Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Day


Lower Body Day

Single Leg Press
100 x 10
120 x 10
135 x 10

90 x 10
115 x 10
115 x 10

Standing Calf Raise (being lazy)
110 x 10
110 x 10
110 x 10

Bulgarian Split Squats holding 10# DBs
3 sets of 10 reps

My glutes are sore. I need to start wearing gloves as the weights increase. I struggled a bit with barbell grip with the SLDLs. I have no clue where my straps are. It has been a few years since I lifted heavy enough to use straps. 

I was so tired yesterday. I was out like a light by 9:30pm and did not stir until 5 am.

Nothing special... Not watching my carbs  like I should. Lots happening at work that has my stress up a bit, so if I can maintain a lower calorie intake, I will lose fat slowly. 

I bought a few more shadows.... Woohoo... Pure Joy at a bargain. I received several compliments on my eyes  today. Yeah baby....sporting my bargain lashes that I talked about a few blogs back. I added more shadows yesterday. Check out the beautiful colors!!!

Time for bed....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Upper body training today. I was tired but I put forth good effort

Day 2, upper body

lat pull-down 
85 x 10
90 x 10
100 x 10

barbell bench press
45 x 10
65 x 10
85 x 7
85 x 5
95 x 3

cable face pull w/external rotation
30 x 10
35 x 10
40 x 10

shrug dumbbell ( being lazy because I hate to rack heavy dumbbells)
35 x 10
35 x 10
35 x 10

dumbbell curl
20 x 10
20 x 10
25 x 10 

I ate Chipoltle today for lunch.for dinner Imade myself a huge salad with 200g salmon, fresh blue berries, strawberries, French dressing, and dried cranberries. I don't count calories for leafy greens or fresh mushrooms. Yeah...I had diet pop and about 6 cups black coffee. I only had 16 oz of me. On the drive home I enjoyed a jolly rancher sucker

I was really tired today. A lot going on at work which has my stress level higher than normal. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel more rested. We will see....

Monday, May 12, 2014

Seven Weeks Of Training!!!!

Loving my purple eye makeup

The Training

It has been 7 weeks since I made a commitment to myself to get back in the habit of strength training consistently. I have been going strong. I have not missed a workout the entire time and I am getting stronger and stronger. To accomplish this, I have to be at the YMCA around 5am every morning. I have found that I am too tired after work to have the desire to train, so I must start the day off right. The added benefit to working out early in the morning is having increased energy during the day.

Today was leg day and I am stoked to report that I have finally reached the point of 115 pounds on the bar......ass to the grass squats...set 3 of 10 reps. My goal is to make it back up to 135 pounds for at least 2 sets of 10. I wanted to do my normal Annette cheer and jump around the gym like a maniac, clapping my hands for myself....but I didn't because I did not want to disrupt the training of 4 dudes that train super hard. Of course I am the only girl in the gym and I did not want to be acting all girlie and stuff in front of the I waited until I got in the shower room and did an Annette dance in front of the mirrors....GO ANNETTE!! Just to add some perspective to my glee...six weeks ago I was only squatting 65 measly pounds and now I am up to 115!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! All my other lifts are increasing as well. 

I have been doing a 4 day split between upper and lower body workouts. My workout takes me around 35-40 minutes....closer to 40 minutes because I no longer count my warmup set as one of my sets of 3 sets...haha. Pretty consistently, I do 2 days of moderate cardio on Friday and Saturday schedule permitting, but if I do not get the cardio in, I don't care. Cardio is just a filler for me...gets me to the gym anti more, you know, icing on the cake.

The Nutrition 

My nutrition has been on and off depending on my day/week. Some weeks I was more on point than off, and then I had a few weeks that I was off point more than on point. Last week, I was just off plan the entire time. 

I am down 3 pounds in 7 weeks....haha, so that tells me a few things....

#1. I am gaining precious muscle (yay) 
#2. I am not eating clean enough (boo)

When I look in the mirror I definitely see a difference, even though the scale says otherwise. I am leaning out even though my diet is not perfect. 

The Job

My job has been a bit on the stressful side, more responsibility with less resources. I am in the process of learning an entirely different role as a system administrator for our system outpatient cancer centers in addition to maintaining my current role supporting the inpatient clinical electronic applications. I was hoping to be selected as part of the build team for a new application that ProMedica will be moving to in 18 months, but I was asked to remain supporting the current product and then I would move forward to support the EPIC product once it is built. I really wanted to get the build experience since I have 2 years of supporting an application, but God has something else in mind for me. Things happen for a reason and so I am ok with it most days. A few weeks back, I was asked to add the system administrator role to my duties and so now I have an entirely different focus for a bit. This will be challenging. 

Fun News

This weekend my youngest daughter went to prom. I had fun doing her makeup and helping with her hair. She looked stunning!


