Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Challenge

I decided to jump into another challenge. Today was the last day to sign up for the BSN here I go with another set of silly front, side, back photos with the paper. Of course I am carb bloated after my last weekend free from the diet.

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I had my grandchildren this weekend, so I was pretty busy. I had some last minute shopping to do. I took my grandson Ypsilanti, Michigan (about a 2 hour drive from my house). After dropping him off, I stopped at a Walgreens to get some primatine tabs for my EC stack and found out that I could not buy the tabs in Michigan!! What the heck!! It was getting late and I needed the tabs to start things out tomorrow morning. Dang it all!!!!! I can purchase primatine tabs in my home town, but the pharmacy would be closed by the time I got home. So, I decided to stop at a Krogers pharmacy as soon as I crossed over into Ohio. Thank God it was still open and I could purchase the tabs. Of course I had to get my drivers license out and fill out a form and sign my life away for the coveted tabs. Damn, they make you feel like a drug dealer just to get some harmless ephedrine. I can get 2 boxes in my home town....but not in Toledo. Only one box. Pretty doom, they will ban primatine tabs (bronkade) and then I will have to go to Canada to get the stuff!! AGH!!!!

Tylenol overdose is more harmful than ephedrine!!! I swear the FDA is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies to prevent obese or overweight people from getting thinner. It is more profitable for the pharmaceutical companies for people to remain fat and sick. Grrrrrr?'s a travesty!!!

I enjoyed my weekend. Time to do work with the transformation.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

1st Week Training Template

Training Diet

Monday/Tuesday: Depletion Low-carb/low-calorie

Diet: Cal 1200 P 135g C 50-60g F 50g

Training (Machines) A & B Workout
A Workout (Monday)
Leg Press 6 sets X 15 reps
Leg Curls 6 sets X 15 reps
Chest Press 6 sets X 15 reps
Machine Row 6 sets X 15 reps
DB Lateral Raises 6 sets X 15 reps
Calf Raises 6 sets X 15 reps
DB Curl 2 sets X 15 reps
Tricep Extensions 2 sets X 15 reps

B Workout Tuesday

Leg Press 6 sets X 15 reps
Leg Curls 6 sets X 15 reps
Incline DB Press 6 sets X 15 reps
Pull Downs 6 sets X 15 reps
DB Lateral Raises 6 sets X 15 reps
Calf Raises 6 sets X 15 reps
DB Curl 2 sets X 15 reps
Pushdowns 2 sets X 15 reps

Wednesday/Thursday: Cardio Low-carb/low-calorie

StairMaster Level 5/14 30 min in am & 30 min in pm

Friday: High intensity in AM Begin carb-load

Diet: Calories 4000-4500 Pro 111g-135g Carb 777g-888g Fat 50g

Progress pics taken

Training: Tension Workout
Leg Press 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Lying Leg Curls 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Leg Extensions 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Seated Leg Curls 2 sets X 6-12 reps
BB Bench Press 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Incline DB Press 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Wide grip Pulldowns 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Cable Rows 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Military Press 2 sets X 6-12 reps
DB Lateral Raises 2 sets X 6-12 reps
BB Curls 2 sets X 6-12 reps
DB Curls 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Tricep Extensions 2 sets X 6-12 reps
Pushdowns 2 sets X 6-12 reps

Optional cardio pm Stairmaster 30-40 min level 5/14

Saturday: Power workout /Diet

Diet:Calories 1560 Pro 97g Carb 234g Fat 26g

Training: Power Workout

A1. Squat or deadlift: 3 sets X 6 reps
A2. Calf raise 3 sets X 6 reps
B1. Flat bench 3 sets X 6 reps
B2. Bent over row 3 sets X 6 reps
C1. Incline bench 3 sets X 6 reps
C2. Pulldown or chin 3 sets X 6 reps
D. Front squat or leg press 3 sets X 6 reps
E1. Shoulder press 3 sets X 6 reps
E2. Rear lateral 3 sets X 6 reps
F1. Barbell curl 3 sets X 6 reps
F2. Close grip bench 3 sets X 6 reps

No cardio

Sunday: No training/Diet

Diet: Calories 1200 Pro 120g Carb 90g Fat 40g

Training Cardio Elliptical 30-40 min

4 fish oil capsules from the Zone
Vitamin D 4000 units
Calcium 600mg am 1200mg pm
Glutamine 2-10 g at HS

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Friday, July 29, 2011

No more hiding....I posted my pictures today

I really did not want to post my progress pictures today since I cheated the past 3 days of my RFL diet. I know some people would think that I don't have any discipline and perhaps that thought might be correct for this past week, but people who know me can vouch for my competitive determination to make things happen when I need it to happen. Well starting Monday I will be pretty hardcore and committed for the next 16 weeks. I plan to do my best to hit the stage in the best shape I can bring.

