Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today was a long day. I did not get much sleep last night, which is not unusual. I am starting to go through "the menopause stage". At 47 years of age my hormones are all over the place.

Training has been on the spot this week and I can feel my efforts in all the muscles I have worked thus far. No training tonite. I am going to head to the gym and do the stair master for a bit.

My diet has been almost there...not perfect. Last night I did not get all my calories in. I was sick to my stomach for a little while and I just could not bring myself to eat my last meal of rice and lentils.

The picture posted is my rendition of trying to be sexy...haha.  For folks that know me, sexy is not me. The minute I open my mouth and smile, all the sexy goes away and a crooked,  thin lip, gummy smile takes over my face.

My sister is the "sexy" one. When we were growing up, my sis had the voice, wore the heels, and had the look. My mom used to tenderly tell me...Annette, you are so cute. LOL....cute is ok.

So, I am on track to fit in all the new clothes that I bought for my new job the way I want to fit in them. I bought all small clothes and a lot of the tops are kind of fitted. I cannot be having any over the bra back fat or the muffin top thing going on. I have some back fat that I am not happy with. Luckily, I tend to lean out relatively fast if I act right with the nutrition part of the plan. Coaches workout guarantees a leaner me if I work it and eat on plan. His training is a killer for sure.

Well, it is time to train.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All over the place blog

So I woke up this morning feeling slim. Haha 2 days ago I woke up feeling fat. I look the same today as I did on Fat Monday, but my head is in a different place today.

I got out of bed about 5am and decided to make me a cup of hot cider instead of coffee in my keurig machine. It is low calorie and I don't drink it much because I think it makes me break out. My body HATES the sugar substitutes and I get zits like a teenager if I partake in too many diet drinks.

Ummm listen to your body should really throw that crap away....but I don't for occasions such as this. I wanted the stupid diet cider and it was sooo good. Actually I wanted more, but I controlled myself. Another thing about the splenda crap is that the more I drink diet stuff or chew sugarless gum, the hungrier I I need to keep it at a minimum.

Now I am blogging on my lunch break as a distraction. I just had my lunch and I am freakin still starvin marvin. Crap....hold on, let me go get a cup of coffee...that might help. I will be right back.

Back!! Hot coffee in hand...I love the look, taste, smell, and feel of a hot cup of black coffee. It completes me :)

So where was I at....first paragraph....oh yeah.... discussing my morning. I drank my cider as I picked up my iPad to check on a game I was playing before I went to bed .....words with friends. I am good at this game, however there is this dude...a teacher at the high school...Mr. Craft, who consistently beats me by just a couple of points. It was music to my ears when I heard that little end of the game sound with the written words YOU WON!!!! By 1 freaking point....but I won. I told myself yesterday that I was going to win this game and I did.....woohoo. Finally. Hoorah....YEAH. (I know...I can be just a little competitive, but you just don't understand....this dude is good). Mr. Craft has won 2/6 games and all of the games have been super close except for one where he beat the living crap out of me...over 100 point lead. I digressed yet again.

Around 6am I headed off to the gym....wore the same yoga pants that I wore yesterday without washing them. YUK!! I am such a scuz! On my way to the gym I was hoping and praying that the dude that was there yesterday was not there today because he may think....she had those same pants on yesterday. EEEW. In all actuality, he probably did not even notice what I was wearing, but before I digress yet again, suffice it to say that the same dude was there lol with his BLARING music.

I sooooo wanted to have the gym to myself lifting to the sounds of Rush, Kool Mo Dee, Tyga, Phil Collins, Canton Jones, E-40, and Eminem.  My music is all over the song would be Faded or Rack City or Motto, and then the next would be christian music, followed by eminem. Like me, my music is all over the place. I like all kinds of music for the most part. People usually don't mind when they come in and my music is playing (whoever is there first get dibs on the music box). I have something for everybody...from the hard rockers to the R & B folks... the rapper lovers, and christian country though. I can't workout well to country music...but most of the gymers like that hard rock stuff. So I like to be first to get the dibs on the sound system. I digressed again.

I worked my chest and arms this morning. I struggled with the workout. I was weak...I mean really weak. What the heck???. I am doing a routine that coach gave me and it is tough. Some days I breeze right through it, others I struggle. What's up with that!! Today was a struggle. I did a set of bench presses immediately followed by pushups. I do several sets of that combination and it is a killer. I knew I was toast after the first set. CRAP. I trained hard and made it through the entire training in 50 minutes.

