Sunday, December 31, 2000

A bit about my Vegas experience and the Olympia 2011

I had a BLAST in Vegas. We arrived on Tuesday, picked up our rent-a-car and began the fun. We stayed 8 miles off the strip in the Siena Suites. The room was clean, had a kitchen and living area outside of the sleeping area. We hardly spent any time in the room.

Wednesday morning we headed up to Utah to see a friend perform in The Little Mermaid. I already blogged about that experience prior to this blog. We had a great time in Utah.

Thursday afternoon we headed back to Vegas instead of going to the Grand Canyon. My husband felt that the trip to the canyon would throw our schedule off too much, so we headed back to Vegas. We went to the strip and decided to grab a bite at the Hard Rock Cafe. I was surprised that hubby even wanted to step foot in the Hard Rock because last time I went in Chicago, it cost him $400.... I had to buy a cute Hard Rock leather jacket. He did not want to stop in the store part of the we headed for the lounge. Well...even though my contest is 9 weeks away and I should be on a super strict diet, I decided to enjoy my Vegas trip to the fullest.


I ate the entire sandwich and the seasoned fries. It was fantastic.

Then we purchased some tickets to see the Jabawakkeez....I loved them on Americas Next Best Dance Crew and I did not miss an episode that season because of them. So I had to see them and the show was good.

No pictures allowed....haha...sorry, I took some anyway.

I like this picture....super cool with all the black and just a glimpse of the Jabawakkeez. After the show we headed back to the room for some needed sleep.

We woke up bright and early to head to the Olympia Expo. We were the first in line because I wanted to get into the line from the very beginning because they usually have great free give aways and their lines are super duper long. We saved Eddy and James a place in line. As we waited, we took pics...

Me and Eddy

Me and Bob

Eddy and James....

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