Thursday, August 25, 2011

A typical day....

The alarm rings at 0600 and I turn to my 15 year old daughter to wake her up. She is sleeping right next to me....which gets on my nerves. I have a really nice queen size bed and she likes the mattress so every now and then she crawls into bed with me while I am sleeping. I wake her, telling her it is time to get ready for school. She says wake me up in 20 minutes. I lie in bed contemplating if I should get up and take a shower before my daughter, but I want to stay in bed a little while longer too. So 0620 rolls around and I wake my daughter who promptly gets up and takes a shower. I get up as well getting my scrubs around for work.

Before getting in the shower I hesitantly step on the scale...after taking a long look at myself in the mirror I was pleasantly surprised to see my weight down another pound. Whew......I feel good about that. Then I shower and go downstairs to take my EC stack. I want some coffee, I thought....too lazy to fix it. Maybe I should fix me something for breakfast. Ah dang, I am out of eggs. I throw my hair into a ponytail and put my makeup on. As I apply my makeup I notice that I am definitely leaner in the face. Well...good, the diet and training is working. I brush my teeth and my daughter screams from the bottom of the stairs, CAN WE GO NOW??? I holler yes, throw my scrubs and tennis shoes on, grab all my vitamins and put them in my scrub pocket and out the door we went.

It is 0710 as I drop Erica off to school, then to work I go. I get to work and instead of heading to my office I went to the basement of the hospital to make sure that everything was set up for a 4 hour Advanced Cardia Life Support class that I coordinate and teach a portion of. I have a retired nurse who takes care of the logistic and administrative tasks of the class. She makes sure everything is set up, registers the nurses and physicians taking the class, and makes sure all my equipment is in place so that all I have to do is show up and teach. I walk into the class and my jaw dropped. We usually have a class of 12.... Which is a lot for this particular course. The class is doubled!!!! I look at all the people and I think....WTF?? are we going to do this class with this many people? I ask God for forgiveness for swearing in my mind....I am trying to work on that after Sundays sermon that left me feeling guilty about some of my non Christian mild swearing. I am down 2 instructors and this class is the biggest class we have ever had. I rally my 2 nervous instructors and we quickly come up with a plan to make this work to get everyone out on time...which is noon. Some of the nurses and doctors began to comment about the size of the class and I confidently assured them that we will get through the class on time and that they will have a good learning experience.

I down 2 cups of coffee in 8 minutes while I visualize in my mind how we are going to do this while appearing confident to my instructors as well as the class participants. (I was really having a mini panic attack in my I eye the spread of muffins and bagels that I wanted to have sooooo bad, but I could not have. I try to rationalize in my head how I can make an exception about the bagels......just 1/2 a bagel. I need that....ummm that would be about 17 carbs....whoa...cant afford that. I bypass the bagels and muffins and reach in my pocket and swallowed the handful of vitamins I take daily. We start teaching the class with our modified agenda and make the best of a challenging situation. We manage to successfully teach the class in the 4 hours...ending on time!! Yeah baby, and our evaluations were excellent....CHA CHING!!

12 o'clock and I wander to the cafeteria to see what they had on the line that I could eat. Yummy....chicken kabobs with chicken and pineapple. I should not have the pineapple, but....really...not a bad choice. I order 2 kabobs to go and head to my office to eat. I shut the door so no one would bother me and I eat and look through some email. I have a meeting from not enough time to dig into some of my piles. I read and answer a few emails and before I know it, time for the meeting.

Went to the meeting and was out on time. I go back to my office to make a few phone calls, answer some important email, and to wrap things up and call it a day. I am headed out the door at 1530. I am starving and am craving peanut butter. I have plenty room in my allotted macros to accommodate the calories, fat, and carbs in a peanut butter sandwich. But...I needed bread and some sugar-free jelly so off to the grocery store I go. I pick up only bread and jelly and head home. I throw the bread on my scale and accurately measure out 48 grams of peanut butter, zero the scale and measure out 30 grams of jelly. I start eating the sandwich even before sitting down. I must admit, that was one of the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I had. I then decide to write my daily blog, publish it and enter all my food and activity and stuff in my diet log.

I let my food settle 45 minutes and then off to the gym to do some cardio. I grab a Shape magazine off my shelf and grab a water and back in the car I go. I get to the gym not really wanting to workout. Yeah...nobody is on my stairmaster machine.....awesome. I set my iPod to my fav music, open the magazine and start exercising at a moderate pace. I look at the Shape magazine with a bit of disgust. I hate Shape magazine. It is so not for serious figure and bodybuilding folks. The only reason I have a subscription to it was to help some girl scouts out in their magazine sale. The closest magazine they had in the area of fitness that I could stomach was Shape. As I exercise, I realize how much energy I had. I could be on the stairmaster for an hour without problem if I wanted to. I decided to do just 40 minutes because I had to be at my daughters volleyball scrimmage within the hour. So I complete my cardio, run home and change out of my sweaty clothes into some dry ones....without taking a time. I slap some deodorant on and off I went to the scrimmage. I watch my daughter play and then left the game a little early because I promised my hubby that I would train with him. I pick my hubby up and back to the gym we go. He did a full body workout. I just sat around and watched him until he got to his biceps and triceps. I did not train biceps and triceps like I should have yesterday so I knocked 4 sets of 20 x 15 BB curls and 4 sets of tricep pushdowns.

We finish at the gym and I drop my hubby off at home and then I go to our other home. I am starving so I sneak a handful of saltine crackers and dip them in some really good sauce that my hubby makes. I am way below my protein macros so I mix a double shake and down it as I write this blog in the comfort of my bed. I really should take a shower, but I don't want I won't. This is a very typical busy day for me. I rarely have time to do anything normal like watch TV or relax. I will publish this blog tomorrow since I am done now. Before bed I will visit all the bodybuilding forums that I belong to check in and see what is going on with my forum buddies...then off to bed.

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