Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I've Got So Much!!!!

I have been missing in action for a couple of days because my home was violated by thieves. They  stole all my flat screen TV's, my stereo equipment, jewelry, appliances, and loads of other things. This happened last Thursday and I have been dealing with cleanup, insurance, and filling out reports and all the things that go with a break in. The thieves stole my stuff but one thing that they did not steal was my joy. Despite it all, I am blessed abundantly with the safety of my family. It could have been much worse.

We cannot always control what happens to us in life, but one thing we can control is our attitude and how we deal with the bad things that happen to us. I choose an attitude of gratitude. I am not a victim, I am a warrior. Material things can be replaced.....so there!!

When things like this happen to me I reach out to family and friends for support and most of all I reach out to God who is my strength. He always take care of me. I have a lot of great gospel songs to jam to when I need a pickup. The first song I reached for in this particular instance is called "I've Got So Much" I will provide the YouTube video of this song at the end of this post.

So, I was without wifi until Sunday....but I am back on line. I had my Laptop and iPads and even my camera with me....so they did not get that. Thank you God. 

So lets discuss todays training...
Day 1, lower body and abs
BW X 10
45# X 12
75# X 10
85# X 10
leg-curl machine
57.5# X 10
70# X 10
75# X 10

Standing  calf raise
110# X 10 3sets
3 X 10 holding 20#DB
Pallof press 
2 X 10 at 10#
2 X 10 at 15#

Nice workout

I also treated myself to some shopping today. I spent a lot of money at Sephora's today and I am thrilled with my purchases. I bought the following....

1. Hour Glass Immaculate Foundation....woohoo can't wait to wear that tomorrow
2. An Hour Glass Kabuki Brush to apply the foundation......Sweet
3.Perricone MD Blue Plasma Skin Care thing...to even out my skin tone...Yay baby
4.Stila Eyeshadow.....Amazing
5. I am a VIB so I got Makeup Forever Mascara and Urban Decay Eye Pencil

Only girls that are into makeup and skin care would truly appreciate my shopping spree. My hubby would kill me if he looked at the withdrawal from the account. BUT I AM WORTH IT!!!!


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