Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trying to find that balance.....

I probably looked a bit like my grandson waking up this morning. It took me awhile to wake up and when I finally sat up, I am like it really time to wake up!?

I was groggy and I just felt blah partly because I did not eat my 4th meal until 11:30pm last night and I felt like my food had not digested at all. But on a good note my strained glute felt better this morning.

I have been struggling getting a rhythm with this new diet because I did not have the opportunity to prepare my meals ahead of time this past weekend. I am way too busy to have to cook every day!! So everything is off. I am training way too late...around 9:30 pm and then eating too late. This weekend I am going to just hang around the house and get things prepared ahead of time for next week.

Balance, balance, balance. That is what I am striving to have it but I am not there yet.

Tomorrow I get to splurge on all the fruit I want after my workout. I picked a watermelon and a cantaloup out of my garden, bought some honeydew, pineapple and grapes. I will enjoy a huge fruit salad tomorrow.

I am still not having any cravings for junk cool and soooo unusual for me. So far so good with this diet.

A quote from Coach Scott Able I like......

"The issue is that information-chasing and knowledge-building are not the same thing, but most people do NOT know the difference. Information-chasing exists at a pace that is a mile wide but only an inch deep. Knowledge-building goes at a pace that is only an inch wide at a time, but a mile deep. Qualitatively different things - one creates expertise - the other creates tail-chasing."

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh no.....strained glute muscle

I trained yesterday and did not adequately warm up and strained my right glute muscle doing squats with 50 lb dumbbells. I am so upset about this. The strain is minor and I noticed it immediately after my 2/3 sets of squats. I finished the 3rd set of squats being really careful not to cause more pain or injury. I actually finished my entire training but felt the right glute whenever I did any stepping motion or forward lunges. Dang it!! Woke up this morning with some minor discomfort. On a scale of 1-10 my discomfort was about a 2 when I climbed my stairs. I stretched the muscle mildly and and warmed it up by doing some simple step ups on just one step. That seemed to help the discomfort. From there I did my normal daily activities with just some very mild discomfort.

This evening I trained and had some glute work in this training. I took the time to adequately warm up and do some mild stretching prior to my strength training. I made it through the workout fine. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Day 3 of the new diet down. I can honestly say that this diet is not bad at all so far. I do not have any cravings for sweets at all. I think that is due to the fact that I am getting plenty of carbs in fruit and whole grains. I do not feel deprived one bit.

As far as the rebound affect that Scott said I would see, I have not experienced to this point. He figured that since he increased my carbs...substantially.....I would see a gain in weight. Well I have not experienced that so far. Monday I weighed in after my glutton of a weekend at 140.1 pounds and I started my TOM. Today I was down to 136.9. Maybe it's new diet beginners luck.

This is week 2 of this MET training routine I am doing. Last week killed me. But the body is amazing. It is like all my cells remembered the grueling 5 days of hammering my muscles and sucking wind last week and they somehow fortified themselves with some extra oomph. The first 2 workouts have been easier for me this week. The training is still a killer but I am better prepared for the dungeon workout. Maybe it is a combination of the increased carbs as well as muscle memory that is making it easier. Yesterdays workout took me only 1 hour and the same workout took me an hour and a half last week. Tonites workout only took me 35 minutes tonite and it took me 55 minutes last week.

It's almost midnight as I write this blog while listening to some Micheal Jackson. I better get my butt to bed.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The other side of the mirror.....a good book

I woke this morning and was down a pound on the scale. That does not mean a thing, but I do like to weigh myself every morning. It keeps me in check. Considering I just started my period (I know...too much information) and that I had a good amount of carbs yesterday a decrease on the scale is a blessing at least to my mental haha. I did not get to train yesterday either so I will do my Day 1 training today. I have 5 days to get get through the workouts and 2 days yesterday will be one of my days off.

I am back to the grueling leg workout that took me 1.5 hours to do last week. My goal this week is to get the same workout done in less time. That mean less rest periods between sets. Last time I did this workout I was sucking wind so bad that I had to rest a bit more between sets. But I am sure that my muscles and heart remembered that workout and know what to this week it should be better I hope.