The past couple of days I have been busy planning and visualizing my training and nutrition plan. I have added my training routines on my iPad and I am in the process of planning my diet for the next week.

Tonite I will shop for the entire week and then start preparing my meals tomorrow. I am very excited to see how I do with the UD2 diet...doing it strictly on point that is :).

I am also working on my blogpress sight to make it easy and enjoyable to read. I have added some links and plan to add many more.

I took my progress pictures this morning. I really, really did not want to take them because I have cheated the past 3 days and I knew the pictures would tell anybody that knows me that I have cheated. I posted the pictures to for my own good. They do not look bad, and I have pissed some people off whining about my pictures when in their mind I look fine, but I know I could look alot better. I have been complacent with my efforts toward dieting this past week.

Oh well....such is life. I am not going to dwell on my cheats. I will enjoy my weekend and get to work starting Monday.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hiding in the closet RFL Day 11

I don't know what my problem is, but I am just not acting right with this diet. Today is technically my last day of this diet before the refeed. Well, I have already had my refeeds for the past two days eating well over my maintenance calories.

To be honest, I do know what my problem is. It is simply this.....I love UD2 and the RFL is just not floating my boat. I miss the training. In RFL I should on train 2 days heavy full body workouts. Minimal cardio...yada, yada, yada. Compared to UD2 RFL is boring....effective but boring. I feel better when I am doing cardio and training. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. I rather like the challenge of UD2 as well. It is not an easy training and nutrition plan....that's what I love about it.

I start that on Monday. I cannot wait. In the mean time I should take some stupid progress pictures. I will do that some time this weekend...maybe

I write this blog as I am stuffing my face with lasagna, a sweet potato, and a piece of decadent chocolate chip and walnut coffee cake. Yeah I know....I should be ashamed of myself....but I am not. On Saturday I will be 16 weeks out from my debut on the stage. That is plenty of time to get things moving in the right direction in regards to building my body....hopefully. I am going to do UD2 for fat loss for 4 weeks at least. I am hoping I can do it even longer than that. I will probably get an online coach if needed 8 weeks out. I am hoping that I won't need a coach for the nutrition part....but I will need coaching for the posing.

On Sunday I am purging my pantry. Now that I am training my daughter and cleaning up her diet, there is no need to have junk food around. My fridge will probably be bare....just alot of Tupperware containers filled with pre-measured food.

Sixteen we go :)

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RFL Day 9

Weight 135.8
Energy 10/10
Appearance Mild bloating
Water 60/128
Macro Nutrients
Cardio Stairmaster
Training None

I am feeling good today. Last night after my workout I went to the stadium to pick up my daughter. I was about 35 minutes early....which I did on purpose. I wanted to finish off my workout at the stadium. My daughter is on the volleyball team and they were doing conditioning at the stadium on the track. I did not want to interfere with the team workout, so I took some time to watch what they were doing. According to my daughter, they were doing conditioning training. What I saw was alot of standing around and minimal training. I was appalled. Are you kidding me??? No wonder Erica (my daughter) seemed out of breath after running down the basketball court for a while. She is very athletic, but obviously not being trained to be the best. I understand now. It was distressing to see many of the high school volleyball girls looking exhausted with the little bit of workout they did!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!


Disgraceful. I hate to say that, but disgraceful!! Maybe I came on a bad day...but my daughter said that this is typical training.

My daughter knows that I train and am in good shape, but she has never trained with me. That has changed as of yesterday. I will train my daughter during volleyball season. I talked to her at length last night and we both agreed that it may be beneficial for her. So this morning we woke up at 6 am and was at the stadium by 6:15am. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, do I have to run?? I hate to run???? FREAKING CRAP...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mustard up some niceness and politely told her, yes we will run. That is part of conditioning. To start off with, we jogged at a leisurely pace around the track one time to get warmed up. That's just a quarter of a mile. She did try to fast walk some of the curves but I would not let her. I was thinking....OMG this is going to be painful. After the jog, we did walking high knees back and forth for 4 times 25 yards one way, 25 yards back for a total of 100 yards. Then we did 2 sets of jogging high knees for a total of 50 sweat. I looked at my daughter and she was sweating and out of breath and we have not even started. I could not believe it!!! Then we did walking lunges 25 forward turn around 25 back for a total of 50 walking lunges. In her mind she was working my mind we were warming up.

