.

In March I was 126 pounds!!! Today I weighed in at a whopping 145 pounds...ummm that is 20 pounds difference. Most people would be crying their eyes out to hear they had put on 20 pounds. Haha.....not me. I am actually kinda excited because I know I have been gaining some muscle since March so I think some of the weight is muscle. I think I have gained about 3-4 pounds of muscle. So if that is true that takes me down to 15 pounds heavier cuz muscle is good! Then, let's take off another 6-8 pounds of water weight from all the carbs and my period bloat. So that would leave about 7-8 pounds of fat gain since my leanest point.

I can definitely see the fat under my sports bra but check out my delts and triceps...more muscle for sure! I am super duper proud of the shoulders and I can see the growth even with a layer of fat covering it. Starting January 1, 2012 I will start the diet that coach has prepared for me. I am looking forward to the cutting phase actually.

Yep...some fat in the lower back and the arms but.....I see muscle too!!

Yeah....the front looks pretty full NO ABS AT ALL! But guess what I have now......boobs!!

I don't think I look fat.....

Now...let me show ya a picture of me Jan 1 last year. Hmmmm. I am thinking I was around 156-159 pounds this time last year. That is my typical yoyo holiday weight gain that I do every year. I don't consider myself fat at that weight either, but I am definitely "chunky".

So.... Back to the dude who left me the private message. He never asked if I gained any weight....he just asked me for the reason that I stopped posting progress pics. He probably just wanted to know.

Here are his exact words...

"Hi Annette, how have you been? I really like your profile picture. You look great. Keep up the great work. I noticed that you have not posted any progress pictures for a while. Hoping to see some soon. Kind regards"

Hahaha......innocent enough, huh?

This is what I said in my know those stories we make up in our mind about people. Here's my version of what he said...

Annette with an attitude...

Hmmmph.....he just thinks I am getting fat again. Who does he think he is to question why I have chosen not to post progress pictures....I am not fat dude!! I just CHOOSE NOT TO POST PICTURES cuz I am better than that now. I have grown, I don't need to post stupid pictures to keep me on track any more.

Ummmmmm.....well I have put on some weight. (Now I am starting to think fat thoughts even more). WELL, let me see. (I peeled all my clothes off and took a long look at myself naked). Well, I look ok....I am not worried. (Then I jump on the scale). DAMN IT.... Well, I am going to start my period and all that weight is water weight. I look just fine. Uuuuuhhhhhhh, well maybe I should see what I look like in pictures. Pictures don't lie. (I ran down stairs and got the camera). Well...let me take a picture in the new tee that I bought that is a bit too tight and let me see what I really look like in that. ( k....hold the stomach in, OK...I can live with that. But what do I really look like in a sports bra with my stomach and fat exposed?

(I run to my drawer and pull out my old progress pic clothing). Agh....the sports bra is kinda tight again....SHIT!!! but, hey.....look....the boobs look good. I do like having boobs again and being a bit more curvy. look good girl. ( I run to the camera, set the timer for 10 sec, hold the stomach in and say

What the heck is that, do I see the dreaded back fat???? EEEEWW there it is and look at that lower back fat...really. Is that the start of a muffin top over my shorts? WTF!!!!!

But look.....I see muscle. And remember Annette, you NEVER take pictures late in the day. You always look better first thing in the morning. You are just bloated with water weight. Yeah....that's it. (I am back on my happy track).

I AM NOT GOING TO POST ANY PROGRESS PICTURES THOUGH!!! Haha, but I will post the pictures in my blog for the few people that care to read about my insanity.

So here I am writing this blog thanks to an innocent question that this dude asked.


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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How about that cookie.......

I was at work late today itching to leave, but I had some things that I wanted to check off of my checklist before I left. You know how good it feels to check things off of your checklist...haha. I had a package delivered that contained some cute shirts that I ordered that were on sale. I ordered the shirts to help keep my holiday eating in check. I am not on a diet per se, but I really need to keep my nutrition somewhat on point to keep from gaining the dreaded holiday spread that gets me every year!

So, I ordered 6 really cute shirts. Five of the 6 shirts are posted on this log and please note that it IS NOT ME WEARING THOSE SHIRTS!!!!

Prior to my package arriving, I contemplated heading to the cafeteria to get a couple of no-bake cookies. I told myself that I will hit the gym really hard, so what harm will 2 little cookies have on my physique?? Before I left for the cafeteria I got an email that my package had arrived and that Don will bring it to my office. So, I waited for Don and my package. Like a kid, I opened the package and to my delight the shirts were as cute as they were in the magazine....but they were kinda small. This did not surprise me because I ordered them small to help keep me motivated to eat clean. Now, what about that no-bake cookie awaiting my arrival in the cafeteria? Well, I passed on the cookies after looking at those small shirts, lol.I hurried up and completed the stuff on my checklist and headed home.