I feel good today. This diet is squeaky clean....absolutely nothing processed. No protein shakes or supplements either. Wow....a big change for me. I loved my protein shakes mainly because it is quick and easy. I have to do a little more prep on this diet. I miss my protein shakes.

I am currently reading the book "The Other Side Of The Mirror by Scott Abel. This book addresses some of the mental, emotional, and behavioral problems that can manifest from trying to attain that Ideal Body Image. The reason I bought this book is that it asked the following questions:

1) If you have ever struggled with your Body Image; you need to read this book!

2) If you have ever struggled with Binge Eating, over eating, or emotional eating; you need to read this book!

3) If you have ever felt low, depressed or insecure because of your physical mirror image; you need to read this book!

4) If you compete in any area of the vanity industries, such as Bodybuilding, Modelling, Fitness, Figure, Beauty Pageants, etc.; you need to read this book!

5) If you are a competitor and you have ever suffered post-contest depression; you need to read this book!

6) If you are a coach or trainer to competitors in the Fitness Industry; you need to read this book!

Out of the 6 questions, #2, 3, 4, and 5.

Question number 2 hits a nerve because I have episodes of binge eating. That is why I love the cycle diet because I found a way that I can binge and maintain my weight. But a down side of the cycle diet for me is that my "carb loads" always went beyond the maximal time I was suppose to "load" and I found it becoming easier to put away 6,000-7,000 calories in a day. At first it was hard to eat that many calories, but then it got easier and easier. That disturbed me and I think the cycle diet encourages this negative behavior that I have always had.

Question number 3....sure I have times I hate what I look like in the mirror. Probably more often than not. The other day I put on some jeans and a tee and looked at myself in disgust....while I don't think I am fat, I will be quick to label myself as "thick". I changed my clothes 3 times trying to look leaner to no avail. As I came down the stairs disgusted my daughter made the comment, you look so freakin cute mom!! You are so skinny. I thanked her thinking wow....can't she see this extra 4 pounds I am carrying? Then I headed out the door to meet up with some friends whom I have not seen since May and they both commented...on how small I was. I did not see myself as small at all that day. On the other hand, there are days that I like the way I look. These days are usually when I am in a glycogen depleted state after having no carbs for 4-5 days. Problem, eh?

Question #4 hits home because I plan to compete.

Question #5. From Jan 1, 2011 thru Mar 26, 2011 I did a challenge trying to win $25,000. I worked my butt off to get lean as I could and I lost 22 pounds and got to the low teens in bodyfat. The day after the challenge I did not know what to do with myself and I got really depressed. I worked so hard for this? So hard for 1 day of photos? And I did not win a damn thing? What the heck? I have a tendency to feel this way during the Christmas holiday. I am so excited about preparing for Christmas, buying the presents, planning the family get together cooking. So much energy into one day, and then all the presents are opened, we eat and then what? Then I have to take all the decorations down which takes forever!!!!All this prep for this??? I love the excitement and the challenge in the prep....but after the event I ask myself every time...all that energy and money for this? I can see this happening when I compete.

So, I bought the book and I need the book! Lol!! So far it is a good read and I am learning a thing or two.

Well it is time for my dungeon workout!!!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

New Diet Starting Today

Today I officially start my new diet. I am somewhat anxious and excited about it at the same time. The anxious feelings arise mainly because it is majorly outside my normal low carb diet and Scott tells me that I can expect to see a rebound effect in my weight for the next 2-3 weeks as a result of my previous diet tactics. On the other hand I am excited to have great energy from a sufficient intake of carbs during my training and I am excited to see how my body responds to this entirely new diet and training.

So far so good with the diet. I am feeling satisfied and starting to get hungry around the 3-4 hour mark. I am back to the dungeon training tonite. For anyone interested, I am doing Scotts Figure 5 day MET training. I ordered his one time custom diet plan that I will do until December.

I did the entire training routine for 5 days last week and all I can say kicked my butt!! I had muscle soreness everywhere and the funny thing is this...there was not a spot on my major muscles that was not sore....not a spot. I think the only muscles that went unscathed were the muscles in my forearms, fingers, and I will repeat the entire training sequence weekly for 8 weeks and then December 5th I will be an official client of Scotts and the diet and routine will most likely change.

