Sunday, June 12, 2016

Miracles Happen Every Day

I have been sharing my daily miracles with a very select group of close family members that I can be openly honest with. I have decided to blog about last weeks miracles because I need to share them with that group in one swoop. I should never commit to doing something daily because my moods change frequently and if I don't feel like doing something, I don't do it...hence, broken promises.

The past week has been amazing...

  • Monday- I love my husband more than ever after all these years through the ups and the downs. He gets on my last nerve but he is my ROCK and I love him deeply. These days that is a miracle.
  • Tuesday- Time with my mother in nature is priceless. We usually spend out time in nature spending money buying plants. This time we spent our time at The Botanical Gardens in Toledo...btw...we managed to spend money there too...hehehe.
  • Wednesday- I had the opportunity to spend concentrated time with my 3 girls this week and that is a miracle because we are all so busy. I miss my son Nick who is currently working in Spokane Washington, but we spoke alot on the phone
  • Thursday- Over the weeks I have been attracting all kinds of cool people to me and even animals. I have a family of ducks that come over when I see them...and I DON'T FEED THEM.. and the coolest this is that a squirrel came right up to my feet while I was sitting down reading outside at work on my lunch break. He just stared at me for a bit and then went on his way.
  • Friday- I have been studying Human Design on my own and I was able to help a professional guy with reading his personal analysis and he was stunned at how accurate the analysis of his personality was and is looking forward to using the strategies suggested in decision making. He was very grateful for the free help that will probably change his life
  • Saturday- I got a spiritual confirmation that I will be going to India within the next few years for 28 days. That message was given to me spiritually 3 weeks ago and it was confirmed yesterday....spiritually. I am looking forward to seeing how this will unfold.
  • Sunday- I officially started online classes to become a Human Design Analyst.  Thanks Bob for the cash!!!!This certification course takes 1.5 years to complete...just to get certified.  I am doing pre-requisite courses now.The miracle in this is that I have found something that I LOVE to do and when I get certified I can charge for doing analysis's which is not work at all!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Noticing the small things leads to greatness....

My life has changed drastically since my heart attack. No longer do I really care what people think and at this point in my life. I don't even care to even share my blogs on Facebook or elsewhere. I will continue to blog...mostly for myself and whomever decides to read my blog.

I have purposefully slowed my life down and am enjoying the abundance of noticing the little things in life such as the joy of hearing my grandkids laughter and the different inflections in their voices. Contemplating the beauty in nature and the lessons that nature teaches us is all the new coolness in my life. I have discovered me....not the me you want me to be.....but the me that I really am....

1. The tree hugger
2. The hippie
3. The gypsie
4. The American Indian loving girl
5. The crystal lover
6. The wife
7. The mother
8. The daughter
9. The sister
10. The nana
11. The IT girl at work
12. The spiritual girl

No longer do I care about looking like this or that. Don't get me wrong, I still like makeup and I want to be in good shape, but I don't need to be in great shape or look like a super model. I used to strive for that...first with the body, then with the makeup. Been there done that and learned a lot of great stuff along the way. I know what I need to do to get as lean as I want....if I want, and I know how to do hair and makeup to bring out my best features. But I don't care as much about that anymore. I am simply in the middle extremes. 

So....with this all said, I have a new mojo hippie style that is all me. I don't care what people think anymore. If I like it...then it is good. If I want to hug a tree....then I will. If I want to drink a glass of wine with my breakfast on the weekends when I don't have to work then I do. 

The real me surfaced after I started seriously meditating....and then I started getting a Oneness Blessings and became a Oneness Blessing Giver and that too has changed my life. I am just all around a better person happy to be alive and enjoying what life I have yet to live.

This morning I slept in til after eight. I was so excited as I saw rays of yellow light peaking through my heavy curtains in our bedroom. Bob had made some coffee and we had a few cups and then went to walk Polo. I like taking walks now and just soaking up the beauty of nature. I always pick up some cool momento's of my walk....things I like. 
Polo Walking Bob

Check this out.... Miniature pine cones....lovely.

My hubby was angry at my boldness of going on someones property and helping myself to the pine cones. I asked the tree, and she said sure, take what you want...I have plenty :)

I decided to walk Resevoir 8. I was by myself....

I was a bit nervous as I headed out around that large Reservoir by myself. What if something happens? What if I started to have chest pain? What if a crazy rapist jumped out of nowhere and I am by myself? What about a wild animal? All these thoughts flooded my mind as I walked further away from my car. Then I started to concentrate on the beauty of where I was at. 
Part of the water was icy as the bigger part the body was free of ice

I listened to the cool wind as it made its way through my hoodie pulled over my ears. I enjoyed the faint sound of a train passing in the the distance. The sound of the water splashing up against the rocks was calming to my soul. It was really quiet and serene. The further I walked, the less scared I became. However, I decided to pick up an eight pound rock to carry just in case I encountered trouble. I was no longer afraid....I would become a she warrior if need be. 

I looked at the rather large awkward shape rock I was carrying and admired the pretty sparkles that bounced off this rock. I listened to the wind and was rather surprised to not hear birds chirping around here or there. No birds in sight....weird. 

As I continued to walk I looked back and in the far distance there was another person crazy enough to be walking in no-mans land...but at least that person had a dog. I felt safer knowing that someone was kinda near by....about a quarter a mile away from me walking the same path.

As I was walking, all of a sudden I got this nudge in my mind to stop and lie down on the grass going down a hill and just feel the brown grass on my back and look up into the beautiful sky. The old Annette would never do that....fearing looking stupid to the person that was walking a ways back. But the me now don't give a shit what people think. So I laid on that grassy brown hill spread eagle with my arms stretched horizontal to my body and soaked up the view of the sky and the warmth of the sun. I was amazed on how warm the ground was as well. I laid there and just enjoyed that spot for about  3 minutes and then I got up. The person behind me was now just about 50 feet behind.

The warm hill

The view of the sky....amazing

The cool contrast of green trees mixed with the brown...lovely

It was cool out. The right side of my face feeling the cool sting of crisp air and wind slapping my face and the left side of my face feeling the warmth of the sun. It was cool experiencing both cool and warm at the same time. 

It took me 50 minutes to walk that Resevoir....the coolest 50 minutes ever.

My phone took alot of random pictures between my other pictures as I walked. Weird stuff :)