Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last week I did not blog at all. I was busy at work and with the family. I uploaded a YouTube video to accompany this blog that discusses a little bit about my training and progress. I am recording these videos on my iPad mini, so the quality and the lighting may not be the best....but oh well. Also, I am using a new app called Vizzywig to record my videos. It has some editing features that I am just starting to learn how to use. My video is quite choppy, and hopefully the sound quality is okay. I should have increased the volume prior to recording.

My YouTube video Link

Training today was awesome

Squats (ass to the grass squats)
45 x10 warmup
95 X 10
115 X 10
115 X 10

Lying Leg Curls
3 sets of 25 X10

Standing calf raises
3 sets of 110 X 10

Alternating Lunges with 20 pound dumbbells
3 sets of 10

Palof  Presses
3 sets each side 20 X 10

YouTube video clip

My Grandkids :)

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