Package in hand, I headed straight to the bathroom to try these shirts on. The shirt listed above was UNFORGIVING! It hugged every curve and fat pad that I had. Whoa...pretty small, haha but soooo cool!

Let me try this one....

God help me. The same thing....I got some work to do to wear this shirt with pride.

Well maybe I can fit this one....

Damn!!! Now I am getting somewhat pissed off. Surely I can fit this one, eh? Nope, it is quite snug. must be the brand. Dereon is the brand of all the shirts listed above. It is Beyonce's line of clothing. Come On Beyonce' are a curvy mama....what's up with these tiny shirts? So must be the brand right?

Haha.....let's try Coogi!!!

Hmmmm.....better than Dereon but not by much...still freakin tight. I won't be wearing this anytime soon.

How about the Ecko brand......please, please, please let me be able to look good in at least one of the shirts, right?

Dang, dang, dang.... IT'S A NO GO!!!!

I can hear my coach saying one of his favorite lines in regards to my decision to not stick to his diet plan for a bit....

"how's that working for ya"


Well suffice it to say, my dinner will be very clean and I won't be eating any cookies tonite either.

Time to hit the gym!!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Eat, Drink, and be Merry Over the Holidays

I am excited this holiday season. I am approaching this season a bit leaner and smarter. I plan to enjoy everything this holiday season brings including the food.

I ate a bunch on Thanksgiving day and again on Saturday when I celebrated Thanksgiving with my in-laws.

I am not in any of these pictures because I am the the lady with the camera at all But I will say that I had a great time and I had my fill of food and drink.

I got on the scale this morning and was up 5 pounds from all the wonderful food between Thursday and Sunday. The abs are gone, but I feel good....really good. This is the first year since 2007 that I did not feel guilty eating off the diet. The food tasted amazing and I savored every bite!

I am thankful for the gift of spending time with my family. I am thankful for the gift of food. I am thankful for the gift of knowing that food is not my enemy. I finally get that now thanks to my coach.

My coach feels that eating over the holidays is just fine. How cool is that? Now this dude rocks! I am really liking my coach lol. He posted a story on his facebook page and website that addresses eating over the holidays. It is cleverly written and should be read as if you were were reading Twas The Night Before Christmas story. I will add the link to the story at the end of my blog. Make sure you read it. It is good.

My training last week was good. Day 1 of my training was intense. Day 2 I only did 2/3 sets of each exercise. I was listening to my body and dialed things back a notch. Day 3 I had energy to hit it hard again and did all the sets prescribed. Day 4 & 5 I dialed it back again doing only 2/3 sets for each exercise.

Technically I should have taken Monday off from training since I trained 3 days in a row. But I felt strong and I felt good, so I listened to my body and trained my butt off Monday evening....leg day. One thing I am learning from coach is biofeedback.....listening to my physical, emotional, and mental self and aligning my training accordingly to my biofeedback.

Also, I am dialing my nutrition in for the next 3 weeks to lose the 5 pounds that I gained over Thanksgiving. I plan to eat drink and be merry on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day then eat modestly through New Years. Jan 1, 2012 I will post a comparison picture from last year to the now.

Check out coaches story and learn something fitness fanatics

Scott's Christmas Story

God Bless!!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Fun

Monday was a day off from training so Tuesday was Day 1 of 5 of my MET training. Day 1 is LEG DAY and this day just wipes me out. I mean literally every muscle in my body hurts after leg day. So I completed my millions of reps of leg day pain on Tuesday.

Wednesday I could hardly get the motivation to train. I was trying to come up with every excuse in the world to not train and to maneuver my training days to be off Tuesday night. Well, I took Monday as a day off....I only get 2 days off a week. If I took Wednesday off that would mean I would have to train Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday....4 days in a row, which I am not suppose to train more than 3 in a row. So it was 11pm when I found myself training. I took the easy way out Day 2 and did only 2 sets of each exercise versus 3 sets of each exercise. I did that for 2 reasons, 1) I was training at the gym at 11pm at night ALONE and people can see straight into the gym and see me train. That creeps me out. Quick side story....I had this kinda scary looking guy approach me in the grocery store. He kept staring at me and he seemed to be following me from aisle to aisle. He stopped me in the water aisle and politely said, are the girl that trains like hell at night at the gym. I smiled and said, yeah that is me and walked away. Now I get creeped out at night training at the gym. 2) The other reason I trained lightly was because I was still feeling huge muscle soreness from the leg workout the previous day. I was hurting!!!!

