Sunday, July 14, 2013


My September 12, 2013 Goal
135 pounds 18% Body Fat
Yesterday, my husband and I drove the 18 hours or so to our timeshare in Florida. We are on vacation with my sister and her 4 adult kids. We are using 2 of our units and we are going to have a blast. Since Bob and I have provided the accommodations for my sis and her family, my sister insists that she will do all the cooking and supply all the alcohol for our vacation. So with that said, the food that I will be eating will not be all clean, but what I hope to do is simply eat less of it. 
That was breakfast and boy was it yummy! My sis made banana walnut pancakes with mix from Cracker Barrel. She had bacon, sausage, and I supplied the mixed berries. So instead of having 3 pancakes sausage and bacon...which is my usual, I settled for 1 pancake, 1 slice of bacon, and a little fruit. Then an hour later, we went to the fitness center which is small but functional enough to get Day 1 of my training out of the way. My sister and hubby trained as well. Later tonite we will go for a brisk walk around the grounds.

My goal for this vacation is not to gain a bit of weight while enjoying myself and eating what I want but in smaller quantities and upping my cardio to offset the less than clean food options. I will post what I am eating in my blog to help me stay accountable.

For lunch, I split a fast food Chinese meal with my hubby and for dinner I had two ham salad sandwiches instead of tacos that my sis is making for everybody.

Now I must confess, I am enjoying a bit of alcohol....hehehe

My hubby drank most of the first bottle. I just had 1 drink. Oh yeah, I had a baby Ruth candy bar too. 

So lets add the damage up. I figuring between 1500-1700 calories and ai burned a couple hundred at the gym so I did ok today.

Steps I took today to get closer to my goal
I trained today. I ate small portions of what I wanted. I kept my calories below 2000

Challenges of the day
I wanted to eat bigger portions of everything, but I was good. Not spending tons of money at the outlet malls. 

Motivational sources for the day
I did not read or listen to any motivational material. Maybe I will read something later 

I did Day 1 of training at a high intensity level. We did not go for our walk because we walked 2.5 hours at the outlet mall. 

Shopping today
I kept the spending at a minimum. I bought some food, beer, and liqueur and then I spent just a little bit on myself. I bought a big hat to block the sun while I am at the poolside sipping my alcohol. I also bought some new sun glasses and a big wrap around to half way cover my body since I am kinda shy walking around in a 2 piece bathing suit.

Also found a BEAUTIFUL blush to add to may makeup collection and an awesome bling bling eyeshadow. So, tomorrow, I will head to the poolside to simply relax and drink. I am not getting into the water because I don't want all that sun. I tan easily and I don't want to have to purchase darker foundation...that gets expensive...since I prefer the high end makeup products. 

My new stuff

I can't wait to put on my new blush and eyeshadow. I will probably be the only person at the pool all dolled up in my

Life is good.

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