Thursday, September 22, 2011

I found a coach....

I am excited to let everybody know that I have found an amazing online coach to help me be the best I can be. His name is Scot Abel and he has an amazing track record transforming peoples bodies to the body beautiful. I have been silently lurking around his website for some time reading all his current and past blogs. I liked what I read. He helps people transform their bodies in an amazing way and his success record is the best I have seen.

Aside from Scotts amazing knowledge base background in body building; what I like most about his training methods is that he incorporates the mental, emotional and physical aspects of life circumstances that ultimately is entangled into any training and nutritional program. The one thing that has held me back from hiring him on as my coach was his initial fee of $1500 dollars and then $100 dollars a month (Canadian dollars). In light of the crazy expenses involved in competing such as by figure suit ($850), supplements (~$125/mo), registering for the contests ($200), Posing lessons ($200) and eating healthy...chicken breasts, sirloin, salmon etc....adding an addition of $1500 dollars on top of that seemed just too much!!

So, what I chose to do was order Scott Abel's Figure DVD to get a glimpse of his training methods. I started his 5 Day training session this week. I have done Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 and all I have to say is OMG!!!! Wow!! HARD CORE INDEED. Never in my training have I felt soreness in every muscle fiber in my legs, butt, back, and abs from EVERY ANGLE. And heck....I still have day 4 and 5 to do!! People who know me know that I train HARD, HARD, HARD!! Well, his training methods are kicking my butt and I cannot believe it.

After Day 1 of his training, I went back to his site and ordered a one time diet plan that I hoped to carry me through to my competition in November incorporating his training methods. I was afraid that my current diet would not support this type of hard core training. So I ordered his diet plan Monday night. In order for him to set up a diet, Scott asks for the following:

-A detailed 3 days diet current history
-Your vital stats: height, weight, age, gender
-Pictures of yourself from front side and back
-Make Scott aware of your diet goals
-A breakdown of your current lifestyle, and current training regimen if any
-Make a list for Scott of any foods you can’t eat or will not eat, or don’t like
-Information regarding any medical conditions or problems that may affect results
-Make a list of any and all vices, like smoking etc
-Any information that you may feel is relevant to your current predicament

Once Scott has received all information and order confirmation, he will work on your diet.

I sent all my stuff and had not heard back. I emailed Scott (well actually his wife Annie) about when I could expect my diet plan. His wife stated that he had mentioned to her (before my inquiry) that he had not received my info. It turns out that I misspelled his email address and he never got it. So I sent it tooth correct address.

I immediately received a response from Scott that he received my info and will begin working on my plan. I thanked him for his quick response and asked him to be brutally honest about if he felt I would be ready to compete in 8 weeks. He honestly answered that he felt that I needed more development before I compete and that I am not ready nor should I expect to be ready at this point.

Wow.....I so appreciated his honesty. He worked on my strict pre-contest diet plan and was probably almost done with it when he received another email from me thanking him for his honesty and that I valued his opinion and will not compete this year. He emailed me back and told me he had to scratch the diet he had prepared for me and start all over again. He also took the time to write detailed comments on my document about areas I could improve in my diet and supplementation. It was MOST EVIDENT that he took considerable time to look over my stuff and answer all of my questions.

So now that I am not going to compete....I have money that I can put to better use...I am hiring Scott as my coach!!!!

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  1. Good luck getting to where you want to be, and I really look forward to when you do compete! Are those your grandkids--minus at least the one little baby? Absolutely precious!