Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Are You Kidding Me!!

Yesterday I treated myself to some high end makeup that is supposed to be for very oily skin. I paid high dollar to get that flawless velvet skin type look with this foundation and when I put it on at 0630 it looked great! No oil and I had the beautiful looking NON GREASY skin. I was so impressed, that I left home without my blotting powder and blotting papers. By time I got to work, I was an OIL SLICK!!!! YOU COULD FRY A PIECE OF CHICKEN ON MY FACE!!!! I was pissed and I looked like CRAP all day!!

I tried to take a picture of the oil look but my lighting is bad so you can't really see the high shine on my face below....but you can see my disappointment. 

Oh well,
I made it to the gym...

Lat pull downs
75 X 12
85 X 10
100 X 10

Flat Barbell Bench Press
75 X 10
80 X 10
85 X 8

Face Pulls
10 X 12
25 X 10
25 X 10

3 X 10 sets holding 29# DB

DB Curls
25 X 10 for 3 sets

I will log my nutrition today....I haven't logged my food since last Thursday. 

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