Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Women Should Leave The Spandex in the Drawer!!!

I looked in disgust at that girl sporting her STEELSTRETCH  compression top and tight fitting bottoms in the weight room. Both garments were too small for her and exposed every freaking roll she had. You know the look....the muffin top thing going on, and the back fat spilling over. She looked plain unattractive and I wanted to tell her to go home and put some clothes on that fit then come back to the gym.

Yep, that girl was I ordered some STEELSTRETCH compression workout clothing in small. I am NOT a small at this time, but I needed something to motivate me to kick my training up a notch and train harder. You see, I am kinda comfortable with my weight because I am not heavy at all. I fit into MOST of my clothes, however, some are tight on me...but most fit. So I don't look bad...but I don't look as good as I want to look either. I admit that I am a VAIN person. I want to look GREAT!! I am not there yet and I have yet to hit my macros, do any cardio, or train as heavy as I could. So, I decided to add a video of the disgusting looking girl. NO MAKEUP.....straight home from the gym, so DON'T JUDGE ME LOL. Check out the video below :)

Spandex Gone Wrong video

I will wear those clothes to the gym, and look at my fat rolls in the mirror every day until those rolls disappear. That will be my new motivation, because I look pretty bad right now in those small spandex bottoms and tops. I love STEELSTRETCH apparel. I first was turned on to that brand when I visited their booth at the Arnold and bought 3 tops. They have held up very nicely, so I decided to look the company up online and order more stuff. I placed the order yesterday morning and found it at my doorstep today!! Now that is service!!!!

Leg Press- The leg press machine was occupied for a long time so I did single leg presses on the ISO leg press machine. 100# 3 X 10

Stiff Legged Dead Lifts
65 X 10
85 X 10
95 X 10
Next time I will start at 95 pounds

Standing Calf Raises
110# 3 X10 (wanted to do seated, but Fostoria does not have seated calf machine)

Bench Step Ups
 3 X 10 (1st set I was holding 15# DBs and it killed me and my form sucked. I dropped the dumbbells for sets 2 and 3 and did those sets with really good form and I was breathing hard!!!!! A killer. I used to knock those out no problem!! Not anymore

Stir the Pot
4 X 10 These kicked my butt!! I could barely do them with good form. GEEZ....I will have to keep working on those. This is a totally new exercise for me.

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