Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I love Muhammed Ali.....

My Motivation for the day...

Training Tuesday...

Lat Pull Downs (I felt strong and in control of the weights)
85 X 10
90 X 10
90 X 10

Flat BB Bench Presses ( Felt strong enough but still hard to lift 85#)
65 X 10
75 X 10
85 X 10

Face Pulls (Felt good, need to increase weight next time)
25 X 10
30 X 10
35 X 10

Shrugs (Hate these...and I don't do them heavy...I do them because my coach says to)
75 X 10
75 X 10
75 X 10

DB Bicep Curls ( I am stoked!! 25 POUNDS FOR 3 SETS)
25 X 10 (smile)
25 X 10 (bigger smile)
25 X 10 (I AM THE GREATEST smile)

Hmmm...yeah let's talk about this....Macros not the greatest

Love My NuWave oven!!
I ate all the mushrooms and onions :)


Girlie Stuff

I am playing with all my new makeup so I will be posting simple face shots of me with different makeup looks. Bare with  I am experimenting with different foundations and concealers and colors so anyone who cares to read my "training log" will also get the girlie stuff too...but that is nothing new, right? (Too lazy to do another girlie blog) 
I have different highlights in my hair which I am digging. The highlights are much softer than I have done in the past...less red.

My Foundation is MAC Face and Body (very liquid)
My concealer is MAC Pro Long wear
New MAC Lipstick Palette
Becca Matte Face Primer
MAC Blush color Passionately Tempted
Eve Pearl Foundation..(I use the dark side to lightly contour)
Mascara Tarte Camera Lashes with Tartes Eyelash 
Bare Minerals Eyeliner in Midnight


New Stuff  I got today in mail

I ordered 3 magnetized palettes to hold my new eye shadow pans. They are awesome and only cost $10 a piece. A STEAL!! I put my new eye shadows from Makeup Geek's store and I added my MAC blush to that palette. I have room for 3-4 more shadows in that palette.

In the other palette, I put my new Inglot face powder and blush in it that I got while I was in Florida. I plan to add 4 new Inglot shadows to that palette and I have a 3rd palette for some new stuff :)


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