Thursday, September 15, 2011


I am having a blast so far on the vacation. Last night my husband and I went to see a friend perform in Disney The Little Mermaid performed at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivin, Utah. What a fabulous place to do a show. This is the entrance to the Tuachan.

This complex consists of a 1,920 seat open air amphitheater surrounded by 1500 foot majestic red cliffs. Breath taking view. The picture below is what it looks like coming into the Tuacahn.

This is what the back drop from the stage

It rained all day and we were worried that the show may have to be cancelled. Traveling all this way to see Eddy then not being able to see him perform would be devastating, but as it turned out, the weather held out Thank God.

Prior to the show we purchased dinner tickets at the complex and ate a great dinner consisting of Jerk Chicken....whatever that is. The chicken was somewhat salty, but edible. We also had some pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, mashed sweet potatoes, potato wedges, rolls, corn and salad. For dessert, key lime pie and ice-cream. We sat at a table with 4 ladies visiting from Salt Lake City to see the show. The ladies were classy older seniors who engaged Bob and I in fun conversation. They told us all the great places to travel to while in Utah. They were fabulous.

Around 7ish my friend Eddy who is in the show came to the table. This was the first time I met Eddy in person. We are cyber friends on and through the forums on that site, I learned that Eddy would be performing in The Little Mermaid. So I told him that I would fly out to see him perform. I bought the tickets back in May and planned the trip around the 2011Olympia. So now I get to meet Eddy in the flesh.

His pictures, which are handsome, do him no justice. He is more handsome in person. Nice big arms and rock hard pecs....yep I felt his chest and arms and legs within a minute or two meeting My hubby just smiled politely as I poured the compliments on Eddy....cuz my hubby knows that's just me and he knows I love him deeply. It felt comfortable meeting Eddy because I knew Eddy through the forums. Eddy spent about 20 minutes visiting me and Bob and our lady friends at the table. He told us a little bit about the show and that he played the role as the ships pilot and that his voice would be the first voice we heard at the beginning of the show. He answered several questions that our lady friends had for him and then he was off to get in costume for the show.

The Program

I knew Eddy would have an amazing baritone singing voice because his speaking voice was low and rich and yes indeed, he did have an amazing voice and yes there he was opening the show.

The show was simply amazing and the stage effects were nothing short of amazing with the undersea scenes occurring as the stage was flooded with water....amazing indeed. We had a brief 20 minute intermission which was fortunate because I was in dire need of a bathroom, the result of eating way off my diet and topping things off with key lime pie and ice-cream...neither of which agrees with me. I almost missed the beginning of the second part of the show, but I made it just in time.

The show was nothing less than spectacular and I am hoping Eddy will be part of next years show Alladin....which I will fly out to see. Well at the end of the show all the actors came out one by one. Eddy was sweet enough to come out on stage, look for me and Bob and slyly acknowledged that he saw us....twice. That made me feel special. After the show all the actors greeted the crowd as we exited the theater. We looked for Eddie and found him greeting several fans. He graciously to time out for me and Bob.

Here he is pictured in his Captains suit. He doesn't look to be age 52!! No way!! Isn't he handsome.

Bob and I went back to the hotel to get some sleep. This morning Eddy came by the hotel to chit chat a bit with us over breakfast. We had a wonderful visit.

Here we are outside the hotel acting silly.

It was wonderful meeting Eddie aka Kinkoshinkai.
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