Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thoughts are things...

Thoughts are things....

Do you believe that? Really think about this statement. I believe it....
When I think I am beautiful, I am beautiful
When I think I am ugly, I am ugly (I feel ugly)
When I worry about the number on the does not budge in the right direction
When I don't worry about the number on the scale, it moves in the right direction
When I feel confident, I am confident
When I feel insecure, then I am insecure
When I think about chocolate chip cookies, I eat chocolate chip cookies
When I think about clean eating, I eat clean food

What would happen if I thought only positive things about myself and all situations put in front of me?No self-limiting thoughts... I would be financially independent, successful, healthy, lean, beautiful, smart, #1 mom, I would be unstoppable ALL THE TIME!! 

I am a walking reflection of my thoughts...yeah I get it. 

So, if I think that I am financially independent, successful, healthy, lean, beautiful, smart, #1 mom, unstoppable ALL THE TIME, would I be that and reflect that existence? 

The answer is yes....

Well heck, what am I waiting for? Well it starts with my thoughts and desires. Not only must I think those thoughts, I must feel the thoughts to be real/true. That is the sticking point with me. But if I keep practicing thinking positive and squashing negative thoughts, then I will get there, right? Hmmm....yes if the positive thoughts become a habit. 

I am working on being positive all the time. I need to practice, practice, practice because Lord knows all the negative thoughts that pop in my head on a daily basis.

So that was random, huh.... 

Upper body training today....
Cable Rows
75 x 10
85 x 10
95 x 10

DB Military Presses
20 x 10
25 x 10
25 x 10

Machine Flyes
40 x 10
40 x 10
40 x 10

DB lateral Raises
10 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 10

Incline DB Extensions
10 x 10
12.5 x 10
12.5 x 10

Nice quick workout 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Progress Pictures.....

Week1 and Week13
Here are the progress pictures that I stated I would post. I have been at this for 13 weeks but before you look at the photos and say...hey, there is not much difference here, please note that 7 weeks of this progress was to just maintain the initial 10 pounds that I lost within the first 4 weeks of semi watching my calories.

I started back in mid March with a goal to start losing some of the weight I put on a year prior. A new job and new responsibilities replaced my great gym habits and I stopped training and eating clean for about a year. I gained weight...about 17 pounds and looked like shit. I decided to get back on track but with the travel and the job responsibilities still front and center in my life, I knew I could not do an extreme cutting routine like I have done in the past. That takes too much time and effort....and God knows I did not have the time nor the energy to put in an intensive training effort and diet plan to get the weight off. 

So instead of diving into an extreme plan, I opted to start slow. I did he following:
1) Hired a coach for accountability
2) Started eating cleaner, but not counting my calories
3) Started doing 2 full body strength training routines a week

I took progress pictures weekly and sent them to my coach and we discussed my progress every week via Skype. That in itself kept me halfway on track at least. My coach is not just a strength coach but a life coach as well and we always discussed issues outside of eating and training that may be affecting my results such as increased stressors at work and home, changes in my normal life routines, etc. and we planned the next week accordingly. Amazing coach. 

We coasted for about 8 weeks and then about 4 weeks ago, I felt I was FINALLY in a position where I could train more and concentrate on my diet more. So I have been in diet and training mode for only 4 weeks. 
I figured that once I upped my training and nailed down my nutrition more, the pounds would just effortlessly fall off. Disappointedly, I was wrong. The scale has not budged for over 4 weeks..until 2 days ago when I finally saw 1 pound less on the damn scale. 147.... WTF!!! 

I am not in the mood to do a REAL cutting diet!! I just don't want to go there right now, but I need to go there if I want to see the rapid changes that I want to see. OR, I need to stop whining, take it slow and watch the fat come off little by little. I can't have it both ways. So, I am working to get the fat off little by little, I guess because I don't want to be hungry, hungry, hungry. I am too busy for that and I just don't want that kind of stress in my life.

So I suppose, I will keep training, and eating clean....around 1600 calories a day.  When I do everything my coach tells me to do, I lose....when I follow through. If only I would stop having those cheat days or meals perhaps the scale would budge a bit faster. I only had 1/13 weeks of staying on the diet 100%. That was last week. All the rest of the time, I had a cheat day or a couple of cheat meals. BUT I LIKE TO EAT!!!!!!! Grrrr......

So, I am increasing my cardio just a little. No pressure. I am going to step on the scale ONCE A WEEK when I do my progress pictures for my coach. I will post progress pictures on my blog end of July sometime.
I like doing videos now, so MAYBE I will post more videos as well. I will have to post day 4 of my training next week. My hubby was not in the mood to video tape me today, lol.  Time to go shopping with my daughter. I can fit my shorts now...without a muffin top disgusting belly overhang! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

I need some calves!!!

