Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eye Candy for the boys and girls....

Ok....enough is enough Annette. I have used the holiday as an excuse not to get back at it. I have been off plan Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. It is time to stop my madness. I don't have a reason why I am not back only diet. I could sit around and tell myself that I deserve a break because I had a challenging week emotionally. I could tell myself that having a few days off my diet won't hurt. Even worse I could dwell on my lack of discipline and continue to stuff my face all day. Even worse, I can stay home watching tv.
The best thing I can do is stop eating the crap right now, not worry about it anymore and do better tomorrow.

I am writing after stuffing my face with a McDonald hamburger and fries. i feel like crap.....very nauseated. That stuff is so bad for me. Why did I eat that crap....YUK!!!

Now isn't that chicky cute? Beautiful body for sure. She came in second in the North American Championship in Cleveland, Ohio this past weekend. She is adorable.

The winner above was amazing. She placed first. Both girls earned their pro cards!

My beautiful friend and her handsome hubby competed in this contest and they both looked super amazing as well.the competition was super duper strong.

There's my girl Christian! Isn't she stunning!! She is the sweetheart who is letting me borrow one of her contest suits if I decide not to buy one. This is the girl who leg presses about 800 pounds. She lifts super heavy and she is the girl that I about fell out with my mouth hanging open when I first walked in the gym and saw her doing crazy monster leg presses. I never forget that day. I was visiting the gym she trains in. Most girls don't lift worth a crap...ummm I mean heavy. I am usually the bad ass in the gym haha at least in my local gym. I was training legs and went over to the leg press when she finished. I smiled with confidence and she asked me, how many plates do you want me to take off? Lol....I think she had the hundred pound weights on each side in addition to3-4 sewer lids on each side. The sled itself weighs at least 90 pounds. I told her she could leave both hundred pound plates on the press. I NEVER STARTED OFF AT 290 POUNDS....but My ego got the best of me...lol. I did 10 reps and then I added 2 more 45 pound plates...which was an all time high for me and I did that for 8 reps then I added 2 more plates and did that for 6. I was hyped after I did that. I did not even know I could press that much weight and I felt like a million bucks until the next morning. I knew I was in trouble when I started getting muscle soreness the same night of the workout. I woke up the next morning really sore and day 2....I SWEAR TO GOD I COULD BARELY WALK. every time I had to get up, it was excruciating soreness. I went to work, and I taught my kickboxing classes after taking 800mg of motrin and prayed to God I could make it through teaching the class. I did just fine, but suffered greatly the next 5 days...lol. That was my introduction to Christian...my shero!!

I bought a membership to the gym and saw Christian a week or so later. She seemed to be training with this big hulk looking dude. She came up to me and introduced herself and I asked her who that hulk looking dude was that she trained with....assuming he was her trainer. I found out that his name was not Hulk...but Micheal and he is her hubby.

Eye candy, eh??? Hahaha

They both did well and I am proud of both of them. They are both super sweet people who are so encouraging and helpful to me. And what a beautiful couple indeed.

Now, after looking at all the above beautiful people should I not be motivated to eat chicken breast and egg whites....lol? Time to get my butt to the gym.

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