Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My training consisted of shopping :)

My September 12, 2013 Goal
135 pounds 18% Body Fat

I woke up this morning and guess what....no puffy eyes! I put my hand on my belly, and NO BLOAT even after my 11pm off plan eating ordeal. I will confess about that later in this blog. So yay...the reflection in the mirror this morning is OK...so I better take advantage of this. No morning workout. I will put my makeup on a plan the day. 

Hubby will take me to a Pro MAC store....that is a makeup store. I have always wanted to go to a free standing MAC store, but there are none in my area so I googled MAC Orlando, Florida, and I got a hit!!! Woohoo....poor hubby spending a couple hours in the MAC store with me. He is so good to me. So now it is time for me to shower and get ready to go SHOPPING!!!!!!

Ok, back from shopping and I am on cloud 9! We went the The Mall at Millenia to the MAC Pro store!!!!  Pure JOY! Hubby left me in my bliss for a little over an hour. I had my own MAC lady filling my bag with goodies that I liked.

I did quite good keeping my spending at a minimum. I walked out of that store with only 7 items costing around $180 bucks. I did not even have to use the card. My hubby had the cash, so I had to wait for him to come back to meet me at the store. I asked him for some money and he said, you have money, use the money I gave you. I only had $100 dollars. So he begrudgingly gave me $200 dollars. Dang, if he only knew how much money I spend on makeup...lol. 

I got several products that I wanted for a long time, but when I go to order them they are all sold out. I am stoked!! 

Steps I took today to get closer to my goal
1. Breakfast was simply 1 bowl of honey nut cheerios and 2 eggs

2. For lunch we had burrito bowls at Chipoltle consisting of brown rice, pinto beans, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, sour cream and guacamole. The only thing not great in that meal was the sour cream

3. For dinner I had 2 pieces of thin crust medium slice pizza from pizza hut and a Michelob Ultra beer.

Challenges of the day
I did have 2 fun size bags of M&M's...I did not want to have any candy today, but at least I kept it at a minimum.

Last night I was very hungry and I ended up making 2 soft shelled tacos and had a couple fun size candy bars. Grrr....

Motivational sources for the day
I read several journals on bodybuildingrevealed.com, bodyrecomposition.com, and fitday.com. These are the sites that I visit on a daily basis along with a few others such as Brinkzone.com  and bodybuilding.com.

SHOPPING!! I wanted to keep going, but my hubby started complaining that his feet hurt. So, I did not want to prolong his agony following me all around from store to store. After all he did this for me. He hates shopping!

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