I am committed to doing Scotts figure program and the diet as outline for 8 weeks. It will be interesting to see what happens. I will be surprised if my body can handle all these

After my weekend eat fest up 5 pounds......140 that will be my starting point for this plan. I am hoping that I don't rebound too much higher than 140 pounds....but we will see.


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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why I am not competing

I have had several people question me on my decision not to compete. Hopefully I will answer the question in detail through this blog posting.

I had made the decision to compete in November several months ago. One of the main reasons that I decided to compete at that time was to help me keep moving forward with my body transformation goal. I particularly had my sights set on competing in November and December to keep me focused on meeting my year goal of not yoyo dieting during the holiday season. My typical yearly habit is to gain weight from October through December....during the holidays. My hope was that the competitions would help me stay on track through the holidays to prevent me from going into 2012 heavy again.

This silver tree is absolutely stunning. (located a few blocks from my house)

As I have continued to train and learn these past several months that simple short term goal of competing to stop the yoyo dieting changed. I no longer feel that I need a competition to prevent me from yoyo dieting this year. I have discovered other methods to prevent me from gaining weight such as the UD2 cycle diet which has worked for me in this area.

Then my reason for competing in November totally changed. My new reason for competing changed to this....well since I blabbed to everybody and their mama that I am going to compete then I better compete because I said I would. And I had a bunch of people supporting my decision to compete. Of course I had many people who felt I would do very well in a local show and I had several other competitors tell me to forget the local shows and go ahead and compete in a national qualifying show. Every body was telling me do it and they all had faith that I would do well. So my competing goal went from to prevent me from yoyo dieting to competing because I told everybody I will essence feeding my ego.

Now, neither of those reasons were good reasons to compete and I knew that deep inside, but my ego (I call her devil Annette) is pretty big at times and sometimes devil Annette fights with my inner good spirit (I call her angel Annette) and sometimes devil Annette wins and sometimes angel Annette wins. They battle everyday many decisions that I make. Many times when I listen to devil Annette I feel good for the short term, but the long term effects of listening to devil Annette is ALWAYS bad. When I listen to angel Annette, sometimes I am not happy with the short term feelings but in the end it is always GOOD!!

So, if you have read my blogs before, you have read about devil Annette and Angel Annette.....the battle goes on.

In the mean time, I had been looking for an online coach for the final 10-12 weeks of my contest prep. I did all the forms for Erik, but although his rates fit my budget his waiting list is 3-4 months long! I had looked at Scott Abel's rates and to be honest I did not want to pay what he was asking. But I have since changed my mind.

Me and a dear friend

I asked Scott if he felt that I was ready to compete and he said no. That is all that I needed to expert to tell me I am not ready. I could use Scott as my excuse to tell all that I was not ready!! Yeah baby, blame it on my soon to be coach....right? Lol.

So truth be told, I don't really care to compete. What I really cared about was following through with a commitment that I boasted about.

My goal now is to continue to transform my body and gain muscle. I may or may not compete in the future.....but for now my goal is as stated.

I feel light as a feather now :)

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A great day!

My Daughter Erica with one of the kids.....

I woke up this morning somewhat anxious about all I had to do today. I hate waking up with anxiety, and so the first thing I did was pray that I be the person that God wants me to be in every word, deed, and action. Then I took a few minutes to put my anxiety in check. I really had no reason to be anxious.

I woke up a little after 8am. Today I was responsible for coordinating and pulling together the hospital's involvement in the annual Kids Fest Community activity that we have every year. This was my first time participating in this event, let alone coordinating our section of the event. Well, we pulled everything together about 3-4 weeks ago. I asked for some hospital volunteers to help me with this event and I had some people step up to the task. We wanted to do more than just sit at a table handing out free goodies, we wanted the kids to be really engaged in all of our activities. So, we came up with 5 activities for all the little kiddies.
1) Dental hygiene
2) Yummy apple and peanut butter with marshmallow smiley faces
3) Tattoo station
4) Jump Rope and Hula Hoop contest
5) Tour of our ambulance

Erica and the Blue Bear

We kept busy the entire time and the kids as well as each volunteer had a great time. We sent the kids home with apples, tooth brushed, floss, tattoos, Teddy grahams, and stickers.

