Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

It has been 4 weeks and I have lost about 8 pounds simply doing 2 full body training sessions a week monitoring my nutrition. Things are going relatively well with my plan....steady progress. A part of me wants to simply go hard with the nutrition and training and lose this weight, but that pace will be short lived considering my work and family obligations. By June 21st I should be looking nice enough to be comfortable in my bikini again.

I am choosing to be a bit more modest in my bikini pictures. I send my coach pictures weekly, but that is it. Posting bikini pics is old....who needs that, even with the body beautiful. The most I will ever post will be my lean abs. However, I will post lots of pictures of my beautiful children and grandchildren.

Short-term Goals (Week)

Hit my Macro nutrients..... At least 40% Protein 30% /Carbs 30% or lower/ Fats no more than 30%
Train Full body 2 times this week
Increase water to at least 100 oz daily...need 150oz
Write out my goals
No negative

Midterm Goals

132 pounds by June 21 with abs
Bikini body for my trip to Florida in July

Long-term Goals

Maintain what I lose through the entire year and then reevaluate and consider other goals