Thursday was Thanksgiving and I did take that day off to eat laugh and be happy with the family. Tradition is to spend the holidays at my moms house so I popped the turkey in the oven at 0800 and by 1pm we were in the car driving 1 hour to my moms house. Hubby drove as my 15 year old and I acted like kids in the back seat taking pictures on her iPod.

When we got to my moms we were greeted by my sis and my nieces and nephews who traveled from Kentucky.

In this pic is me, my daughter, my sis, and my her son nephew.

Then I went to see my two nieces to give them a hug and to take pictures of course.

My sis kids Kandace and Karri-Lynn

These are the guys..... My sis's ex Karry in the grey and my ex Rick in the The ex's never leave the family.....they will always be family.

My hubby Bob

My beautiful mother-in-law

Then my daughter and her fiancé show up with my precious grand baby Karmen.

And of course, Kathy, King, and me are sportin' our 49ers jerseys

Then my daughter Jessica shows up with my grandson Cameron. Her hubby had to work unfortunately.

So we had family all throughout the house having a good time...

Hubby, my mom, sis, and Karry in the back room

My niece with Cam

My daughter asking her fiancé to do something that he did not want to

My 3 beautiful there is another baby in Kathy's stomach that is hiding under that 49ers jersey.

Rick with the girls and granddaughter

My niece, son-in-law, and daughter

And let me give you the low down of what I ate.....

My first plate was filled with BBQ Ribs, ham, turkey, dressing, cabbage slaw, sweet potatoes and mash potatoes. I ate it all

My second plate was filled with some more ribs, a roll, some fruit salad, more sweet potatoes and dressing.

A few hours later I had banana cream pie.

And the entire time I sipped on alot of And let me tell you this, I ate it GUILT FREE and the food tasted better than ever because I was not worried about my diet!!! My hubby drove home and I laid down in the back seat with quite the tummy ache and mild wine

I awoke this morning ready to train hard. I went to the gym and trained my butt off and then ate some junk. Tonite I am babysitting my granddaughter for the first time all night. She is 7 months old and this is the first time she is sleeping apart from her parents.

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving all over again with my in-laws!! WOOHOO!!!!!!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

What I have learned so far....

2011 has been a good year for me. This is the year that I have finally caught up with myself and have somewhat quieted the revving engines in my head. Instead of being in overdrive all of the time in my world, I can honestly say that I am in overdrive 50% of the time. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

This has been a year of growth for me in many ways. Slowing down and taking the time to smell the coffee at least 3/7 days has done wonders for me. I have paused long enough to appreciate the people in my life. I cherish being a grandma....I beam with pride holding my grand kids. I have an extremely close relationship with my kids (always have) and I have a greater appreciation and love for my husband. I can honestly say that I care about each and every one of my employees.....every one of them. Before this year, I was too busy to notice how awesome my staff is. I have a great boss too and a best friend at work. How cool is that?My mom, sis, and brother is a constant support for me....always been there for me. And I have a wonderful bunch of friends on and off line that care about me. I am blessed indeed. Last but not least, my new coach Scott Abel has been a godsend for sure.

I am a blessed woman!!! I did not mention God did I? Well, I did mention God indirectly because I see God in each and every one of the people that has touched my life.

Well, the holiday season is among us and I have one goal....and that goal is to maintain my weight between 135-137 pounds. I am not looking to lose any weight, but I don't want to gain weight either.

Jan 1, 2011 I weighed in at 151 pounds

My new years resolution was to get down to about 130 pounds without losing too much muscle. My second goal was not to yo-yo and regain all the weight that I lost back. So I entered a challenge and lost 25 pounds by April 26, 2011

This pic was taken around mid March 2011

The 2 pink bikini pictures were taken April 26, 2011 and I was 126 pounds.
After that, my weight even out at an average of 135 pounds.

When I behave and eat correctly, my weight stays around 130 pounds. When I am bad and eat off the diet, I maintain my weight between 135-138 pounds.

Since I have been training with coach, I have relaxed my diet....alot. Actually I am not on a diet at all. I am training hard, but eating pretty much whatever I want. I have put on some pounds for sure, but I try to keep things in check according to the mirror. If my abs disappear completely, I back off of some of the junk food until they come back. This weekend I did not see any abs so I need to cut back on the junk this week. The last photos I took of myself in a bikini was the end of October.