OMG...what an eye opening experience!!! Video taping my training has helped me to see my body as other people see me. I never knew my calves were so majorly underdeveloped. Yikes. Hopefully I can gain some mass on those calves...considering that my genetic disposition to puny calves is strong.

I did not meet my weight goal of 145 sad. I weighed in this morning at 147. 8. I am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!! I am trying hard to stay positive, but I am pissed when I do everything right (this past week) and the scale doesn't reflect my efforts. I did not have cheat meals or my usual weekend splurge. I really don't want to go on an extreme cutting diet, but maybe that is what I will need to do to get the fat off a little faster. This inch-by-inch deal is starting to mess with my mind.  Damn it !!!!On a good note, I do not look terrible or overweight and my clothes are starting to fit again. 
I will take progress pictures tomorrow morning and post them. 


Here is Day 3 Video Link... I did take the time to edit it to make it shorter
My Video Link

Day 3 routine starts with the leg press machine. My husband and I went to the Cybex room and there was one guy doing leg exercises. He was doing leg curls and he looked a bit perturbed when I ventured over to the leg press machine. Politely I asked him if he was using the machine and he told me to go ahead, not to worry about it. I asked him if he was sure because I could do a different exercise. He said no go ahead. So my hubby took my iPad out and proceeded to tape my warmup set on the leg press. The guy stopped doing his exercise and started watching me. I felt a bit uncomfortable with that so I asked him again if he wanted the machine. He laughed and said no, I am going to sit here and watch you. 

Awkward!!! And that dude watched me do all 3 sets. I should have worn yoga pants instead of shorts. 

Leg Press
75 x 10 warmup
125 x 10 
145 x 10
165 x 10

65 x 10
90 x 10
90 x 10

Standing calf raise
160 x 10
160 x 10
160 x 10

Step ups
I did 3 different versions of BW step ups to get a good leg/butt workout

Stir the pot
This ab exercise kills me...I am not good at it yet...but I get better at it each week.
I did 2 sets of 10 each side.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Training Day 2

I did another training video. My Day 2 routine is as follows:
Lat Pull downs
85 x 10
85 x 10
100 x 8

BB Flat Bench Press (weak press day :(  )
65 x 10
85 x 8
90 x 5

Face pulls 
20 x 10
25 x 10
25 x 10

45 x 10
45 x 10
45 x 10

Bicep Curls
20 x 10
25 x 10

Had a wimpy training day. I did not eat well prior to training, so I was very low on fuel/energy and it showed in my workout

Hubby video taped me. I hope to have him tape all my sessions...he is off for a week from work, so he has the time.

The scale is continues to frustrate me

Day 2 Training video link
Video Link Day 2

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Training Day 1

Outside eating area at work
This week I thought I would video tape my training sessions. My trainer and I have decided on a 4 day split for my training sessions as you have seen posted in my previous blogs. I am hyped because I am getting stronger and building a little muscle.

My hubby video taped this session for me. We are training at my local YMCA gym. I have a new found love for my local gym. We have all the equipment we need to do serious strength training. We videotaped my exercises and some of the great equipment that is in our free weight room.

My job has me traveling 1-2 hours away from home daily. What sucks about my local gym is the summer hours. The gym closes at 8pm Mon-Fri and is only open Sat 7am-1pm, closed Sun. Those hours simply don't work in my schedule everyday due to my travel time, so I have to train at other YMCA's when I work a little late. The other YMCA's in Toledo and Michigan cater to the general population of cardio maniacs and the free weight rooms are for the most part small and lacking in major items such as a squat cage or rack. They have the stupid Smith Machines...but not a squat rack. WTH!!! Don't get me started on that band wagon!!!!!

I will tape the rest of my training exercises this week...mainly to have my coach assess my form (he lives in California). Might as well post them with my blog. I will also post my new stadium routine that I will add as an option to my training routine for the week (depending on my schedule and the way I feel). I have also incorporated doing 9 flights of stairs 2-3 times daily when I am working at Flower Hospital (usually 4 days a week). I am no longer using the if I get a call to help an end-user (I am an IT person) I will take the stairs even if it is on the 8th floor... no matter what. Then I will compose myself and explain to the end user why I am out of

Click the link below for my Training Day 1 Video. (I included the hubby in a few scenes) Need to get him back to the gym!

Video Link

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lady Rocky Balboa!!


I felt amazing as I ran the stairs of the stadium...something I hadn't done for over a year. I did not know if I could do it, but I did it and it felt good and motivated me to do even more.

