Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Olympia Weekend!!

Well I am starting to get excited about next week. I am on vacation next week and my husband and I are headed to the 2011 Olympia in Vegas. We are going to have a great time. We are flying to Vegas next Tuesday and will hang out for a night in Vegas and then we are going to drive to Utah to see a friend perform in the production A Little Mermaid. Then back ti Vegas on Thursday to enjoy the town and then we hit the Olympia events on Friday and Saturday. I can use a week of rest and relaxation...even though I don't think it will be very relaxing haha.
I am looking forward to the expo and viewing the final shows. It will be fun for sure.

I have not been following my UD2 diet, but I have been good more yucky fast food. Well....not perfect, I had 2 cookies and a small muffin. I trained yesterday....just doing my thing. I did the following:

Leg Presses 180 x 10/ 270 x 10/ 360 x 10/ 450 x 8/ 540 x 5
Leg Curls 35 x 10/ 35 x 10/ 35 x 10 yeah...kinda wimpy
Pulldowns 70 x 10/ 90 x 10
Rows 90 x 10/ 90 x 10
Bench Press 65 x 10/ 95 x 10/ 100 x 10
Incline DB Press 30 x 10/ 35 x 10/ 35 x 10
Military Press 45 x 10/ 65 x 10/ 65 x 10
Lateral Raises 10 x 10/ 15 x 10/ 10 x 16
DB Bicep Curls 20 x 10/ 20 x 10
Triceps extensions 35 x 10 (stopped due to tennis elbow starting)

I did 40 minutes on the stairmaster machine tonite.

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