One thing that I observed was a few beautiful children who kept coming back over and over to make apple faces with peanut butter. At first glance, you would think these kids were just having fun with the activity...but after the 4th go around it be came profoundly clear that some of these kids were hungry. Seeing that just killed me and some of my other volunteers. OMG. I ended up telling one kid to come here and I filled his bag with 6 apples and 6 peanut butter packets. He politely thanked me and then left. After I did that, others came and started asking for more apples. We gave them what they asked for then started giving people 2 apples a piece. Wow. I felt ashamed about how out of touch I was about the needs of our local community. It is one thing to read about it. It is another to see it!!

Got my diet from Scott!! All I can say is that it is REALLY different from my previous diets and I am eating alot of carbs!!! I kinda could not believe it. But, I trust him and I will start the diet on Monday. Between the diet and the training, it is a totally new experience. I will take photos every 4 weeks. I am excited!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

I found a coach....

I am excited to let everybody know that I have found an amazing online coach to help me be the best I can be. His name is Scot Abel and he has an amazing track record transforming peoples bodies to the body beautiful. I have been silently lurking around his website for some time reading all his current and past blogs. I liked what I read. He helps people transform their bodies in an amazing way and his success record is the best I have seen.

Aside from Scotts amazing knowledge base background in body building; what I like most about his training methods is that he incorporates the mental, emotional and physical aspects of life circumstances that ultimately is entangled into any training and nutritional program. The one thing that has held me back from hiring him on as my coach was his initial fee of $1500 dollars and then $100 dollars a month (Canadian dollars). In light of the crazy expenses involved in competing such as by figure suit ($850), supplements (~$125/mo), registering for the contests ($200), Posing lessons ($200) and eating healthy...chicken breasts, sirloin, salmon etc....adding an addition of $1500 dollars on top of that seemed just too much!!

So, what I chose to do was order Scott Abel's Figure DVD to get a glimpse of his training methods. I started his 5 Day training session this week. I have done Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 and all I have to say is OMG!!!! Wow!! HARD CORE INDEED. Never in my training have I felt soreness in every muscle fiber in my legs, butt, back, and abs from EVERY ANGLE. And heck....I still have day 4 and 5 to do!! People who know me know that I train HARD, HARD, HARD!! Well, his training methods are kicking my butt and I cannot believe it.

After Day 1 of his training, I went back to his site and ordered a one time diet plan that I hoped to carry me through to my competition in November incorporating his training methods. I was afraid that my current diet would not support this type of hard core training. So I ordered his diet plan Monday night. In order for him to set up a diet, Scott asks for the following:

-A detailed 3 days diet current history
-Your vital stats: height, weight, age, gender
-Pictures of yourself from front side and back
-Make Scott aware of your diet goals
-A breakdown of your current lifestyle, and current training regimen if any
-Make a list for Scott of any foods you can’t eat or will not eat, or don’t like
-Information regarding any medical conditions or problems that may affect results
-Make a list of any and all vices, like smoking etc
-Any information that you may feel is relevant to your current predicament

Once Scott has received all information and order confirmation, he will work on your diet.

I sent all my stuff and had not heard back. I emailed Scott (well actually his wife Annie) about when I could expect my diet plan. His wife stated that he had mentioned to her (before my inquiry) that he had not received my info. It turns out that I misspelled his email address and he never got it. So I sent it tooth correct address.

I immediately received a response from Scott that he received my info and will begin working on my plan. I thanked him for his quick response and asked him to be brutally honest about if he felt I would be ready to compete in 8 weeks. He honestly answered that he felt that I needed more development before I compete and that I am not ready nor should I expect to be ready at this point.

Wow.....I so appreciated his honesty. He worked on my strict pre-contest diet plan and was probably almost done with it when he received another email from me thanking him for his honesty and that I valued his opinion and will not compete this year. He emailed me back and told me he had to scratch the diet he had prepared for me and start all over again. He also took the time to write detailed comments on my document about areas I could improve in my diet and supplementation. It was MOST EVIDENT that he took considerable time to look over my stuff and answer all of my questions.

