Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Looking Good Dude

I am very happily married to a beautiful man, but I must admit that there are some guys that just make me do a double take/look. I LOVE muscles and I can't help but drool a little bit when I see a well built guy hitting the weights hard and heavy in the gym.  I find it a bit distracting to my workout. That is when I love all the mirrors in the gym. I act like I am watching my form when in reality I am admiring his Oh the shame of it all.

Now I am not talking about the guy that has a well built upper body and scrawny legs....I HATE that!!! To catch my attention, I need the total muscular package. Not too many men make me look twice, but some do:)

What REALLY impresses me are the older guys that have it together. It is much easier to have that impressive physique when a guy is young and full of testosterone. But to see a guy 40 and older carrying lean muscle and no gut...well, that makes me gaga and certainly catches my attention.

The body beautiful....I want that too. I want people to do a double take when they see me. I want my body to get better as I age and that takes a heck of a lot of work.....but it can be done. I want my husband to drool over me and less at other girls. I am not stupid enough to think that he won't look at other women, but my goal is to look better than 80% of the women out there so he doesn't have to fantasize too much over other women. 

Is this vain thinking? Perhaps.... I can't help myself.  There is nothing spectacular about me, but what little I have going for me, I am trying to get better and more beautiful. I don't want to be average. No, no, no!!!!!

I blame my vanity on my mom. She is vain too....but at age 68 she looks AMAZING!!! I want to be just like her. She doesn't settle for average. She taught me about makeup and taking care of the body. She used to teach aerobics, and at almost 70 and is in better shape than most women in their 40s. She is vibrant. I love that!!! 

So....hmmmm.....let me get to my training.

It is SO GOOD TO TRAIN AT MY LOCAL GYM!!! I am finally home for the summer. The past 7 months away from home has been challenging in regards to my training!!  I have a new appreciation for my local gym. I have been to about 6 gyms in Toledo and Michigan and NONE of them compare to what we have in small town Fostoria.  Simple is better!! Tons of barbells, dumbells, plates, and cages. Forget all the fancy fufu equipment. We have some fufu stuff, but we have a lot of plain old benches, barbells, plates, etc. I APPRECIATE THAT!!!

I had the weight room all to myself for 30 minutes tonite, so I decided to do a quick video of the equipment. I will post that video tomorrow. I am trying to learn how to use an app that I video blogging helps me learn how to use the app. When I learn how to make "real" videos, I will start a new YouTube channel that I hope to be more informative in nature. For now, I am learning how to use YouTube and really just want people that read my blog to see the YouTube videos. 

Training tonite...

Lat pull downs
70 X 10
85 X 10
100 X 10 

These are getting easier for me and I am starting to get back to lifting decent weight loads :)

Flat BB Bench Press
65 X 10
85 X 10
90 X 7    Yay...starting to inch back up to previous strength

Face Pulls
35 X 10
35 X 10
40 X 10

Shrugs HATE THESE!!!
20 X 10 for 3 sets....just doing them because my coach has them in my routine. I DON'T WANT BIG TRAPS!!

Dumbbell Curls
25 X 10
25 X 10
25 X 10

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