Saturday, September 10, 2011


I woke up and got on the scale and whoa.....UGLY NUMBER!! So, better cool it on the junk and keep things in check. I am over my 135 goal for maintenance and I have not even really started my vacation yet. So I will up my cardio a bit to get things back in order.

I just finished eating an apple. It tasted so good. Now I am hungrier than ever. Fruit just makes my appetite go through the roof....some fruits worse than others. Apples are by far the worst fruit for me. As much as I love them they make me super hungry.

I am also being a bad mom because I am currently at a volleyball game and I just had to walk out the third and final game. Yes my daughter is playing, but I am so frustrated watching the mistakes that I can hardly contain my mouth. When I get like this, I start shouting things out to the team like...come on back row did the dang ball....and this attitude does not help the team at all. So I am sitting in my car as they play their last and final game. Hopefully they win it. Grrrr...... I will let ya know if they win.

I have been a volleyball mom for years....I mean years. I have spent well over twenty grand on traveling volleyball through the years. My youngest is not into traveling volleyball like my other two girls were but she is playing on her high school team.

Well, I just asked one of the moms who just walked out who won the game. Looks like we won.

My daughter comes out to the car with a mean look on her face...Mom you missed one of my best games ever!!! Why did you leave? I said I left out of respect for you and your team. She thought about the previous games and smiled and said, that was unselfish of you. I did start to hear you yelling at the back row. Thanks mom for leaving.

One hour later.....Erica is all dressed up to go to a quincietta that she is part of. From uniform to this in 35 minutes

I just popped some chicken breasts smothered in cream of chicken soup with brown rice in the oven. In the mean time I am going to make me a yummy Optimum Nutrition Cake Batter shake to tie me over until the chicken is done. I am starvin marvin....but in remembrance of the number on the scale, I shalt not partake in alot of non nutritious fat laden calories today.

Then it is off to the gym to do the training that I was supposed to do yesterday but did not do.

See ya tomorrow!
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