Nothing to brag about for sure, but I am maintaining my weight between 135-137 pounds and I do have some nice improvements in my shoulder and back muscles. Considering I am eating....ummmmm....pretty bad, I am looking ok. I went from a size 10 to a size 6. Last week I bought some new dress pants that are a size 6 with some wiggle room and all my tops and dresses are a small even at 137 pounds. That is pretty cool stuff in my opinion.

I will take my next pictures the first week of Jan 2012 to compare them to Jan 2011 and see if I met my second goal of maintaining my weight loss.

The training routine that Scott has me on is doing wonders for my strength and endurance. My God, if I did my diet like I am suppose to, I would probably be pretty lean indeed! Maybe after a few things settle down in my life, I will add the diet component back into the plan. I have two big stressors happening right now and, so I have chosen to relax my diet while I work on some of these stressors. I think a better word for stressor is challenges. I am being challenged in a couple of areas of my life. I welcome the challenges because I see these challenges as growth opportunities.

This year I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and just relax and love life and everything it brings. The BIGGEST thing I have learned this year is the LAW OF ATTRACTION. My life is a true reflection of my inner thoughts and my soul. I look around and I see all that I have created....both good and bad. Powerful stuff.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still stuck on Monday on Wednesday

Don't you love aha moments? I am still stuck on Mondays leg workout standing in awe about how a simple change in the first exercise of the entire quadplex changed the whole momentum of the entire workout. That really got me thinking. So how hard am I really working? Last week I would have told you I was killing the workout. This week I am thinking, was I really killing myself last week during my workouts? Was the fact that I decreased my time on 4/5 workouts really prove that I was training harder?

Hmmmmm.... Was I just focusing on the reps and not the quality of my training? Truthfully speaking...yes and no. It depends on what set I was on in a particular quadplex. By set 3 I am cussing Scott out and I have a bit of an attitude and I am freakin tired. I just go through the motions most of the time on the 3rd set. Also quadplex 3 I struggle through the entire thing. Let me explain the training.

Quadplex 1
1. Exercise A
2. Exercise B
3. Exercise C
4. Exercise D

Repeat the entire quadplex 3 times without full recovery between the exercises and a little recovery between repeating the complex.

Quadplex 2
1. Exercise A
2. Exercise B
3. Exercise C
4. Exercise D

Repeat the entire quadplex 3 times

Quadplex 3
1. Exercise A
2. Exercise B
3. Exercise C
4. Exercise D

Repeat the entire quadplex 3 times

Quadplex 4
1. Exercise A
2. Exercise B
3. Exercise C
4. Exercise D

Repeat the entire quadplex 3 times

So.....4 Grueling Complexes a total of 16 exercises and repeating each exercise 3 times....and get this, alot of the reps are around 15-20 each exercise!! Grrrrrr......

I get a huge sense of accomplishment following each workout and I like the results I am seeing with the training, even when I cheat.

I am going to work on increasing the intensity of my training. Instead of concentrating on completing the reps and getting done faster, I am going to focus on each rep and do it as fast and explosively as I can...without cheating. I plan to make every rep count. I am going to do this tonite and I will let you know the results tomorrow.

I bought this outfit yesterday...the pants and sweater and wore it to work today. I got alot of compliments on this outfit.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

God Don't Like Ugly

God don't like ugly. My mom used to always say that phrase whenever unfair circumstances hit me or someone was just being darn right mean! If I was being mean or unfair, she would say it to me. Now, I find myself saying it at least 3-4 times a week.

Now....the God don't like ugly saying is a very popular saying in the black community. I don't hear many white people saying that phrase except my best friend at work. Amy and I have been hanging together for almost 18 years at work. We share alot of our successes and challenges together at work. Actually, we are pretty close. Well after all these years, Amy has picked up some of my black sayings and the God don't like ugly is one of the phrases she says just as much as I do. Her birthday is this month and so I was looking to get her something for her birthday. I don't usually get her squat for her birthday, but I was feeling giving this year for some reason. Well I found the PERFECT GIFT!!! A long sleeve black tee with the saying God Don't Like Ugly!! I bought me one too...haha. Well she loved it and that made me happy. She sent me a picture of herself with it on....

She would so kill me if she knew I posted this picture of her on my blog. Haha....I don't think Amy knows what a blog is, so she will never find out. She hates the social network stuff. But Amy sending me this picture made my day.

