Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Perfect Figure Model.....

As I look at transforming my body I have a few visions in my mind for me to shoot for. Cheryl Brown has the ideal perfect body that I will never realistically have but I will model as best I can given my age, genetics, and natural drug-free state. I have no idea if Cheryl uses pharmacological enhancements to become super lean, but reality is that most figure models at the Pro level use drugs to get the level of leanness and musculature to be competitive. I do not have the desire to become a pro athlete at my age so doping is out of the question for me.

I may continue to compete as a means of keeping my drive to stay lean and be the best I can be. For me, at least at this point, I need short term goals to keep me moving forward with my transformation.

Check out her entire back side. High glutes not sitting on her legs, and I can see the desirable glute, hamstring tie in. Wow....amazing and her back is sick!!!! She continues to be ultra feminine and athletic to boot. She is a brick house to the max. Another thing I like about this chick is that she is not too veiny. I like veins mind you, but I think too many is detracting to the appearance.

Wow...perfectly shaped abs in my opinion. My abs do not look like that and will never look like hers, but I do desire he leanness. Not too much, just enough. Perfect. And her front legs....perfect, spot on. I personally like her aesthetics better than Nicole Wilkins, Erin Sterns, and Ava Cowens.

Realistically speaking, I feel that I may be able to be a national contender in my Master Level Class since I am almost 47 years old. When I look at some of the national level competitors I can certainly compete! I will need some coaching for sure. I would most likely go for online coaching and attend a weekend posing seminar someplace. I am doing my homework right now. I did have an online coach that I was not particularly pleased with, but in her defense, I asked for help 2 weeks toward the end of my challenge. I had done the bulk of the cutting myself on my own. What I did not like about her is that I felt like my plan was truly a cookie cutter plan. I used her for 8 weeks....the last 2 weeks of this challenge that I was in and then 6 weeks after the challenge. My goals had changed after the challenge but the plan she gave me to add muscle never changed much from my cutting plan. Plus I had to hunt her down for my updates and to be quite honest...she sucked and she is one of the major people advertising her services. So, I am a bit sketchy about online coaching, but I have not lost faith in it just yet. I will find somebody else and ask alot of questions before I give him/her my money.

I looked leaner his morning and am feeling better than I did yesterday. At least I am not in my pissed at the world attitude mode. A new day and new attitude.

One of my challenge is ending in a couple of weeks. We have to take a photo with a paper to prove the date of the beginning of the challenge photo and again with a different paper on the last day of the challenge.

I have not worked hard at all to compete in this challenge. My main goal with this past 12 weeks was to add muscle. I did add 2 pounds of muscle but my transformation is nothing compared to the last one I did where I went from being overweight to pretty lean.

My last challenge I did was from Jan 1 to March 26. I put my heart and soul in that challenge.

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