Then I went home and had some oats and almonds. Then out of the blue, I decided that I needed to color my hair. Mind you, I needed to be to work in an hour and inbetween that, I had to take my daughter to school. So, I put the color in my hair, let it sit 30 minutes, drove my daughter to school, came back, took a shower, put my hair in a ponytail, put some makeup on, donned my scrubs and I was at the hospital within an

Me and Amy
No meetings today!! I don't know how to act. I have plenty to do.....paralyzed actually.

Here I am with my best friend at work....Amy. She is the director of the ED and Dialysis. We have worked together for 19 years and I am going to SORELY miss her when I leave in April!!

K...home now. Before I left work, my temporary crown fell out of my mouth. This is the third time this dang thing fell out. The first time I went to the dentist on my lunch break and had it replaced. The second time I decided to head to the pharmacy and get some denture adhesive and that lasted a week. Now it is out again. I guess I will find the denture stuff. I can't remember what I did with it.....grrr.

Could not find the denture cream so back to the store I go....

I found this stuff to repair loose caps. Gonna give that a try. My appointment for my crown is Friday. It just needs to last me a few more days.

It is in.....I will eat my almonds on the other side of my teeth lol.

I am all over the place with this blog. It is time to close it out. Blogging is good. It keeps me focused on my training and diet.....omg, here I go again..with more writing when I said I needed to close this blog out....time to go.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Today is a good day...

I am going to rock this dress in a few months!!
Yesterday my daughter and I went to the bridal store to look at bridesmaid dresses. I fell in love with the dress in the picture and bought it. It will be my mother of the bride dress. I think it will look great on in a few months. Now I have yet another reason to to lose the weight and keep it off. The wedding is August 4, 2012.

It was refreshing to see all the smiling faces of the brides to be trying on wedding dresses. I enjoyed the uplifted atmosphere. The energy was high and it felt good just to be around all the excitement.

That was the beginning of my Sunday afternoon. I was at the bridal store from 12p-1:30p. Then it was off to my moms. She wanted to use our truck to haul 2 65 gallon rain catcher thingy's to put in her yard. So, hubby and I rushed over to pick up the rain catchers and take them to my moms.  Then at 2pm,  we celebrated Christmas in March with my children's grandparents. We had a great time!! Missed my son, who is working in California right now and my youngest daughter who is always busy with sports...had softball obligations. I wish they could have been with us.
I miss my son! I wish Erica could have been at the party!

But the party goes on
My beautiful daughter Kathy with her daughter Karmen opening Christmas gifts with grandma/pa

Hubby playing words with friends at the

32 Weeks Pregnant with my Grandson

My grandkids playing

My girls and their dad's girlfriend smashing

My handsome grandson and cutie pie Mya...My ex's girlfriends beautiful daughter.  She fits in perfectly with the beautiful grands!!!

Bob and I left the party to go back to my moms to put her rain catcher things together. My daughters were planning to drop by to see my mom...the other grandma....while we were over there. We got to my moms around 5:45pm and started working. Around 6:30 both my daughters came by and let me know that I would need to babysit because Kathy was contracting and needed to go to the hospital. (She went into pre-term labor last week and is on medication to stop the labor....she is only 34 weeks). So off they went leaving me to watch the There goes my training for the evening!!

Around 10pm both my daughters returned. Thank goodness she was not in active labor this time. She did not have any cervical changes

Baby sitting and enjoying some time not chasing them down


Reflections on my training and diet today....

  1. I ask myself, why am I so strong some days and weak other days
    • Today I am strong...I am going to run with it
  2. Water.....I need it
    • I am going to drink 96 ounces today
    • That will be hard but I will do it anyway
  3. I am fooling myself when I tell myself that I can stay on track all by myself. 
    • Pride is an ugly emotion
    • I need the help of a greater power
  4. Training...To love and hate to train at the same time
    • People who love to train make me sick...I am looking forward to a time when I don't feel this way
    • I love the way training makes me feel...after it is done
Reflections on my emotions
  1. I look ugly today
    • Love myself
    • Smile
    • Put on my makeup
    • Hair just right
    • Put my lotion on
    • Shoulders back, head up, be beautiful
  2. I feel fat today
    • I need to stop being dramatic....I am not fat
  3. I am blessed
    • I know I am blessed indeed
  4. Today is going to be a good day
    • My attitude determines my lattitude. I am going to soar today
Things I am thankful for today
  1. I am thankful for my family
    • Thank you God
  2. I am thankful for my job
    • Thank you God
  3. I am thankful for being thankful
    • Yup.....
  4. I am thankful for spiritual awakenings
    • So thankful. I am growing everyday

Just read some comments on my last blog from some friends on and I love you guys/gals!!!!!! Thank you 

Today is a good day......