Now the fun begins. To start the workout, we sprinted 100 yards then fast walked the curves of the track, then sprinted 100 yards and walked the curves. That was one set for 1 quarter of a mile. We did 2 sets and she was exhausted. We took a small drink break and then she asked...are we done? I said nope, we have to run the stairs. I briefed her on the routine....we will sprint up the stairs....jog across the bleachers....and fast walk down the next row of stairs....and that is one set. We had 4 sets of them to do and I told her she needed to keep up with me. She did keep up but was extremely winded. After that we were essentially done and I told her that. She sat on the bleachers and told me she felt like she was going to throw up. I told her to hold it until after the cool down which was simply a walk around the track for a quarter of a mile. We did that and she did just fine. We got in the cars and she was drenched in sweat. She looked at me and said, are not even hardly sweating. I smiled and told her that I train hard every day but there used to be a time when it was very hard for me. She said that she had no idea how great of shape I was in. That flattered me and I told her that she will be conditioned in no time and that she will be more fit than me.

Tomorrow we will have a light cardio day and Thursday we will do a full body strength routine. We are both excited to train together. I am also cleaning up her poor eating habits too. Out goes the ramen noodles lol.

We will see how long this last. I took some pictures of Erica starting out. We are starting a 12 week training and diet plan/challenge.

As far as my training goes....I am going to finish this week up and start UD2 on Monday. Can't wait to start UD2 again (Ultimate Diet 2.0).

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Daughter running the stairs

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My daughter's 1st progress pics.....Day 1

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Monday, July 25, 2011

RFL Day 8

Weight 135.8
Energy 8/10
Appearance Flat
Water 60/128
Macro Nutrients Cal 2300 F 60g C 230g P180g
Cardio None
Training None

Yesterday was great until around 8:30 pm. At around 8:35 pm I went out of my mind! I went on a hunt for processed carbs in my kitchen. I opened the pantry and woohoo...half of a big bag of animal crackers. I devoured all the animal crackers. Then I hunted some more....saltine crackers...yum...I ate 25 crackers, chocolate m&m's...I ate a few....ummmmm, skittles.....I love skittles...I ate about a serving. Micholob ultra light beer....gulp.

I went to my room feeling carb happy and just a little bit guilty. I decided to go to body and read some articles.....learn some more about fat loss and gaining muscle lol. I read a few articles and then sat quietly and listened my chattering in my head.

Here's my conversation with myself....

"Ok Annette, what was that all about? You can't blame it on your period now can you? So how do you eel right now after scarfing down 1000 calories in less than an hour? Well, I don't feel that bad, I needed the calories to kick my leptin levels up anyway. I can recover from this. I will do really good tomorrow. A new day. I will do everything spot on. I am not going to stress about this. Maybe I will get up tomorrow and the scale will remain the same....just like after my refeed days on Friday. Yeah....I will look alright in the morning and I will do everything right. I just have a few more pounds to lose to reach my goal. I will be ok. Don't give it a second thought."

I decided to put my pajamas on and go to bed. I went right to sleep.

My internal alarm went off at 5am. I felt my belly....damn...a bit bloated. Then I got up and pee'd and then looked in the mirror. Awwww mannnn....I look like crap. I looked flat, no abs without flexing and I just looked blah. I stripped off the pajamas for the moment of truth....the scale. Dang it!!! Up over a pound! I was pissed at myself. So I went back to bed so that I could relax plan the start of the rest of my day in my head. I did a few positive affirmations and then accidentally drifted back to sleep. I woke up at 7:30am in a panic! I am usually at work at 7:30 am on Mondays. Mondays are busy at work, I had time cards, meetings, a presentation that I had to finish up by the end of the day...and of course all the other interruptions that occurs on a busy inpatient unit.

