Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overview of my Vegas trip

In this blog I hope to capture the essence of my fun Vegas trip. We arrived in Vegas on Tuesday. We picked up our rent-a-car and thus the vacation began. We stayed 8 miles off the strip in a hotel called the Sienna Suites. This hotel was clean and rather spacious.

In my previous blog I talked alot about meeting one of my online friends...Eddy during this vacation.

We spent Wednesday traveling to St. George, getting a hotel and meeting Eddy prior to seeing The Little Mermaid. Meeting Eddy was the highlight of my vacation. After spending time chatting on the bb.com forums and blogs, it was so nice to put a person behind the online profile. Not only was Eddy muscular and fit. He did an amazing acting job in the show. I found out that he is an actor part time and a strength coach at a college in St. George part time. A busy man indeed. He is also a loving husband and father to 5 kids! Wow!!!

After spending time with Eddy, Bob and we decided to head back to Vegas aborting our previous plans on visiting the Grand Canyon.

Since we did not go to the canyon as planned on Thursday, we headed to the strip where we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe for a late lunch...and a drink.

Now I know I should be on a strict diet since my contest is 10 weeks away, but I decided...forget the diet. I am going to enjoy Vegas to the fullest!!!

I ate all of the sandwich and the season fries. I did not like the bake beans and cole slaw....that is the only reason I did not eat those items...lol
As we ate and drank to our hearts content we decided to see a show. I love the Jabbawakkeez so we purchased tickets to their 9:30 pm show at the Monte Carlo.
I took some pictures that I was not allowed to take...Shhhhh......

We had a great time at the show. We headed back to the hotel to get some sleep because we had to get up early to head to the Olympia Expo. I wanted to be in the front of the line because I wanted to be amongst the first to hit the Bodybuilding.com booth because the lines are usually ridiculous because they give out fantastic goodies. We got there in plenty of time and save a spot for Eddy and a friend of his.

As we were waiting in line I took these pics

Then away we went to collect our goodies amongst the crowd

Isn't the crowd crazy??? Believe it or not, it was easy to maneuver in and out...much better than The Arnold.

This was my hubbys first visit to the Expo with all the tiny big boob supplement girls. They were everywhere and I told my hubby to google and take as many pics as he wants. I am not threatened by these lean beautiful girls because in 8-12 weeks I will look just like them.

But now....I have my work cut out for me

Here I am with Jamie. She is making me look kinda thick, eh? Haha. I told her that she makes me look fat and she politely told me that I looked great....yeah right Jamie.

Now time for eye candy for me....

Yummy.....God I love muscles and Brandon is just FINE, FINE, FINE

Dennis James......mmmm, mmmm, good

Evan will be the next Mr. Olympia in 3-4 years...mock my words. He is an impressive new comer!

This was a handsome group of models.
I kept running into these girls, so I took a pic with them haha

I love the Olympia....tons to see

How about those Sumo wrestlers warming up!! Entertaining indeed!!

Then of course, with my competitive spirit, I had to play

I was bench pressing my bodyweight....140 pounds that day (whoa...I was sad when I hopped on their digital scale). I pressed this weight 6 times....yeah buddy!

Then I had to deadlift 200 pounds as many times as I could. I only did 8 because I wanted to be able to walk the next day. I could have done more...but I earned my FLEX tee-shirt. Then I went to anothe booth and knocked out 50 push-ups...could have easily done 80. I was stronger than all the men that were on the floor next to me trying to get 25 for a tee shirt. I got a lot of love from the people running that booth and people watching me in the line..hehehe.

Inbetween all the festivities we watched  all the pre-judging for the 202's, figure, and fitness competition. I did not watch the bikini judging. I acurately predicted the top 3 in order in each category. I was up in arms about whether Iris Kyle would keep her title or lose it to Yaxeni who looked better in my opinion. Iris came in less define and hard then usual. Kinda surprised by that. But Kyle has an amazing back...better than Yazeni and that is probably why she won. Other than that Yazeni clearly looked better than Iris in my opinion and should have won.

Iris is the black lady. See what I mean. Yazeni looks better by far!!

Me abd Yazeni. See how small she actually is. She looks bigger on stage but in reality she is quite small. We are the same size...she just has tons of muscle...all muscle really.

As you can see, I had a blast Friday and Saturday at the Expo. After the expo, Bob and I headed to the Monte Carlo to eat their fab buffet. It was pricy...but delicious. After that we headed down the strip and walked about 5 miles to work off all that food.

Here I am at the Bellagio waiting for the fountain show.

Then to my fav casino..the Venetian for drinks and relaxation.

Then we headed back to the car

We flew home on Sunday and I was more than ready to wrap the vacation up and head home. We had a smooth trip home and after catching up on some sleep, I unpacked all my goodies.

This big bag was full of supplements...protein powders, pre-workout supps, and fat burners

I organized it all...tons of stuff. Look at all my shaker bottles. Woohoo. And this was just MY stuff. Bob had the same amount of stuff.

Twenty-two free tee-shirts. Haha...

Can you tell I had a BLAST!!!!!!!

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