Training was a bear this morning! I trained legs and changed up my routine just a little bit....well so I thought was a little bit. I just added several pounds to a Full Squat and did 3 sets of fifteen prior to my quadplex workout. Just this one move made the already grueling workout somewhat I had to force myself to complete the entire training.

My butt and legs already are killing me from the workout.

Diet for the day...... ummmmm, hmmmmm......I want to avoid that conversation all together.....but then I hear the coach whisperer whispering this in my ear.... "Fear is what lurks behind "perfectionism"- but volition is what stands in front of "excellence" - choose excellence!" I did not choose excellence....I chose the quarter pounder with cheese and fries for lunch. I could feel guilty for not being true to my diet, but where will that get me...right?

Okay, I will choose excellence and discipline tomorrow.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

I feel my age today.....

You know the saying, you're only as old as you feel? Well, let me tell you this, that may be true mentally, but physically....well whatever.

I was doing day 5 of the Ultimate Figure Workout and man ole man I did not feel 20 years I feel mentally. I felt every bit my age! Every bit my age and then some. FORTY-SIX YEARS OLD.....ALMOST FORTY-SEVEN!!

Started doing my squat jacks...OMG...then the jumping jacks....ugh....then the freakin me.... and then the mountain climbers. I am tired and that was only set one of 3 in this quad complex. And guess what I have 3 more complexes equally as taxing that I cannot imagine that I will complete.

I felt like crap the very first complex today. Wow!! I have been doing this workout 6 weeks, but today I was feeling every bit of it. I wanted to go home and rake leaves or something.

I somehow got through the workout giving it my all. My joints felt old. I felt mentally old after the workout too.

Sometimes I feel like I am super woman. I can keep up with the twenty-somethin babies and then reality hits me square in my face. No I can't lol.

Even as I type this blog my eye sight is not 20/20 like it was even a year ago. It seems like my eyes went from fine to needing freaking bifocals over night. What the heck? I need to make an appointment with my eye doctor this coming week. Yeah, I know what he will tell me. I am near sighted and have been for years, but this is the very first time that I can not see clearly when things are close to reading. So, I will probably have to add the LINELESS bifocals to my glasses. CRAP.

And the gray hair!! Yeah, I cover it up with hair dye....but now I have to cover it more often. I can deal with that, BUT now I am getting more and more gray hairs in areas that I won't mention that is simply pissing me off. Face it Annette, I am getting old!

Now back to training and nutrition for my boy, thecitylive....who really can care less about my whining about age.

I am proud to say that my cheat day on Saturday was the best cheat day I have ever had in the sense that I did not go crazy. I had a cheat meal only!! My cheat meal was at a buffet where I chose to eat a good amount. I had baked chicken, some shrimp, garlic cheese bread, and bread dressing. I also had about 1/2 serving of banana pudding, 1/2 serving of bread pudding, and then a normal slice of chocolate cake with some coffee. It was good. So instead of an entire cheat day, I just had one cheat meal. I am proud of myself.

Training wise, I killed it all week, working hard and challenging myself with the quad complexes.

This morning I noticed some more shoulder development as I looked at myself in the mirror. I am proud of that. I am loving Scott Abel for that. And even cooler than that, I was doing some cleaning this morning when my daughter said, mom, I can see your six pack. I did not notice a six pack in the mirror, but it is there I suppose. Forty-six year old lady with a six pack. Now I feel twenty something

Before I headed to the gym I updated my facebook status that I was heading to the gym. One of my friends posted, I wish I had your discipline. I did not write back, but what I wanted to say is that you do have the discipline inside of you. You just have to make a decision to just do it, even when you don't want to.

I am hungry today....really hungry. But I am going to behave.

The picture above.......Isn't the maple tree in my back yard beautiful? Fall is such a gorgeous season.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Reporting my progress to my coach.....omg

I submitted my first training and nutrition notes to my trainer this past Monday. I did not have anything special to report. Actually my report was blah....... I did not follow the diet for a week.

I took all of last week off from my diet and ate whatever I wanted. I had a few stressors that I was dealing with last week. I have been making some gigantic life changing decisions and I was just emotionally paralyzed and so I chose the easy way out. I ate all the chocolate, cookies, and cake that I wanted during the stress as if somehow the chocolate was going to make the stress less noticeable.

Well of course towards the end of the week all the crazy cheating and crap just added to my stress and anxiety as I got on the scale to assess the damage. was bad and I reported the ugly numbers to coach. On a positive note, my training had been spot on and I was proud of my training report.