This afternoon as I sat watching my daughter play 4 games of basketball in a non air conditioned gym, the thought of running the stairs at the stadium just popped in my head and I could not get the thought out of my head. You know that feeling....something that just pokes at you until you do it. So when it cooled down...around 8:30pm I was gone.

 iPod charged, I jumped into my car and drove to the stadium. As I approached the stadium I noted that the gate was closed and it appeared latched. Hmmm..... part of me wanted the gate to be locked so that I had an excuse to go back home, but I got out of the car to check and the gate was latched but unlocked. So in I went.

I did not hesitate. Soon as I hit the track I started jogging. I jogged a quarter mile and felt pretty damn good. So I looked at the steps...which are high and steep, and I veered off of the track and up the stadium stairs. Woa....I could feel it in my legs the first 25 steps up, but I pushed ahead to the top and over about 25 feet the down 25 stairs, then over about 25 feet then up 25 stairs and over then down 25 steps to the track for another quarter mile and then I repeated that entire sequence 4 times.

I did not stop, heart beating fast, excitement in my body as I felt my body doing this thing! I started getting more motivated, smiling as i did my 3rd and 4th leg of this drill...or whatever you call it.

I finished strong and then I walked a quarter mile around the track feeling like a champion whooping and hollering. Yeah baby, Annette is back in this thing...woohoo. The wind seemed to be just perfect, the leaves in the trees seemed to be cheering for me, I felt unstoppable! I wanted to keep walking, but it was getting dark and I was in that big stadium all by my common sense told me to get back to the car.

Nothing feels better than the endorphins that pour out after a great cardio workout. Can I get an Amen?? I have not felt this good in a long time.

So, I played my Rocky Balboa theme song about 10 times after my workout and I play it as I am typing this blog. Yeah, I am such a geek... but I am a motivated geek.

Rocky Theme Song

I wanna do it again!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hunger is making me CRANKY!!!!

I have kicked up my game in the gym and I am noticing a familiar feeling of the past....hunger. I really hate being hungry. It makes me really cranky.

Check out this motivating vid...I like it
Get Results

 I did upper body today...

Seated Rows
90 x 10
95 x 10
100 x 10

Dumbbell Military Presses
15 x 10
20 x 10
20 x 10

I am super excited pressing simple 20 pound dumbbells. Finally I am strong enough to do them quite easily. Next training I will start with 20s and then see how 25s will feel. HOORAH ANNETTE!!!!!!!!

Dumbbell Flyes
15 x 10
20 x 10
20 x 10

Lateral Raises
10 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 10

Incline DB Triceps (I suck at these...perhaps my form is wrong)

15 x 10
20 x 10
20 x 8

I had to drive 20 minutes to Findlay to train at their YMCA because Fostorias YMCA closes at 1pm on Saturdays. How inconvenient is that?? Very Frustrating!!

Rushed home to eat so I made myself a huge burger with some Swiss cheese and mushrooms. I was going to nix the bun, but I decided the bun was fine since I had zero carbs up to this point. I have done well keeping my daily calories between 1300-1500 calories a day. I am really trying to see 145 on the damn scale. I WILL SEE 145 BY FRIDAY NEXT WEEK OR ELSE!!!! 

Hmmmm....or else what?  I have to think about that lol. I will post progress pics next week no matter what the outcome.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things I tell myself

I will be posting progress pictures next weekend and they need to show improvement to make me happy, so I have set a stretch goal, and I am going to hit that personal goal by next Friday no if ands or buts. 

So what am I telling myself in my head? It is simple, I am affirming that I will hit that goal. I am telling myself I will do it. I am doing what I can to stomp any inkling of doubt that pops in my head. I will hit that goal and I will blog about it next Friday. I will reveal the goal at that time.

I wanted to post a video on my home gym...but I messed it up trying to edit it. I am still in learning mode.

Training today... I trained in Toledo at a different YMCA...different equipment. Now this YMCA had awesome equipment. The best I have seen in the area.

Leg press machine

100 X 10
140 X 10
165 X 10
165 X 10

Stiff Legged Dead Lifts

115 X 8
115 X 8
115 X 8

Sitting Calf Raises (on a strange machine)

100 X 10
100 X 10
100 X 10

Step ups
BW X 10 Each leg X 3 sets

Stir The Pot Ab Exercise (killer exercise)
4 sets of 10 reps  2 sets 10 clockwise and 2 sets counter clockwise

Leg Press Machine ( They had a nice plate loaded leg press machine...I had to use it even tho it is not part of my routine... I kept the weights light

10 X 200 
10 X 200

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Looking Good Dude

I am very happily married to a beautiful man, but I must admit that there are some guys that just make me do a double take/look. I LOVE muscles and I can't help but drool a little bit when I see a well built guy hitting the weights hard and heavy in the gym.  I find it a bit distracting to my workout. That is when I love all the mirrors in the gym. I act like I am watching my form when in reality I am admiring his Oh the shame of it all.

