Saturday, August 13, 2011

Confessions of a church girl......

Yeah...I admit it....I look in peoples grocery carts while standing in line like some self-righteous reformed junk food junkie. What the heck??? Who do I think I am? That cart looked like mine a while back so who am I to judge? I find myself feeling a bit ashamed at myself for even looking....and judging. And do I really think that the owner of that cart does not realize I am eyeing the contents of his/her cart? Duh...Annette. Stop it!! God don't like ugly!!

More confessions.....I walk into the gym planning on doing my steady state cardio session on MY STAIRMASTER machine only to find some lady getting on MY machine before me. She dawdles and plays with her iPod or whatever and then gets her harlequin novel out and sets the workout controls at a level one and casually starts her "cardio" session. I walk past her swearing under my breath and give her a FAKE smile and say hi and begrudgingly get on the elliptical....not may favorite machine...put the level up enough to sweat and get a good workout starting. Ten minutes into the workout the lady gets off the stairmaster machine like she has done some type of workout. I WANT TO DECK HER!!!!!! She ruined my planned workout for 10 minutes of nothing and now I am too far into my elliptical workout to stop!! At that point, I begin talking to God.....please God help me to calm down....please help me.

OK...and then there is the stinky sweaty guy in the weight room who finishes his 10th set of incline dumbbell presses and gets up and leaves his nasty sweat on the bench and goes to the next piece of equipment. YYYYUUUUKKKK!!!!!!!!!! I want to deck him!

Same guy goes to the Leg Press machine and loads it with 4 hundred pound plates and then adds 8 more 45's and does several sets and walks out the gym without unloading the press. I WANT TO PULVERIZE THE UGLY, SWEATY STINKY, INCONSIDERATE DICK HEAD!!!

I flip out.....but not at him. I find the nicest, most innocent looking guy in the gym and politely interrupt his workout and ask him if he can help me unload the dang leg press machine.

And then there is the circuit training junkie who feels he owns a section of the gym as he runs from one area to the other. I WANNA DECK HIM!!!!

Ok...I am done with the confessions. My carb load for Friday was less than stellar. My fat grams were way too high....but I got my carbs in. Today will be clean.

I am 14 weeks out from the competition. Here is another suit that I borrowed from a friend. Now, don't judge the figure just yet. Remember I have 14 weeks left to cut the fat and hopefully maintain my muscle. Also...I just took the photos this morning after eating 3800 calories of mostly carbs and

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