Well coach was great. I submitted my report around 0730 Monday morning. By 0800 I had a response to my report and we made just a few adjustments to my training plan. He was honest and straight to the point about some of my issues and in regards to my cheating, I am going to have stress in my life and I need to develop ways to deal with the stresses without indulging in unhealthful habits. He suggested that I read his new books....which I had already purchased but did not open....titled "Food Issues and You". There is a workbook that could be purchased with the book which I had and so I opted to read the workbook first. I did all the exercises in the workbook during this week. I found the exercises to be very powerful and helpful and now I am reading the book.

For the first time I am going into this weekend without a huge desire to cheat. Normally I look forward to Friday to start my cheat fest. And Scott does allow me to have 1 cheat day a week. But today, I focused on eating healthy and did two of the exercises to help me work through 2 moments of mental weakness when I wanted to dive into a couple of no bake cookies. The exercises worked. I have managed to get through Friday with 1400 calories of healthy food. Imagine that!! Now we will have to see what happens tomorrow. I can have alot of fruit after my training tomorrow if I want.

My training has been the same....alot of metabolic training. I do 4 quadplexes a day for 5 days. Within the quadplexes there are 4 exercises to perform without any rest or minimal rest in-between sets. Of course the exercises are crazy hard and I have to dig deep within myself to push through the sets. I do 3 sets per exercise within the quadplexes. That is alot of exercises and my goal is beat my previous time using proper form. I have accomplished that. When I conquer that, Scott will probably add on....who knows what.

I miss traditional weight training, but this MET training that I am doing is definitely bringing me results much faster than the traditional weight training programs I have done in the past. Heck, I am starting to see some shoulder development and I am seeing cuts in my back that I have never seen before even in a depleted state.

Nutrition wise I am eating ALOT of carbs! I think that if I would do Scott's diet on point seven days a week (like I should) I would be leaner than I was when I was not eating many carbs. My goal is to try to stay on point a minimum of 6 days a week consistently until Thanksgiving. I will take 2 days off of my diet for Thanksgiving.

I gained 8 pounds during the 9 days that I did not do the diet. I ate off plan on Monday and was up 8 pounds Tuesday morning.....YIKES!!!!!!! that was 3 more pounds heavier than my reported weight gain to Scott on Monday. I stuck to my diet Tue/Wed/Thu and was back down 8 pounds this morning.
And the beautiful thing about this is....I AM EATING ALOT OF CARBS!!

I read a great article that I found on one of the websites that I am a member of. It motivated me to be mentally tough. Here is the article.

Mental Toughness Training

I also visited a few of my friends forum journals for inspiration and motivation. And of course, my coach Scott Abel's website and facebook keeps me motivated. Scott Abel's Face Book page is full of words of wisdom

Scott's Webpage

Scott Abel Facebook

Scott Abel's Life Coaching Blog

Scott Abel's Blog Spot

My grand babies Halloween Costumes :)

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Friday, October 28, 2011

"The Rock" Speaks!!!! A Story About Rbtrout.

People come and go in our lives and along the way we meet some special people that we just connect with. My friend Scott is one of those special people. I have not met Scott in person, but he is one of my dear online forum buddies on Like I said before, is my favorite forum, and I belong to several.

Now about Scott

I found Scott's profile pic to be somewhat intimidating. Look at that pic...does that pic look kind of ummmmm.... Intimidating to you? To me that pic looked like it was telling me, hey...... If you can't lift a car you don't need to be here on my page.

Here is an example of one of his journal posts back when I started reading his journal last year....

Thursday - ME leg day - week 2
Banded squats
We don't have hooks on the power rack, so I have to put the bands through a 5er and then 3 35ers to hold them. If I use only 3 35ers, at the top of the squat, the 105# lifts off the floor slightly. The extra 5 pounds keeps it down. I know, then, that I'm adding about 105 at the top.

Pull throughs

Calf raises on leg press
4 1/2 pps/20
6 1/2 pps/20
8 1/2 pps/20

PPS = plates per side (45ers). 1/2 = 25er.

Now imagine little ole me...annette. I could not make out anything he was saying. All that macho gym talk and look at all that weight he was stacking on his body!!!! Yep, his workout matched his picture. I did not have anything in common with this dude.

And then there was his profile name, rbtrout. I gathered that he must like fishing and I was right about that.

Then his signature included this little saying....

Now cheaper than gas, so
Drink, don't drive!

I liked his signature....made me smile, but still this dude appeared to me as a heaping mound of testosterone lifting heavy things lol. For a couple of months I would read a few of his posts here or there, but for the most part, I did not read his stuff.