I love, love, love makeup and I found an amazing buy. I was at the beauty supply store and I saw these individual eyeshadows that looked stunning. I only bought 3 because I figured they would be poor quality since they were only a buck per shadow. Is swatched them when I got home and found that the quality matched the quality of some of my high end shadows which can run between $15-30 a shadow. 

The next day I went back to the store and bought several more shadows along with the $2.99 palette quads to house the shadows. What a steal!!!!

I still have not purchased a camera, so no progress pictures to post. I need to get a camera!! The only reason I am not posting pics is because I need a new camera!  I think  that I would work harder on my diet if I were posting progress pictures. I need to get a camera!!!!

Ha, it has been a long time since I posted a blog. It feels good to post again :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Re-inventing myself Week 2

I am just getting over my EXTREME disappointment that my 49ers failed to make the Super Bowl this year. Sooo sad. I was ready to order my 49er Super Bowl gear...set aside a couple hundred bucks to indulge. And to make things worse…I was being taunted by my girlfriends, my ex, and my brother on Facebook. Hawk Fans. Agh!!!! I HATE TO LOSE!! I thought my head was going to explode after that game because I think I was holding back my tears. I could not believe that I wanted to cry over a game! So stupid!! But again, I hate to lose!!!!!!! Oh well....maybe next year. In the mean time....GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!

Sporting my 49er tee-shirt for the game Sunday
 So life is not always a bowl of chocolate. Other than that game, life is good. 

Last week I trained twice and got some cardio in. I was 50% clean on my diet. I was pretty happy with that considering I was coming off a 6 week splurge. 

This week I plan to do 2 full body workouts and some mild/moderate cardio on 2-4 days. I need to be on task 80% of the time for me to consider this week successful in regards to my diet. Tonight, I trained. I did the following full body workout (Sets X Reps):
  • Squats 3 X10
  • Lat Pulldowns 3 X10
  • Lying Leg Curls 3 X 10
  • Flat Bench Press 3 X 10
  • Lunges 3 X 10
  • Cable Face Pull w/external rotation 3 X 10
  • Standing Calf Raise 3 X 10
  • Shrugs 3 X 10
  • Pallof Press 3 X 10
  • Dumbbell Curls 3 X 10
Exhausting workout indeed!! My next Training will hopefully be Friday. I will do same kind of compound movements but different exercises. 

My nutrition plan is simple….try to keep calories 1500 or below with protein at 100grams. I am not going to monitor my carbs and fat. They will take care of themselves if I hit my protein grams and stick to no more than 1500 calories…even on my training days. 

I will post progress pictures last week in Feb. I am thinking that my goal weight will be around 140 pounds. Last week I was 152 pounds. I did not weigh myself this week…and don't plan to weigh myself at all until progress pic time. My goal is to look great in my bathing suit while retaining some of my curves. If I lose more than 12 pounds of fat, I will lose my breasts and I don't want to lose all of them. I will lose a lot, but I want to have a little left. In addition to that, when I get too lean, my face starts to look gaunt and old. So at 140 pounds, I won't have a 6 pack, but my abs should be flat and I should not have any back fat or muffin top fat spilling over my jeans. Heck…I am almost 50 years old. Haha..I turned 49 earlier this month. I told my coach that my goal is to simply look as good as I can for my age. 

My daughter and her family

My Grands

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


 Ah….2014 is here. Exciting stuff. A start of a New Year….all the New Year resolutions people are making….you know, all that good stuff planning for the year to come.

Well I am starting this year at 151 pounds!!! Haha…yeah, I enjoyed the holidays a bit too much and I am back to my chunky monkey self. As you can see I have a full face, kinda fat neck, boobs…which melt away when I am leaner, and if I where my jeans…a definite muffin top. Oh yeah, did I mention a little back fat?  Lol. Old habits die hard. I frequently get heavier over the holidays and then I slim back down. Same old thing….same old Annette. But what is different about me from previous years is this…..So what if I am chunky!!! No sweat!!! I will lean out to what I feel is optimal for me….hopefully by the summer. Minus 11 pounds of fat…and some heavy duty weight training should make me all better.

My goals are simple this year…
  1. Relax
  2. Log my calories (I eat less when I log my intake)
  3. Train 3-4 times a week
  4. Actively be a part of 3 bodybuilding Forums (Check in minimally weekly) all year
That is all. If I am consistent at doing all 4 things, I will be lean enough to look good :)


I turned 49 a few days ago. My Motto for this year for myself is Forty-nine & Fine….haha…I can be that.


I will continue to retain my current coach through 2014….he is the best. Well actually, I plan to have him as long as I have my health and can financially afford him. The question is…will he continue to to retain me as a client since his goal is to get his clients to the point that they don't need his services anymore. 

Hmmmm…..I will need him forever because…I just do. I know how to train, I know how to eat, I am self motivated. But, in life we all need coaches. We never arrive at that destination where we know it all. I have learned a ton from my coach.

My Facial Journey….