I hurry and shower, throw some makeup on my face and puffy eyes. My hair was puffy too, threw my scrubs on. Ran down stairs, got a bottle of water from the fridge, drank half with my vitamins and mixed 2 scoops of protein powder in the other half. I then retrieved 2 32oz power aide zeros from the fridge and threw my protein shake, and power aides in a kroger bag and headed to the car. I bolted to work and arrived at 8:30am. Of course, several of my staff were waiting for me to offload all the issues/concerns that happened over the weekend as I gathered up timecards to reconcile in the computer. I tried to be as polite as possible and listen to everything, but I had to get the timecards done because I had a meeting at 9:30 and it usually takes me at least an hour to do timecards on a pay week. So, at 8:45 I asked 2 of my nurses if I can get back with them later in the day about their concerns. Begrudgingly they said yes, and off I went doing time cards. Fifteen minutes into my timecards the President of the hospital secretary called me and asked for the presentation....that was not finished. She said that the president wanted to review my presentation before I presented it to the quality board and that she had to make copies of my presentation for each board member.What???? Are you kidding me????? He never asks to review my presentations???? Of course I was swearing and saying all these things in my head, but I told his secretary that I will have it to her in an hour. So I hurried and finished my timecards, cancelled my 9:30 meeting, shut and locked my office door and went to work finishing my presentation. Before I knew it, it was 2pm. Well past the time frame I submitted my finished presentation to the secretary.

I had nothing to eat all morning. I did have 2 cups of coffee though. At 2:30 I left work and went home for lunch....ate one of my prepared meals. It then dawned on me that I did not drink my protein shake. I will drink it in a few hours. I was back at the hospital by 3:15pm. Checked my emails and then took time to meet with 2 of my nurses that needed to talk to me. I finished up a few more things at the office and headed home around 5pm. I was famished by that time and saw the saltine crackers on the counter. Oh no, here I go again. I ate 8 servings of crackers and about 6 tablespoons of peanut butter. How about some more skittles....had a few servings of them and then I stopped myself. I added the damage to the food log and then changed into my workout clothes to go to the gym. I decided to do 50 minutes of the stairmaster at a moderate clip, and then I left the gym and headed out to the football stadium to run the bleachers and do some interval training. Now mind you, that was not my planned training today. But I did not plan to eat a entire row of saltine crackers with peanut butter either. I thought that I could mitigate some of the damage through that is what I did. I burned about 500-600 calories over 80 minutes....probably a bit more.

Despite my moment of weakness, I will never quit and I still have my eye on my goal. I plan to finish out the rest of my evening with clean food to get my protein up and I hope to get my water in. I plan to weigh around 132 by Friday and I will take progress pictures.

Part of me wants to say, forget finishing RFL this week. I have messed up and what's the point. But a stronger part of me says I am not a quitter and I will do this thing. So time to DO WORK and DO RFL!!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

RFL Day 7

Weight 134.5
Energy 9/10
Appearance Lean
Water 64/128 oz
Macro Nutrients
Cardio Stairmaster
Training legs

I got up this morning all excited to step on that scale. Before I popped out of bed I felt my abs and I did not feel any bloat....yeah baby. Then up I went and headed to the bathroom to see my skinny self in the mirror and I was pleased with what I saw and could not wait to see the drop on the scale. Then over to the scale and....drumroll.........134.5 pounds. Same weight I have been for 3 days. I had to laugh. I did the same thing my first round of RFL. I dropped 8 pounds and was stuck the rest of the time. My RFL goal this round is 132 pounds. I will be thrilled with 132 pounds.

My first round of RFL I started off at 134 pounds and got down to 127. Then I did UD2 for 8 weeks and definitely added 2 pounds of solid muscle...and a tiny bit of fat. After my 10 day diet break I started this round at 143 (143 seems high but it is falsely high...I was carb saturated and just starting my period so with those 2 issues my weight was up 5-7 pounds in water). So, I think I have lost about a pound of fat so far I think. The scale is just a tool for me to monitor fluctuations in my weight (water, fat, muscle, bones...etc) but it means nothing to me in regards to bodyfat loss. The mirror is my biggest guide. I can see when stuff is happening.

It's been 7 days and when I look in the mirror I can see some abdominal separation however not crisp at all. My arms are somewhat smooth, but I can see some separation. My back is where I judge my leanness the most. I tend to carry fat on my lower back and when I have gained fat I can see it there. I am carrying a good amount of fat on my lower back. Legs are not a weak point for me anymore. I have gained considerable size to my legs and I can see separation. I would say my legs are my most improved body part. My shoulders are coming along, but I would call them my weakest body part...oh wait...nope, my calves are pitiful....a genetic thing for sure.

