Monday, July 15, 2013

Primping and Pampering

My September 12, 2013 Goal
135 pounds 18% Body Fat
Why is it that whenever I travel and stay in a hotel, when I wake up my eyes are puffy and I look like shit? It happens all the time, and of course I am surrounded by mirrors at every angle. Mirrors everywhere!! Agh!!! 

My sis made breakfast burritos with sausage, green peppers, cheese, eggs, and other stuff. She had bought a bunch of bananas a few days ago that are starting to get brown, so that was a required part of breakfast for everybody lol. 

Instead of breakfast burritos, I ate the eggs, a banana, and about a cup of mixed fresh fruit (grapes, strawberries, and pineapple).

Around 10 am hubby and I went to the little fitness center and it was way too crowded. That is a good thing...more people are interested in fitness...but too crowded to train, so we left and went to the bank to get some needed cash and Target to get a new wallet for my husband. His current wallet is in bad shape. I also picked up some socks that I needed. I only packed one pair....duh Annette.

So, 11:30 we went back to the fitness area and it was LESS crowded so we decided to give it a go. I did Day 2 of my training.

Ate a roast beef sandwich for lunch and had a Michelob Ultra beer. Then I decided to pamper myself while my sis and her family went to the theme parks. I had my fill of the theme parks over the years, so we typically don't go anymore. 

I painted my toe nails, dyed the gray roots of my hair, placed an awesome glycolic mask on my face and  took the 2 hours needed to straighten my hair. It is raining, so no sitting out by the pool at this time. Maybe later.

Later in the day, I ate a couple of servings of dry honey nut cheerios, 6 oreo cookies, and a couple of fun size candy bars. That will be the extent of my junk food for the day. My goal is to keep my calories between 1500-1700 calories and I ate a number of calories in junk food, so no drinks for me tonite.

Steps I took today to get closer to my goal
Having my Skype session with my trainer...even on vacation :)

Challenges of the day
Nothing really. I had a relaxing day doing a bunch of nothing but primping around the room as my husband 

Motivational sources for the day
My coach/mentor Skype session

Yesterday Training 3 sets of 10-15 reps each
1. DB squats holding #35 DBs 
2. Lying leg curls
3. Calf raises using a leg press machine
4. Alt DB lunges #15 
5. Pallof Press (high above wood chops style) Had to 
    improvise with the little cable machine 

Today's Training
1. Lat pull downs
2. Machine presses (wanted to do flat DB bench presses, but bench 
    taken for a long time)
3. Cable Face Pulls
4. DB Shrugs
5. DB Bicep Curls

My nieces, nephew, and my niece's boyfriend in white shirt

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