Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No Training Today

My September 12, 2013 Goal
135 pounds 18% Body Fat
I was 135 pounds in the above picture and that is the body I want to have in the near future. I don't need to look at a model in a magazine or a fitness girl to visualize what I want to look like. I can just pull out the old pictures of me as a goal to attain. But, I find it hard to sustain the burning desire to make quick changes in my my progress is SLOW. But slow is progress, so I will take that and enjoy life on the way.

Steps I took today to get closer to my goal
None :)
Me and my sister

Challenges of the day
1. Trying not to feel guilty for not training and eating and drinking what I want
2. Trying to justify why we upgraded our time share....

Motivational sources for the day
Makeup tutorials on YouTube....hehehe



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