Now I am not talking about the guy that has a well built upper body and scrawny legs....I HATE that!!! To catch my attention, I need the total muscular package. Not too many men make me look twice, but some do:)

What REALLY impresses me are the older guys that have it together. It is much easier to have that impressive physique when a guy is young and full of testosterone. But to see a guy 40 and older carrying lean muscle and no gut...well, that makes me gaga and certainly catches my attention.

The body beautiful....I want that too. I want people to do a double take when they see me. I want my body to get better as I age and that takes a heck of a lot of work.....but it can be done. I want my husband to drool over me and less at other girls. I am not stupid enough to think that he won't look at other women, but my goal is to look better than 80% of the women out there so he doesn't have to fantasize too much over other women. 

Is this vain thinking? Perhaps.... I can't help myself.  There is nothing spectacular about me, but what little I have going for me, I am trying to get better and more beautiful. I don't want to be average. No, no, no!!!!!

I blame my vanity on my mom. She is vain too....but at age 68 she looks AMAZING!!! I want to be just like her. She doesn't settle for average. She taught me about makeup and taking care of the body. She used to teach aerobics, and at almost 70 and is in better shape than most women in their 40s. She is vibrant. I love that!!! 

So....hmmmm.....let me get to my training.

It is SO GOOD TO TRAIN AT MY LOCAL GYM!!! I am finally home for the summer. The past 7 months away from home has been challenging in regards to my training!!  I have a new appreciation for my local gym. I have been to about 6 gyms in Toledo and Michigan and NONE of them compare to what we have in small town Fostoria.  Simple is better!! Tons of barbells, dumbells, plates, and cages. Forget all the fancy fufu equipment. We have some fufu stuff, but we have a lot of plain old benches, barbells, plates, etc. I APPRECIATE THAT!!!

I had the weight room all to myself for 30 minutes tonite, so I decided to do a quick video of the equipment. I will post that video tomorrow. I am trying to learn how to use an app that I video blogging helps me learn how to use the app. When I learn how to make "real" videos, I will start a new YouTube channel that I hope to be more informative in nature. For now, I am learning how to use YouTube and really just want people that read my blog to see the YouTube videos. 

Training tonite...

Lat pull downs
70 X 10
85 X 10
100 X 10 

These are getting easier for me and I am starting to get back to lifting decent weight loads :)

Flat BB Bench Press
65 X 10
85 X 10
90 X 7    Yay...starting to inch back up to previous strength

Face Pulls
35 X 10
35 X 10
40 X 10

Shrugs HATE THESE!!!
20 X 10 for 3 sets....just doing them because my coach has them in my routine. I DON'T WANT BIG TRAPS!!

Dumbbell Curls
25 X 10
25 X 10
25 X 10


Last week I did not blog at all. I was busy at work and with the family. I uploaded a YouTube video to accompany this blog that discusses a little bit about my training and progress. I am recording these videos on my iPad mini, so the quality and the lighting may not be the best....but oh well. Also, I am using a new app called Vizzywig to record my videos. It has some editing features that I am just starting to learn how to use. My video is quite choppy, and hopefully the sound quality is okay. I should have increased the volume prior to recording.

My YouTube video Link

Training today was awesome

Squats (ass to the grass squats)
45 x10 warmup
95 X 10
115 X 10
115 X 10

Lying Leg Curls
3 sets of 25 X10

Standing calf raises
3 sets of 110 X 10

Alternating Lunges with 20 pound dumbbells
3 sets of 10

Palof  Presses
3 sets each side 20 X 10

YouTube video clip

My Grandkids :)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Women Should Leave The Spandex in the Drawer!!!

I looked in disgust at that girl sporting her STEELSTRETCH  compression top and tight fitting bottoms in the weight room. Both garments were too small for her and exposed every freaking roll she had. You know the look....the muffin top thing going on, and the back fat spilling over. She looked plain unattractive and I wanted to tell her to go home and put some clothes on that fit then come back to the gym.