Yeah....those were my first impressions of Scott and as we all know, first impressions are not always accurate.....especially online. What I found out about Scott was this...yes he lifts alot of weight, but he is the nicest and most sensitive person I have met on any forum. He is a great big Teddy Bear and he is my "go to" person when I feel like crying or feel bad about myself. I just private message Scott and he always makes me feel better with words of encouragement.

I remember the first time he hopped on my journal page. I was surprised to see that he took some time to read part of my journal. He said my journal was a good read. Wow....the ROCK read my journal. That's cool. A few days later he posted on my journal a comment in regards to a post that I wrote on taking some "me" time and relaxing and pampering myself. He wrote that it was good to relax and then he told me that he relaxes by fishing. After that, I followed Scotts posts and he followed and commented on my posts. Funny thing was/is Scott's ability to read between the lines. He can always tell if something is bothering me. And being the sensitive person that he is, he takes the time to ask me if everything is all right. And then I pour all my sorrows on So that is how Scott became my "go to" person lol.

More about Scott......

Scott actually started lifting around age 13. His dad had bought him a weight set that consisted of a weight bench with a leg extension attachment. He also had some dumbbells, and a long bar with the cement filled plastic plates. If you are my age or older, you might be familiar with those cement filled plates. Scott took it upon himself at that young age to build a few more attachments- adding a few pulleys at different heights which he used for lat pull downs, tricep push downs, flyes, and curls. He used that set until high school.

Scott was a skinny kid, and like many kids he longed to be big and strong like the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferringo. Scott also had a cousin who was big, built and good looking...someone Scott admired alot.

In high school Scott played basketball and had access to a good gym where he continued to lift throughout high school. He was plagued with back problems but that did not prevent him from lifting and playing sports.

Scott has a passion for fly fishing. He frequently travels to Mammoth Lakes in eastern California to fish. During one of his fishing excursions, he slipped and fell as he was trying to jump across a small stream of water. He injured his back. He stood up where he fell in the middle of the stream and had an moment of truth......he had gained some weight (6 ft tall 205 pounds and about 24% bodyfat) and was out of shape. He told himself that if he wanted to keep fishing, he had to get back into shape.

So a few months later he and his wife joined Ballys and began a weight lifting program. They both had several lessons from a knowledgeable personal trainer who trained Scott to lift hard and heavy. Scott leaned out quite a bit to 185 pounds and 15% bodyfat.

Later that year Scott met a couple of guys that he ended up training with for 2 years. They were all focused on getting super strong and big and Scott indeed put on quite a bit of muscle, ate a boat load of food and reached a weight of 273. Mind you, alot of that weight was lean muscle at that point.

Scott continued to train but then took an interest in powerlifting around 2005. He was already squatting super heavy...455 pounds or so prior to powerlifting. His legs were his strongest body part and he continued working to get them stronger to the point that he was squatting 665, dead lifts 700, and benching 325. That is some seriously heavy weight folks!

​He did strength training 4 days a week and then played 2-4 hours of basketball on Saturdays at the young age of 46 years old. People frequently asked him how long was he planning on training hard like that and Scott would reply "I will train like this until my body tells me I can't."

​Well, his back screamed at him in June of last year to STOP! He had been having issues with his back (particularly his lower back with pain radiating to his left leg) through all his training, but he ignored the symptoms thinking that the pain down his leg was just a tight hamstring from all the heavy training he did. During a game of basketball, he took a hit that caused his back to pop badly. That stopped him in his tracks. No training or basketball for 2 months. He just went to work and came home. Despite his layoff from training, he continued to be in pain so he had some x-rays taken which revealed some spinal compression and a bulging disc in his lower back. That bulging disc was pressing on the sciatic nerve causing the pain down his leg...which he thought was a pulled hamstring. So he was probably dealing with a building disc for quite some time prior to the basketball injury.

Well Scott continued to have constant back pain unrelieved by rest, motrin, pain medications or muscle relaxers. He eventually had to have a couple of cortisone injections in his back to help relieve the pain.

​Instead of giving up and being depressed, which just isn’t like Scott at all, he went with what he told everyone – He would train like a powerlifter until his body told him he couldn’t. So what was he to do? Well since he I couldnt powerlift any more, He decided to trim up, keeping as much strength as possible and getting back into decent basketball shape. He had a new goal to not only be the strongest guy out there, but be one of the fastest, as well. He is on his way.

I remember Scotts posts about his back. We were all concerned about him, but we knew he would not give up. After Thanksgiving of last year Scott started simply on the treadmill at home. He was quite sore for a few weeks with the exercise but he pushed on despite the soreness.

