Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From Ohio to Vegas

OMG....I am writing this blog as I sit on a plane with 2 loud obnoxious guys who just won't shut the heck up. AGH!!! How rude. It is hot on the plane as well and there are 2 babies behind me and a couple little who kicks the back of my seat at times. And here I sit silently fuming along with several other passengers in close vicinity of the loud bastards.
Why do we sit in silence and let these idiots upset us? But here we sit....quietly seething wanting to smack them. FOUR HOURS AND THIRTY MINUTES......God I hope they shut up at some point into the flight. Update....they were loud the entire freakin flight!!!!!

My stomach is a mess as it always is when I travel. My diet has consisted of crap.....a 10 piece chicken nugget and a small fry for lunch and a McDonald hamburger with extra pickle and an apple for dinner. That is all I had to eat today, which will be enough. I will also have problems pooping for the next 5 days....always happen to me. I have a hard time with travel and the time change affects me greatly. A 3 hour difference is enough to keep me feeling hung over for 3 days and just when I am starting to adjust, time to go home.

I do this every year....go to Vegas that is. I like Vegas but not for long. Three days is the max time I like to spend. I don't do the typical stuff people do in Vegas such as drink and gamble. I have been to Vegas at least 6 times and have not spent over $30 total on the slots or tables in all...I will spend 5 dollars and that is it. This time I plan to splurge. I plan to spend $20 dollars this trip on the slots.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. Got to the hotel around 2:30 am eastern time...11:30 Vegas time. We are staying 8 miles off the strip in some suites. The rooms are decent, pretty big with a kitchen and a sitting area. We like the rent-a-car which is a Nissan Versa. We plan to get our moneys worth in it. We are driving to Utah to the Tuachan Amphitheatre to see The Little Mermaid. We will stay the night in Ivin Utah possibly do breakfast with a friend before he heads to work Thursday and then we will go to the Grand Canyon. After that we will head back to Vegas and do something fun. I want to go see the dance group Jabbawakkis perform either tomorrow nite or Friday night...depending on what I want to see at Olympia. I might watch the womens bodybuilding and figure show on Friday night. During the day we will be at the Olympia expo.

It remains to be seen. I may change my mind about everything...haha. This morning we ate at the place called the The Omelet House. I ordered an omelet with real lobster, avocado and cheddar cheese. I was shocked at the size of the omelet when I got it. Come to find out it is a 6 egg omelet and it came with a plate full of freshly made potato chip type potatoes and wheat toast.

I ate half of the breakfast and took the other half and put it in the fridge back at the room. Not good for my diet haha.

Now we are traveling through the desert heading towards Utah. Miles of dryness....

More to come.....

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  1. I sat next to a wanna-be film maker who was trying to impress the 3 female cops across from him. My BS meter was at an all-time high and I said so. Why would a "big time" director be flying Southwest? The 3 women cops didn't buy into it either. My comments of flying Southwest and asking what movies he's made shut him up, especially when I told him I needed to lift my feet because the BS was flowing pretty heavily.