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Woohoo....finally time to blog!!

Wow...the last time I posted a blog was February 8th of this year. A lot has happened since my last blog lol. First thing first, let me talk about my training and diet. Well, to be honest my training and diet has taken a turn to the south. My training has been hit and miss and my diet has been on and off. In the past 6 weeks I put on 6 pounds and I look like crap in my opinion.

I was suppose to take pictures March 28th with my improved body. I cancelled that appointment 5 weeks ago and my diet and training has been up and down since then. If there is anything good to say about my training and diet the past 6 weeks, it would be could have been worse.
Just call me chunk chunk
I took this picture this morning prior to my shopping spree. Yuck.... chunky, chunk, chunk. Thicky, thick, thick me. LOL.....oh well.

On to the excuses why I am a chunkier...... lmao

I have had a lot of personal things happen in the past 6 weeks that has put me on an emotional roller coaster. I typically deal with stress pretty good....just roll with the punches and just keep at it. But this particular time I just had too much on my plate to roll with the punches. I made conscious choice to ditch the diet and training (to a point) and focus on some important matters at hand.

One big stressor behind me is my decision to make a huge move from the comfort of my job as a director of a nursing units to the world of informatics. I struggled greatly with this decision to move because I was happy with my job as a nursing director and I was comfortable with my job...even with the occasional stress involved in running a nursing department. I have been at my place of employment almost 20 years and I have experienced much growth and happiness at my job. But.....there is always a but.....

I needed something new to challenge me. I don't like to be "comfortable". So, I am taking a huge leap into unfamiliar territory. I am super duper excited about this career change too. I get to start over and make a difference  in a new job as a Clinical Nurse Analyst II (a computer geek). I feel that this job will fit me like a glove. I will get to do many things that I love to do such as teaching. I will be working with clinicians and training them how to use the various applications within the electronic record. I will be learning all the applications....16 programs I believe and will assist in training with these programs. Also, I will be a support person for clinicians when something is not working right within the application or when they can't figure out where to chart a certain element. I will be training clinicians within the ProMedica Health System....11 hospitals.

So, with the new job, I needed new clothes so I went out and bought a lot of nice clothes. I splurged because I don't like to wear the same thing over and over. Even when I wore scrubs (I have 27 pairs of navy blue scrubs)...that's a lot lol and that is not even including my jackets; I never wore the same pair more than once every 3-4 weeks.  So, I suppose I will have a lot of dress clothes now.  I bought all my clothes in small...which will make me stay between 130-140 pounds. I am now 143 pounds and although the clothes fit me, I have a little bit of flab peaking through. So now I am motivated to get back on track and lose about 10 pounds before I start my job (April 22, 2012). I will have the excess pounds off this body....promise. I want to look my best when I start.


So....the diet starts on Monday and I will have to stay true on the diet without any cheating. I won't miss any training sessions either. After 2 weeks of staying on the diet, I will email my coach with my progress report. (I have not emailed my coach for over a month because I have not been consistent, and why waste his time reading and commenting on what I am not doing). When I get down to 128 pounds, I will add 1 cheat day a week to my diet.


Now......after all of that....let's be real.........

Here it goes......

I gained the fat and look like a chunky, chunk, chunk because I did not follow the plan...and I COULD HAVE FOLLOWED THE DIET AND TRAINING PLAN, but I chose to be weak and not follow the plan because I was a little stressed!!!!!!!! Waa, Waa, Waa....what the hell ever Annette!!!!!Excuses get you nowhere. Stop with the lame ass excuses and get with the plan and fit into all those small clothes you bought. Stop being a VICTIM Annette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enough about the good stuff

My grandson turned 2 March 5th. We had a fun birthday party for him at this super cool kids place in Michigan.

Mommy and Cam

Karmen was in a bad mood at the party