Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Sisters....

My September 12, 2013 Goal

135 pounds 18% Body Fat

I woke up this morning all nice and bubbly. I talked my sis into letting me do her makeup and she loved it...of course. After that we went to the pool to get some rays. As you can see above, sis and I got a nice tan after a couple of hours IN THE Well, actually we spent about 25 minutes in the water and that is where we got our tans. We are not trying to show off our boobies, we are trying to show off  our tan. 

Funny thing happened this morning....I was SO SHY about  putting my bathing suit on. I made sure to have my big hat and shades and a full wrap around to cover me from the belly down. Sis and I walked to the pool and I felt very self conscious walking on the grounds in my bathing suit...even covered up by the wrap. Hubby joined us as well...he REALLY NEEDED THE SUN!!!. 

See video below for more pictures


Well when we got to the pool, I looked around at all the people there. Moms with their kids, beer belly dads, a few teenagers and young kids and all of a sudden I felt No hot bikini babes at this pool area, so off went the wrap and I sported my two piece with no problem. Now my nieces are beautiful ladies with perfect bodies. They were there before us. Kandace with her fire engine red hair and tattoos and Kerri Lynn with her beautiful petite body with a waist smaller than my thigh, were there and their presence commanded attention. So, with them around, sis and I had no need to feel self-conscious in our bathing suits  cuz nobody paid attention to 2 middle aged women in the presence of two twenty something bombshells :)

So sis and I played in the outside spa like 2 teenage kids having the time of our life. Hubby sunbathed in his chair with his eyes closed the entire time. 

Hubby started getting more red than is healthy, so after  about 2 hours I thought it prudent to get him out of the sun so we went back to the room. 

Steps I took today to 
I am planning to train lower body tonite. We will see

Challenges of the day
No challenges. Just enjoying the good life.

Motivational sources for the day


Update... shortly after returning to the room I got a really bad headache. I thought it was because I did not have much to eat, but then I ate and the headache continued and I became very nauseated and continue to feel sick. 

Too much fun in the sun. Hope I feel better soon.

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