Thursday, August 1, 2013

Aliens inside my body

Today is the first day since Sunday that I feel kind of ok. I have been sick since Sunday and have not had any energy at all. I was off 2 weeks on vacation and was suppose to start back to work this past Monday, but I felt so bad that I called off sick Monday and Tuesday. 

I had a terrible stomach virus. I swear that aliens invaded my stomach and had babies. Anything I tried to eat went right through me at first....major nausea and diarrhea. I thought that perhaps I had food poisoning because I got sick an hour after eating at Chipotle in Findlay, Ohio. My hubby had basically the same thing and he was fine, so maybe it was not food poisoning but nonetheless, I was sicker than a dog. I did not eat or drink anything for the rest of the day Sunday. 

Monday I felt no better, tried to eat a piece of toast and the aliens in my stomach started going crazy. My bowel sounds were so loud that my husband was concerned. He could not believe it, nor could I. The rumbling preceded the run to the toilet from just a few bites of toast. Had the same problem Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to work feeling like shit Wednesday. I did not eat or drink anything while I was at work because I did not want to have the aliens singing in my stomach for everyone and then having to make it to a woman's bathroom (which might be occupied....OMG that would be all bad). So, when I got home, I ate a little bit of a sub and my stomach grumbled BUT no diarrhea. So I ate a little more and then noticed that if I ate a serving size of food I would have diarrhea, but if I ate a bite an hour, my stomach would grumble but no diarrhea. So I ate small bites a sandwich every hour. 

Today, I was able to eat normal size portions, but my stomach was still rumbling and I am needing to go to the bathroom....BUT, it is not straight out diarrhea. Progress. I even ate at work today...really late (close to the end of the day just in case) I worked in Michigan, 2 hours away from home, so I was a bit concerned about the trip home, but I made it.

So suffice it to say, no training at all this week. I got on the scale this morning and found that I lost the 5 pounds that I gained over vacation plus 5 more pounds. I have not seen 144.7 for over a year. I even did an ab and leg flex pose in the mirror today and saw some abs and a little separation in my legs. I will see if it is still there tomorrow, and if so I will take a few progress Might as well take credit for the weight loss...hehehe. 

Maybe tomorrow I will do some minor cardio...nothing major because I have not had enough calories to really amount to anything since Sunday. I do not have an appetite AT ALL which is not like me!!

Things will get better. 

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