Monday, August 22, 2011

Blast Fat With Cardio Intervals

I pick up a magazine to pass some time and I turn to this article that shows this chick running on a treadmill and in bold letters the article is titled BLAST FAT WITH CARDIO INTERVALS. So I read the entire article and it has some stuff in it I agree with. Although I am not a fan of HIIT (high intensity interval training) it does have it's place in a training regimen. This article claims that doing high HIIT will blast the fat off....yeah, just do this and the fat will melt right off. Not one place does it mention the importance of nutrition in burning the fat off.

Dang, nutrition is the cake and exercise is the icing so to say. And cardio comes after an adequate strength training plan. AGH!!!!! I remember being the girl that used to buy into these type articles and I would work my butt off and then go to McDonald's afterwards because I worked so hard and can afford the extra calories.

Yeah interval training will work with a solid nutrition plan that is cutting calories as well. And then there are those exercise-a-holic people who do cut their calories to an extreme...eating one meal a day and still wondering why the scale is not budging despite their ridiculous cardio routine eating nothing. AGH!!! That used to be me too. Losing all my muscle while cardio myself to death and not eating and wondering why I was not looking tone like the ladies in the magazine. Can you say toilet metabolism??? I find myself trying to explain these things to people constantly, but often times my explanation falls on deaf ears. And then the magazines feed into peoples misguided expectations by only giving one part of the equation.

In order to blast fat you need to train hard, eat right, in and day out forever, and ever, and evermore amen.

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