I am happy with my progress thus far, especially since I am not taking any thermogenics at all. I am looking forward to getting back on UD2.

So let's see if I hit my 132 weight goal. Low lepton levels are playing against me and probably keeping me stuck at 134.5 pounds. What I really think I need is a refeed meal!! I have been contemplating doing that today to get my lepton levels up and maybe move things along.....but one refeed meal probably won't do shit. So I will stay the course and do some other things such as hitting my protein macros while keeping fat low and getting my water in. I am going to get at least a gallon in today and try to hit 200g of Protein. Those will be my goals for the day.

I will take progress pics on Friday morning. I am looking forward to this week.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

RFL Diet Day 6

Weight 134.5 pounds
Energy 8/10
Appearance Lean
Water 70/128
Macro Nutrients cal 919 F 52g C 20g P 91g
Cardio None
Training Tension

Struggled with macros again. Low on my protein, high on fat, carbs fine. Friday nights I usually go out to dinner with my family. It is hard to gauge macros when at a restaurant. We went to a local steak house. Well, I am a regular because they will take care to cook things exactly like I tell them to cook it. I chose to have a buffalo bun of course, side of fresh broccoli, and side salad with no dressing. The buffalo burger seemed to be a bit fatty...I can tell by how tender the meat is.

My weight did not change and I expected that because it has been a few days without cardio. I am going to do cardio today and I think I will see a change on the scale tomorrow. I plan to do the stair master for 30 minutes at a low level (5/15). I am good at the stair master so it does not get my heart up to much. I usually start working hard at level 10/15 and I get a great workout at 12/15 and I burn a ton of calories at that level. I am always tempted to push the level up, but I can't since my calories are so low on RFL.

I am feeling good. I actually feel better when my carbs AND FAT grams are low. I feel rotten when I eat the high fat high carb process foods, but oh do they taste so good. High fat and high protein sits bad in my gut as well....seems like the food just sits in my stomach forever. So, I feel good on this diet as well as the UD2 diet.

I am hoping to use UD2 for contest prep diet. I am excited to see how my body respond to clean refeeds. I am determined to stay clear of all the cupcakes, muffins, donuts, and candy that I love. I am a junk food junkie and a high volume eater. It is nothing I am proud of but to give you an idea of a typical "bad" day let's look at my food on last Sunday.

Belgian waffle with alot of syrup
4 mini muffins
2 scrambled eggs
Cup of hash browns

One of those huge Hershy with almonds bars

A steak sandwich at the Steak Escape in food mall.
Diet pop

5 cookies from the cookie factory ( you know the malls cookie factory)

Fried pickles
Some cheese bread
2 beers

As horrible as that looks, that is a typical cheat day.

So, as you can see I am a high volume eater and I feel that I found the holy Grail with the RFL and UD2 diet. I find that I can eat super bad for 3 days if I eat right and low calorie for 4 days. So what would I look like if I did the refeed days the way I am suppose to??? We will find out.

Still really hot in Ohio!!! My outside plants are not happy despite frequent waterings.

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My elephant ear plant

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Friday, July 22, 2011

RFL Diet Day 5

Weight 134.5 (- 8.6 pounds)
Energy 5/10
Appearance can see my abs again :)
Water 128/128 oz
Macro Nutrients Cal 877 F 34g C 30g P 111g
Cardio None
Training None

As you can see, I did not hit my macros yesterday. I packed chicken and salmon, but I only had 9 oz of chicken breast and 6 oz of salmon. I was OOT all day....did not get home til 10:30pm and just could not stomach the thought of going to bed on a full stomach. I should have drank a double protein shake at least. I came home and went straight to bed.

I am sure this explains my low energy levels. I got up this morning and trained. I do full body workouts and I did fine with my bench press, incline Db press, and Flys. Then I went to do lat pulldowns and was spent after the 1st set at only 85 pounds. I usually do 115 pounds. I managed to make it through the rest of my back, shoulders, triceps and biceps. I did not have enough energy to do my legs. I will try to hit them tonite.

No refeed weekend for me. The next time I can have some real carbs and eat high calorie will be next Friday.

It is still really hot is suppose to hit 100 degrees again today. Miserable.

