Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Victoria Secret Models are Overrated.....

So I am on the quest of transforming my body and it is taking time and effort. I know what I want to look like. I have the exact picture of the Annette that I want to see reflected back at me. I don't want to see soft gentle curves on a skinny body. I don't want to look like a Victoria Secret Model....or should I say Angel. Boring, boring, boring!! Soft, soft, soft!! Skinny, skinny, skinny. YUK!!

That is definitely my opinion. There are a ton of men and women who would prefer that look over my idea of beauty. When I see my reflection in the mirror I want to see lines, muscle, athleticism, abs. I want to see my shoulders popping, the side muscular sweep of the thighs, the tight booty lifted high OFF the legs. I want to see the beautiful Y frame from the back without any evidence of a soft bra bulge or a muffin top on top of my jeans. I want pure leanness. Not skinny by any stretch of the imagination, lean, lean, lean.

In my opinion calling me skinny is just as bad as calling me fat. I don't want to be either extreme. I want people to look at me and say....she had four kids??? NO WAY BUDDY!! I want people to look at me and say....she is almost 50???? YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND!! I want people to look at me and say...If she can do it, I certainly can do it. I want to look 10 years younger than my age at all times.

I am not there yet but day by day I am moving forward. Some days better than others. Some mountains that I have to climb along the way. The highs and the lows with the emotions, the losses, gains, and plateaus are part of this journey. I want to take someone with me. I want someone to say, Annette helped me or inspired me along my journey.

Figure model....heck yeah. (Gina Allioti....she is my height)

Victoria Secret Model....HECK NO!!!!

My progress so far.
I am going to take my measurement Friday morning and I will post them under my fit day account which you will be able to see under my nutrition stats. I am choosing Friday because this is the day that I am most depleted...following my 4 low carb days. My weight is usually the lowest on Fridays. I will try to get some progress pics in on Friday. I did not get any taken on last Friday....too busy. I did take some on Saturday after a massive carb load :).

I only have 3 weeks left of the bb.com challenge that I have entered but have not been seriously trying to win. I will act right the next 3 weekends so that at the very least I can post photos that look better than the start of the contest...haha. I entered another one as well....who knows, maybe I might place in one of them. Last challenge I tried my hardest and did not even place. So now I have the attitude....if I place great, if I don't....so what. I invested too much emotional energy in the last challenge that left me disappointed. However, I did not stop. I joined the next challenge and I will continue entering the challenges until I get sick of it or win something.

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