Yep, that girl was I ordered some STEELSTRETCH compression workout clothing in small. I am NOT a small at this time, but I needed something to motivate me to kick my training up a notch and train harder. You see, I am kinda comfortable with my weight because I am not heavy at all. I fit into MOST of my clothes, however, some are tight on me...but most fit. So I don't look bad...but I don't look as good as I want to look either. I admit that I am a VAIN person. I want to look GREAT!! I am not there yet and I have yet to hit my macros, do any cardio, or train as heavy as I could. So, I decided to add a video of the disgusting looking girl. NO MAKEUP.....straight home from the gym, so DON'T JUDGE ME LOL. Check out the video below :)

Spandex Gone Wrong video

I will wear those clothes to the gym, and look at my fat rolls in the mirror every day until those rolls disappear. That will be my new motivation, because I look pretty bad right now in those small spandex bottoms and tops. I love STEELSTRETCH apparel. I first was turned on to that brand when I visited their booth at the Arnold and bought 3 tops. They have held up very nicely, so I decided to look the company up online and order more stuff. I placed the order yesterday morning and found it at my doorstep today!! Now that is service!!!!

Leg Press- The leg press machine was occupied for a long time so I did single leg presses on the ISO leg press machine. 100# 3 X 10

Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
65 X 10
85 X 10
95 X 10
Next time I will start at 95 pounds

Standing Calf Raises
110# 3 X10 (wanted to do seated, but Fostoria does not have seated calf machine)

Bench Step Ups
 3 X 10 (1st set I was holding 15# DBs and it killed me and my form sucked. I dropped the dumbbells for sets 2 and 3 and did those sets with really good form and I was breathing hard!!!!! A killer. I used to knock those out no problem!! Not anymore

Stir the Pot
4 X 10 These kicked my butt!! I could barely do them with good form. GEEZ....I will have to keep working on those. This is a totally new exercise for me.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Are You Kidding Me!!

Yesterday I treated myself to some high end makeup that is supposed to be for very oily skin. I paid high dollar to get that flawless velvet skin type look with this foundation and when I put it on at 0630 it looked great! No oil and I had the beautiful looking NON GREASY skin. I was so impressed, that I left home without my blotting powder and blotting papers. By time I got to work, I was an OIL SLICK!!!! YOU COULD FRY A PIECE OF CHICKEN ON MY FACE!!!! I was pissed and I looked like CRAP all day!!

I tried to take a picture of the oil look but my lighting is bad so you can't really see the high shine on my face below....but you can see my disappointment. 

Oh well,
I made it to the gym...

Lat pull downs
75 X 12
85 X 10
100 X 10

Flat Barbell Bench Press
75 X 10
80 X 10
85 X 8

Face Pulls
10 X 12
25 X 10
25 X 10

3 X 10 sets holding 29# DB

DB Curls
25 X 10 for 3 sets

I will log my nutrition today....I haven't logged my food since last Thursday. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I've Got So Much!!!!

I have been missing in action for a couple of days because my home was violated by thieves. They  stole all my flat screen TV's, my stereo equipment, jewelry, appliances, and loads of other things. This happened last Thursday and I have been dealing with cleanup, insurance, and filling out reports and all the things that go with a break in. The thieves stole my stuff but one thing that they did not steal was my joy. Despite it all, I am blessed abundantly with the safety of my family. It could have been much worse.

We cannot always control what happens to us in life, but one thing we can control is our attitude and how we deal with the bad things that happen to us. I choose an attitude of gratitude. I am not a victim, I am a warrior. Material things can be there!!

When things like this happen to me I reach out to family and friends for support and most of all I reach out to God who is my strength. He always take care of me. I have a lot of great gospel songs to jam to when I need a pickup. The first song I reached for in this particular instance is called "I've Got So Much" I will provide the YouTube video of this song at the end of this post.

So, I was without wifi until Sunday....but I am back on line. I had my Laptop and iPads and even my camera with they did not get that. Thank you God. 

So lets discuss todays training...
Day 1, lower body and abs
BW X 10
45# X 12
75# X 10
85# X 10
leg-curl machine
57.5# X 10
70# X 10
75# X 10

Standing  calf raise
110# X 10 3sets
3 X 10 holding 20#DB
Pallof press 
2 X 10 at 10#
2 X 10 at 15#

Nice workout

I also treated myself to some shopping today. I spent a lot of money at Sephora's today and I am thrilled with my purchases. I bought the following....

1. Hour Glass Immaculate Foundation....woohoo can't wait to wear that tomorrow
2. An Hour Glass Kabuki Brush to apply the foundation......Sweet
3.Perricone MD Blue Plasma Skin Care even out my skin tone...Yay baby
4.Stila Eyeshadow.....Amazing
5. I am a VIB so I got Makeup Forever Mascara and Urban Decay Eye Pencil

Only girls that are into makeup and skin care would truly appreciate my shopping spree. My hubby would kill me if he looked at the withdrawal from the account. BUT I AM WORTH IT!!!!