Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Being the best!!!

I have been following along on a series that Lyle McDonald is writing called
Why The US Sucks At Olympic LiftingIt is a fairly interesting read. Instead of attempting to explain why the US Olympic Lifters fail to win, he has dug into what winning teams or people do that make them win. In part 1 he talked alot about the Kenyans who dominate in the area of moderate and long distant running events. The Kenyans win over and over and over. What is it that they do every day that makes them win? What gives them a competitive edge/advantage? Well in his article he points out several things that the Kenyans do consistently. One of the things that jumped out at me was their 110% commitment to the sport and their discipline. Lyle writes "they train like maniacs." To train like a maniac they have to be committed and disciplined. He also looked at many other factors that attribute to the Kenyans success.

The most intriguing thing that I learned about the Kenyans is that they train in groups even though running is pretty much an individual sport. They are constantly competing with each other and helping each other to be better and better. After reading Lyles article I watched a YouTube video about two Kenyan women competing in the same race with many other women from other countries. The two Kenyan women used each other to pull ahead of the other competitors. Throughout the race they took turns taking the lead to keep their pace high and they fed off of each other....like they train in Kenya. When they both got a considerable distance ahead of the other competitors only then did they compete against each other til the end of the race.

I don't read this kind of stuff just to be entertained. What can I do to get the results that I want in my sport of transforming my body? I asked myself these questions based off of Lyles article about the Kenyans.

1. Do I have the body type to have success in figure competition?
2. Do I have a genetic tendency to be skinny, muscular or fat?
3. Do I have all the resources I need to truly be competitive?
4. Do I train like a maniac?
5. Do I have commitment and dedication to the sport?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, I ask myself...is there anything I can do to improve in the areas because I do know this...I want to compete and I want to win. I don't want to compete just to compete. I want to win. To me winning is not necessarily being the winner of the competition. Even if I am 5th and have done everything I could do and given 100% with what I have I am still a winner inside.

Articles like these inspire me!!

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