So now that I am not going to compete....I have money that I can put to better use...I am hiring Scott as my coach!!!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overview of my Vegas trip

In this blog I hope to capture the essence of my fun Vegas trip. We arrived in Vegas on Tuesday. We picked up our rent-a-car and thus the vacation began. We stayed 8 miles off the strip in a hotel called the Sienna Suites. This hotel was clean and rather spacious.

In my previous blog I talked alot about meeting one of my online friends...Eddy during this vacation.

We spent Wednesday traveling to St. George, getting a hotel and meeting Eddy prior to seeing The Little Mermaid. Meeting Eddy was the highlight of my vacation. After spending time chatting on the forums and blogs, it was so nice to put a person behind the online profile. Not only was Eddy muscular and fit. He did an amazing acting job in the show. I found out that he is an actor part time and a strength coach at a college in St. George part time. A busy man indeed. He is also a loving husband and father to 5 kids! Wow!!!

After spending time with Eddy, Bob and we decided to head back to Vegas aborting our previous plans on visiting the Grand Canyon.

Since we did not go to the canyon as planned on Thursday, we headed to the strip where we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch...and a drink.

Now I know I should be on a strict diet since my contest is 10 weeks away, but I decided...forget the diet. I am going to enjoy Vegas to the fullest!!!

I ate all of the sandwich and the season fries. I did not like the bake beans and cole slaw....that is the only reason I did not eat those
As we ate and drank to our hearts content we decided to see a show. I love the Jabbawakkeez so we purchased tickets to their 9:30 pm show at the Monte Carlo.
I took some pictures that I was not allowed to take...Shhhhh......

We had a great time at the show. We headed back to the hotel to get some sleep because we had to get up early to head to the Olympia Expo. I wanted to be in the front of the line because I wanted to be amongst the first to hit the booth because the lines are usually ridiculous because they give out fantastic goodies. We got there in plenty of time and save a spot for Eddy and a friend of his.

As we were waiting in line I took these pics

Then away we went to collect our goodies amongst the crowd

Isn't the crowd crazy??? Believe it or not, it was easy to maneuver in and out...much better than The Arnold.

This was my hubbys first visit to the Expo with all the tiny big boob supplement girls. They were everywhere and I told my hubby to google and take as many pics as he wants. I am not threatened by these lean beautiful girls because in 8-12 weeks I will look just like them.

But now....I have my work cut out for me

Here I am with Jamie. She is making me look kinda thick, eh? Haha. I told her that she makes me look fat and she politely told me that I looked great....yeah right Jamie.

Now time for eye candy for me....

Yummy.....God I love muscles and Brandon is just FINE, FINE, FINE

Dennis James......mmmm, mmmm, good

Evan will be the next Mr. Olympia in 3-4 years...mock my words. He is an impressive new comer!

This was a handsome group of models.
I kept running into these girls, so I took a pic with them haha

I love the Olympia....tons to see

How about those Sumo wrestlers warming up!! Entertaining indeed!!

Then of course, with my competitive spirit, I had to play

I was bench pressing my bodyweight....140 pounds that day (whoa...I was sad when I hopped on their digital scale). I pressed this weight 6 times....yeah buddy!

Then I had to deadlift 200 pounds as many times as I could. I only did 8 because I wanted to be able to walk the next day. I could have done more...but I earned my FLEX tee-shirt. Then I went to anothe booth and knocked out 50 push-ups...could have easily done 80. I was stronger than all the men that were on the floor next to me trying to get 25 for a tee shirt. I got a lot of love from the people running that booth and people watching me in the line..hehehe.

Inbetween all the festivities we watched  all the pre-judging for the 202's, figure, and fitness competition. I did not watch the bikini judging. I acurately predicted the top 3 in order in each category. I was up in arms about whether Iris Kyle would keep her title or lose it to Yaxeni who looked better in my opinion. Iris came in less define and hard then usual. Kinda surprised by that. But Kyle has an amazing back...better than Yazeni and that is probably why she won. Other than that Yazeni clearly looked better than Iris in my opinion and should have won.

Iris is the black lady. See what I mean. Yazeni looks better by far!!

Me abd Yazeni. See how small she actually is. She looks bigger on stage but in reality she is quite small. We are the same size...she just has tons of muscle...all muscle really.

