Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Training Day 1

Outside eating area at work
This week I thought I would video tape my training sessions. My trainer and I have decided on a 4 day split for my training sessions as you have seen posted in my previous blogs. I am hyped because I am getting stronger and building a little muscle.

My hubby video taped this session for me. We are training at my local YMCA gym. I have a new found love for my local gym. We have all the equipment we need to do serious strength training. We videotaped my exercises and some of the great equipment that is in our free weight room.

My job has me traveling 1-2 hours away from home daily. What sucks about my local gym is the summer hours. The gym closes at 8pm Mon-Fri and is only open Sat 7am-1pm, closed Sun. Those hours simply don't work in my schedule everyday due to my travel time, so I have to train at other YMCA's when I work a little late. The other YMCA's in Toledo and Michigan cater to the general population of cardio maniacs and the free weight rooms are for the most part small and lacking in major items such as a squat cage or rack. They have the stupid Smith Machines...but not a squat rack. WTH!!! Don't get me started on that band wagon!!!!!

I will tape the rest of my training exercises this week...mainly to have my coach assess my form (he lives in California). Might as well post them with my blog. I will also post my new stadium routine that I will add as an option to my training routine for the week (depending on my schedule and the way I feel). I have also incorporated doing 9 flights of stairs 2-3 times daily when I am working at Flower Hospital (usually 4 days a week). I am no longer using the if I get a call to help an end-user (I am an IT person) I will take the stairs even if it is on the 8th floor... no matter what. Then I will compose myself and explain to the end user why I am out of

Click the link below for my Training Day 1 Video. (I included the hubby in a few scenes) Need to get him back to the gym!

Video Link

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