Hoping to see my grand babies this weekend!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

RFL Day 4

Weight 135.8 (-7.3 pounds)
Energy 10/10
Appearance can see a little abs now
Water 80/126 oz
Macro Nutrients Cal 1102 F 21g C 26g P 199g
Cardio 35 min stairmaster low intensity
Training None

Did not get my water in yesterday but other than that I was on point. I revisited RFL book and looked at the macro break down to see how I could possibly meet the low carb, low cal, low fat expectations of the program. I discovered that I ate way too many veggies....I eat alot of veggies and higher fat meat. So, I am back to my chicken and turkey breast, salmon, tuna, and decrease my red meat somewhat...not eliminate red meat, but decrease it. I am going to keep my veggies to 3-4 cups a day. No more eating a head of steamed cauliflower or a bag of frozen green beans, etc. If I do things correctly I can stay can stay within the low calorie range. Basically the RFL diet is an all protein diet. It is pretty restrictive if you are a category 1. There are 3 categories, and a category1 is only 2 weeks....or 11 days without a refeed and the calories are pretty low....around 1000 for me which is insanely low!! And the majority of those calories are protein. I am on day 4 and I am feeling fine with high energy. I looked at myself in the mirror and I am beginning to see my cuts coming back. Today I am having grilled chicken, salmon, cottage cheese, celery, and I will confess....I throw in a 10g carb protein bar...I love them and I will have it if my fats and carbs remain low throughout the day. I rewarded myself with a bar last night :)

It is over 100 degrees F and my daughter is playing softball in this super hot weather. I do not think I will have any problem getting my gallon of water in today.

My daughter's dad is the coach on the traveling team. She is 14 years old and an athletic beast. I won't have to pay much for college because she is an amazing athlete and also a straight A student....she takes after her mommy :).

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RFL Day 3

Weight 139.1
Energy 10/10
Appearance Smooth no abs
Water 138/128 over a gallon in :)
Macro Nutrients Cal 1457 Fat 59 g C 29g P 197g
Cardio None
Training Glycogen depletion
1257 kcal

Fail to Plan....Plan to Fail!!! I did not prepare my chicken breast the night before work. I had planned on using my lunch break to run home and grill my chicken breasts in my new wave oven. Well you know, things got busy at work and I could not get away. I ran to the cafeteria line and ordered 3 servings of asparagus and ate that. Got home late, ran to the grocery store and bought a cooked rotisserie chicken to eat. Ate 3/4 of the chicken, ran to the gym, trained, then ran to the softball field to watch my daughter play a double header. When I got home, I weighed the remaining chicken that I did not eat to get some idea how much I ate. I ate 23 oz of chicken.....actually less when you subtract the bone. I entered that in mynetdiary online food and calorie tracker and was upset that my fat was up considerably and I was not even close to my protein needs, while my calories were at 1000. I did not want to sacrifice protein because I had trained so I ate 10 oz of my famous tuna patties (10 oz of tuna, 1 egg, and 5 saltiness crackers) fried in Pam coated pan. I ate them as well as 11 ounces of yellow squash. high calories. Boo.

Did drink over a gallon of water. Yea! I was not surprised when the scale remained the same this morning.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

RFL Day 2

Weight 139.1(- 4 pounds)
Energy 10/10
Appearance Smooth
Water 96/128 oz (did not get my gallon in)
Macro Nutrients Cal 1369 F 35g C 35g P 212g
Cardio Stair Master 250 cal
Training Full Body Training 200 cal
Total kcal 919

I am glad to be back on track. Don't get me wrong, I loved the diet break, but I am not fond of the bloated look. I took some pictures this morning so that I would have comparisons after my 2 week stint with RFL. I thought I would do RFL just to get things going fast, and then I will transition into UD2. Honestly, I decided to be really bad on my diet break because I am confident that I can undo the damage with RFL . Now, so I better get the results I am looking for with

My break was much needed. I found myself to be a bit more winded than usual with the weight training. I thought that was odd. I was expecting to feel stronger after the 10 day break from strength training. I just did 3 sets of 15 reps for each body part. I did not feel up to doing 6 sets, so I spent 35 minutes lifting and decided to do 30 minutes on the stair master at a meager level 5 pace.

I did not get my full gallon of water, but I did drink more than I had been drinking during my break. My TOM is really hitting me hard. I usually have a light flow when I am training I definitely feel the difference here from taking some time off.

Was glad to see the scale down 4 pounds this morning. I know it is water, but no matter what it is, it makes me feel good.

I took some pictures this morning. I look crappy but that will change soon

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