Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh no.....strained glute muscle

I trained yesterday and did not adequately warm up and strained my right glute muscle doing squats with 50 lb dumbbells. I am so upset about this. The strain is minor and I noticed it immediately after my 2/3 sets of squats. I finished the 3rd set of squats being really careful not to cause more pain or injury. I actually finished my entire training but felt the right glute whenever I did any stepping motion or forward lunges. Dang it!! Woke up this morning with some minor discomfort. On a scale of 1-10 my discomfort was about a 2 when I climbed my stairs. I stretched the muscle mildly and and warmed it up by doing some simple step ups on just one step. That seemed to help the discomfort. From there I did my normal daily activities with just some very mild discomfort.

This evening I trained and had some glute work in this training. I took the time to adequately warm up and do some mild stretching prior to my strength training. I made it through the workout fine. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Day 3 of the new diet down. I can honestly say that this diet is not bad at all so far. I do not have any cravings for sweets at all. I think that is due to the fact that I am getting plenty of carbs in fruit and whole grains. I do not feel deprived one bit.

As far as the rebound affect that Scott said I would see, I have not experienced to this point. He figured that since he increased my carbs...substantially.....I would see a gain in weight. Well I have not experienced that so far. Monday I weighed in after my glutton of a weekend at 140.1 pounds and I started my TOM. Today I was down to 136.9. Maybe it's new diet beginners luck.

This is week 2 of this MET training routine I am doing. Last week killed me. But the body is amazing. It is like all my cells remembered the grueling 5 days of hammering my muscles and sucking wind last week and they somehow fortified themselves with some extra oomph. The first 2 workouts have been easier for me this week. The training is still a killer but I am better prepared for the dungeon workout. Maybe it is a combination of the increased carbs as well as muscle memory that is making it easier. Yesterdays workout took me only 1 hour and the same workout took me an hour and a half last week. Tonites workout only took me 35 minutes tonite and it took me 55 minutes last week.

It's almost midnight as I write this blog while listening to some Micheal Jackson. I better get my butt to bed.

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