Saturday, September 3, 2011


You attract people who appreciate and support you. Because you mix well with others, social occasions are happy events. Relax and enjoy the abundance of life; you are in a period when the breaks should go your way. Have trust-especially in your friends and in what you love. While today offers a pleasurable interlude, you can experience even greater satisfaction in giving to others your time as well as your resources.

Lol, don't ya just love horoscopes. (Not that I believe in horoscopes anyway, but I do read them for kicks). So according to my horoscope today I should be happy, happy, happy. I should be attracting people who support me, huh? Things should be going my way today, eh!!!! Today should be pleasurable and I should give others my time and resources....right?

WHATEVER!!!!!!!! This day sucks!!!!!! I am about to make me some ccozy chamomile tea, ice it. I plan to drink some of it and then go to the gym for a nice long cardio session to help me feel better. My day started off horribly and has not gotten any better yet. The picture above kinda describes my mood right now! Things will get better.

My refeed yesterday was pretty good...actually really good compared to last weeks. I wanted to mention at least one good thing that has happened!

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