Friday, August 19, 2011

Progress Pictures Week 3

Progress Picture Day.........


I am happy today. I got on the scale this morning not expecting to see 131 pounds because I was so bad the Fri/Sat/Sun of last weekend I figured it would set me back 2 weeks. Well, I managed to hit my goal of 131 pounds regardless. Hmmmmm.......I am truly surprised. my next weeks goal is 130.

I am getting tired of taking progress pictures very Friday, but I am always glad when I do it. It helps me see the minor differences from week to week. I am always looking for a line here or there or the disappearance of a fat pad. I typically compare each week like the picture below. I do front, side, and back. It is easy for me to do because I have several cool picture applications on my iPad. I do my blogging, pictures, and everything on my iPad.

I took my measurements this morning as well. They are posted under my nutrition stats if you want to view them.

I need to start doing the figure poses and wearing my heels in the pictures. I could not stomach the thought of wearing heels this morning just to take some stupid progress pictures. My bikini bottoms don't fit My back is leaner just a bit from last week. The separation in my legs is coming along great but it is hard to get in position fast enough to take the pic before the timer goes off. That is another reason that I hate taking the pics in the heels...not enough time to pose!!! I take my own pictures instead of bothering my daughter or husband every Friday morning.

Today is my carb load. Yippee. I will be much better than I was last weekend...promise. I am also excited about my tension workout at the gym.

Ahhh.....I am feeling like my 15 year old daughter posting all these pictures of myself. How vain, huh??? I always post my progress pictures at I have over 150 pictures that starts Jan 8, 2011 to the present.

I am in dire need for posing lessons...huh? I have no idea how to expand my lats and I think I need to lift my shoulders up...haha...I don't know what the heck I am doing.

I plan to spend this next week looking for an online coach and a figure training camp somewhere. I have a few people and places in mind.

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