Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Am I Ugly?

Am I ugly?? Now be for real...I am not asking that question for myself. I know I am NOT ugly....so the question is not about me at all,  it is all about this website that I came across.

There is this site that you can post a picture of yourself and have people rate your ugliness factor.  Most of the people that posted pictures are young in their twenties. Out of sheer curiosity I started clicking away and looking at the pictures that were posted and I did form some opinions of my own, but not about their ugliness or lack thereof, but what would prompt a person to post pictures on the internet to be judged by the www?

I was pleasantly surprise that many of the comments were on the nice side...even if the person was quite average or on the less attractive end of the spectrum.  I was surprised as well by the pictures that many of these kids decided to post. It appeared that there were some kids that posted the most unattractive pictures that they could have taken? What's up with that? Then there were the very cute girls that posted pictures, and I had to ask myself...what the heck?  In my humble opinion, I see that as attention seeking behavior.

The website that I am referring to is Here. Now one of the attractive girls that posted on this site is here. Hmmm... your thoughts?

But before I continue to judge, a few years back I posted a picture of myself on Lyle McDonald's site on a thread that ask people's opinion of BF analysis by looking at the pictures. Now, when I posted those pictures, I was pretty lean so I had no problem posting my picture for BF analysis by fellow forum members. BUT....would I post a picture of myself today at the current weight? My answer is HELL NO!!! Now, don't get me wrong, I am not fat...but I am not lean either. So why in the heck did I put myself out there to be judged a few years back? I can tell you why...part of me really wanted to know what my BF appeared to be to other people (25% of me wanted to know that). The other 75% of me wanted to proudly display my hard work (attention seeking??? perhaps...lol). BTW....here is Lyle's thread. I find it interesting and I like to JUDGE people myself (silently). The thread is here. So I have to ask myself as I judge the girl above "Is that the pot calling the kettle black?" Heck yeah it is....lol.

Then I was reading a post by one of my forum buddies on bodybuildingrevealed.com where he mentioned about all the hefty women in Michigan sporting two piece bikinis. I whole heartedly agreed with him. I am appalled at times by what some people wear at the pool....women and men. I HATE to see beer belly men walking around like they look good or something...their trunks hanging below their belly. Wear a towel around that belly please!!! Or the amount of men walking around shirtless with man boobs as big as mine....are you kidding me? I see this WAY more than fat women walking around in bikinis. What's up with that???

But I must admit, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know some men that really like hefty women. They love it. I have a friend that is short and obese. She is beautiful, nonetheless, and she has her fair share of admirers...that's for sure. I found an interesting video  about a woman who lost 100 pounds and went to the pool in her bikini and was told to leave. Now, this lady looked quite average and not huge at all.  Really?? This video is here. Yeah...maybe her boobs were a bit too big for the bikini, but I see this all the time.

So folks....that was my attempt to make today's blog interesting. I have been posting boring stuff lately.

One more thing before we discuss training and nutrition stuff.... I LOVE peanut butter. Have you ever tried making a peanut butter sandwich with a serving size? Are you kidding me? I had a peanut butter sandwich today that set me back 540 calories and all that was was 2 servings and 2 pieces of bread. Now one serving of PB won't even cover one slice of bread. Agh!!! But the sandwich was so good, so now I have to cut calories somewhere else today.

Training is simply Day 2 of upper body. Nothing much to write home about. I may do some cardio as well today. I will let you know in my next blog.

Nutrition....keeping things between 1400-1600 calories. Guess I will be having chicken breast and green beans for supper tonite. Blah!!!!!

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