Back in November…November 2nd to be exact, I started a new facial journey. I eliminated some of my super expensive facial products and started using African Black Soap. At first it was a rocky start. My face burned when I used it and was irritated, but I stayed the course. So 2 months later, my skin is doing fantastic! It is tons smoother and the breakouts are greatly reduced…and I wear makeup daily. I am PROUD of my improvement in my skin! In the picture below, I do have makeup on…foundation, some concealer here and there…but I need a lot less of it. Even my hyper pigmentation is diminishing nicely. I have added a new product in the mix. I added a mens facial cleanser called Anthony Glycolic Facial Wash. I got a free sample of this at Sephora…I may have blogged about this previously…don't remember…but anyway, I loved the way it made my skin feel after I used it. So my new routine is as follows:

  1. Remove makeup with makeup wipes and makeup remover
  2. Use a mild cleanser to remove excess makeup- I use Purity for that
  3. Change wash cloth and lather my face with the African Black Soap and rinse
  4. Lather up with the Anthony Glycolic face wash and rinse
  5. Use my Peter Thomas Roth Resurfacing serums for my eyes and face.
In the mornings 3-4 times a week I use another Peter Thomas Roth product called Firm X Peeling Gel. It gently exfoliates my face.

1-2 times a week I will use my Mary Kay version of the Clarisonic brush on my face. I use it on a day that I don't use the Firm X. 

Sounds like a lot, but it is not bad. I spend about 5 minutes washing my face in the morning, and about 10 minutes at night. Every now and then I throw in a Tea Tree Mask or some other mask. It is worth the time because my skin looks great for the most part….and I think the African Black Soap has ALOT to do with it.

Clear Complexion :)
My Hair 2014….

My hair…my goal for 2015 is to go 100 percent natural kinky beautiful big hair. I have A TON of kinky hair that is long and WILD up under this weave. When my hair reaches the middle of my back in its kinky state, then I will sport my natural hair all the time. If you pull my curls down it already is that long, but when it gets to the middle of my back in its kinky state….then it will be super long.  I think I will reach that mark by the end of this year. No more relaxers….ever. I am getting too old for all the upkeep, but I like long hair…and long kinky natural hair is…the bomb and I am bold enough to rock it.  The one thing that I hate is….the gray hair!!! I can't keep up with it. The minute I color it, my hair decides to show it's growth at the roots. AGH!!!! I don't mind getting old, but the one thing I HATE is the gray hair and I have a ton of it!! But then…seriously…I AM ALMOST 50!!!!!!

When I decide to change my weave, I will take a picture of my natural, untamed kinky locks! Remember Scary Spice from the Spice Girls?

Well that is EXACTLY what my hair looks like today.  When it gets about 4 inches longer, the length of my hair will make it look LESS SCARY…and I will be able to put it in eloborate buns when I don't feel like the lions mane.  

So that's the plan/goal for the hair…..Au Natural!!!!


I plan to cut back considerably on the makeup purchases this year. I don't need another eye palette. I have enough palettes to last me a life time. And foundations…same thing. And mascaras…..same thing. I am not big into the lip sticks…so I don't have tons of them, and I don't own 1 nail polish…lol. But everything else…I have a ton!!

Makeup Brushes….

Ummm….I plan to cut back on my brushes with the exception of 3 brushes that I have been yearning for a YEAR. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want these 3 brushes…and then after that I will be satisfied. Forget the new car, or even the iPad Air. I want 3 SUQQU BRUSHES…..that's all…3 brushes.

The Face Brush $265 and the Cheek Brush $178

This eye brush only costs $80
Unfortunately, these brushes aren't sold in the USA. They are made and sold in Japan. They are also sold in England at a better price. I can purchase them at Selfridges but I have to pay crazy shipping on these brushes…b/w $40-60 bucks at a pop. So, when I decide to buy these brushes….this year…haha…I will buy them all at once when my hubby is far, far, away out of town.

Speaking of hubby, he was sweet enough to buy me this travel brush set for my birthday…and they were not cheap at all. He bought them out of love…haha. He could not believe the price for "travel" brushes…but he bought them and I SO LOVE THEM. Now I can keep my expensive regular brushes at home instead of carrying some of them in a case in my book bag. They are way too expensive to be carrying around just in case I get stranded and need my makeup and my makeup brushes. Haha…yup, In my book bag, I have an entire stash of "just in case I get stranded" makeup and brushes.

Aren't they AMAZING!!!!
Can't keep my hands off of them :)

Family Pics!!!

My sis, my sister-in-law, and me at Christmas

My Favorite Barbie Tee!!
My sis, me and my bro!!
Youngest Grand Child..just turned 1
Oldest Grandchild. He will be 4 in March
Karmen and 2 middle grands age 1 and 2
I bought Karmen this Hello Kitty Set for Christmas
My 17 year old and Me..she's the baby and only one left at home :(

Cheers and Happy New Year All!!!!