He started back to the gym the first week of January, 2011. His workouts were low weight and high reps, incorporating lots of supersets to get his body used to it again.

​By February, he was nearly back to full-swing…….with the exception of no ultra-heavy squats, deads or forms thereof. Although he was back to training, he had not worked on his diet at all and thus he weighed in at 255 pounds with a high percentage of that weight being body fat.

Despite his high bodyfat his blood pressure remained good and his blood tests were high cholesterol or anything. Lucky guy!

In July Scott and his wife discussed several different diet plans that they could do together and finally decided to try the 17 Day Diet that Dr. Phil pushes. So on Sunday, July 17, 2011, they started the 17 Day Diet. He weighed in at 254.6 and his belly measured 45”.

Scott remarked, "thank God my shoulders/back are wide and my chest is thick, so my giant belly wasn’t as noticeable!"

The first cycle (17 days) of the diet consisted of as much protein as desired 2 pieces of fruit, and lots of veggies. No sugar, no starchy carbs.

The biggest thing about this plan was portion control – a really tough one for Scott who could sit down and eat a ¼ gallon of ice cream and a bag of Double Stuff very easily. But, Scott did cut back and overcame his vice with portion control.

The second cycle of the diet consisted of mild carb cycling, adding in beans and legumes and a few other carbs, but every other day. He and his wife went all the way through cycle 2 and decided that they both wanted to lose more weight, so they started over at cycle 1. They actually did this twice now and they are in the midst of cycle 3, which allows them a few more carbs; even a cheat meal here and there.

As of today, Wednesday, October 28 2011, Scott weighed in around 222 pounds – down 32 pounds!!!!! He has lost about 5 inches off his belly and he has maintained the majority of his strength. Actually he has gotten stronger!! His BP and heart rate has dropped even lower with the weight loss.

His workout schedule is Monday, upper body with military pressing. Tuesday is leg day. No heavy squats or deads, but medium (under 315). He is able to perform extremely heavy leg press because there’s no compression of his spine with this exercise. Wednesday is cardio, finished up with 3-4 sets of farmers walks. Thursday is upper body with benching.​Friday is cardio and abs. Saturday is basketball – only 2 hours at this time, but he is hoping to ramp that back up again. He is also hoping that he and his wife will start bike riding on Sundays.

His wife is down 20 pounds and several inches, as well. She’s doing awesome!!! She would not let me have any pictures of her. But as Scott says, she is absolutely beautiful!!

What has changed in Scotts life since the diet and training program? Alot has changed. He truly enjoys the taste of lots of veggies, the amount of processed foods he eats is minimal....which is a huge change (he had a big sweet tooth).

What does Scott and his wife eat now? A typical dinner consists of broiled salmon with a low salt zucchini cooked just a bit in olive oil, sprinkled lightly with sea salt. Or how about hamburger patties topped with onions and mushrooms, sautéed in olive oil and Worcestershire, with a bit of ground pepper and minced garlic. They steam some broccoli and then have a small helping of fresh tomatos and avacados with low fat Italian dressing. Good, healthy, low fat and good for them, eh? How about spaghetti squash with home-made chili on top.

I made my first spaghetti squash after reading one of Scott's forum posts about his yummy dinner.

Scott continues to enjoy steak, but only once a week. Instead of having a steak that’s 12-16 ounces, 4-6 is tops now and he adds more veggies.

One of Scotts favorite meals is an omelet. For the two of them they start with 5 eggs, throw in some red, yellow and orange bell peppers, some chopped onions, some chopped mushrooms, a handful of low fat cheddar cheese. Here’s the topper – they chop up imitation crab meat and throw it in, as well. Some mild Cajun seasoning and they are good to go.

I asked Scott what his current goal is and his response was....."Aside from being able to play basketball better, I want to be in overall better shape….for me, for my beautiful wife and for our lives together. Being in better shape will have me (us) feeling better and being able to do more things – kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, etc."

"One of these years, I’ll get a personal training cert or two. I love lifting and I love what bit of training I’ve already done. I’m not gonna quit my day job, but it’s just something I’d like to do."

I want to thank Scott for allowing me to share all the details of his and his wife's success with me. I asked him a boat load of questions and he freely shared everything. He is an amazing guy and one of my BEST ONLINE BUDDIES ON THE WWW!!!!!!


Oh yeah......Scott has some amazing pictures of his fishing excursions. I have used some of his pictures as screen savers on my iPad and PC's. Check them out at

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