As you can see, I had a blast Friday and Saturday at the Expo. After the expo, Bob and I headed to the Monte Carlo to eat their fab buffet. It was pricy...but delicious. After that we headed down the strip and walked about 5 miles to work off all that food.

Here I am at the Bellagio waiting for the fountain show.

Then to my fav casino..the Venetian for drinks and relaxation.

Then we headed back to the car

We flew home on Sunday and I was more than ready to wrap the vacation up and head home. We had a smooth trip home and after catching up on some sleep, I unpacked all my goodies.

This big bag was full of supplements...protein powders, pre-workout supps, and fat burners

I organized it all...tons of stuff. Look at all my shaker bottles. Woohoo. And this was just MY stuff. Bob had the same amount of stuff.

Twenty-two free tee-shirts. Haha...

Can you tell I had a BLAST!!!!!!!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am having a blast so far on the vacation. Last night my husband and I went to see a friend perform in Disney The Little Mermaid performed at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivin, Utah. What a fabulous place to do a show. This is the entrance to the Tuachan.

This complex consists of a 1,920 seat open air amphitheater surrounded by 1500 foot majestic red cliffs. Breath taking view. The picture below is what it looks like coming into the Tuacahn.

This is what the back drop from the stage

It rained all day and we were worried that the show may have to be cancelled. Traveling all this way to see Eddy then not being able to see him perform would be devastating, but as it turned out, the weather held out Thank God.

Prior to the show we purchased dinner tickets at the complex and ate a great dinner consisting of Jerk Chicken....whatever that is. The chicken was somewhat salty, but edible. We also had some pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, potato wedges, rolls, corn and salad. For dessert, key lime pie and ice-cream. We sat at a table with 4 ladies visiting from Salt Lake City to see the show. The ladies were classy older seniors who engaged Bob and I in fun conversation. They told us all the great places to travel to while in Utah. They were fabulous.

Around 7ish my friend Eddy who is in the show came to the table. This was the first time I met Eddy in person. We are cyber friends on and through the forums on that site, I learned that Eddy would be performing in The Little Mermaid. So I told him that I would fly out to see him perform. I bought the tickets back in May and planned the trip around the 2011Olympia. So now I get to meet Eddy in the flesh.

His pictures, which are handsome, do him no justice. He is more handsome in person. Nice big arms and rock hard pecs....yep I felt his chest and arms and legs within a minute or two meeting My hubby just smiled politely as I poured the compliments on Eddy....cuz my hubby knows that's just me and he knows I love him deeply. It felt comfortable meeting Eddy because I knew Eddy through the forums. Eddy spent about 20 minutes visiting me and Bob and our lady friends at the table. He told us a little bit about the show and that he played the role as the ships pilot and that his voice would be the first voice we heard at the beginning of the show. He answered several questions that our lady friends had for him and then he was off to get in costume for the show.

The Program

I knew Eddy would have an amazing baritone singing voice because his speaking voice was low and rich and yes indeed, he did have an amazing voice and yes there he was opening the show.

The show was simply amazing and the stage effects were nothing short of amazing with the undersea scenes occurring as the stage was flooded with water....amazing indeed. We had a brief 20 minute intermission which was fortunate because I was in dire need of a bathroom, the result of eating way off my diet and topping things off with key lime pie and ice-cream...neither of which agrees with me. I almost missed the beginning of the second part of the show, but I made it just in time.

The show was nothing less than spectacular and I am hoping Eddy will be part of next years show Alladin....which I will fly out to see. Well at the end of the show all the actors came out one by one. Eddy was sweet enough to come out on stage, look for me and Bob and slyly acknowledged that he saw us....twice. That made me feel special. After the show all the actors greeted the crowd as we exited the theater. We looked for Eddie and found him greeting several fans. He graciously to time out for me and Bob.

Here he is pictured in his Captains suit. He doesn't look to be age 52!! No way!! Isn't he handsome.

Bob and I went back to the hotel to get some sleep. This morning Eddy came by the hotel to chit chat a bit with us over breakfast. We had a wonderful visit.

Here we are outside the hotel acting silly.

It was wonderful meeting Eddie aka Kinkoshinkai.
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