Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lady Rocky Balboa!!


I felt amazing as I ran the stairs of the stadium...something I hadn't done for over a year. I did not know if I could do it, but I did it and it felt good and motivated me to do even more.

This afternoon as I sat watching my daughter play 4 games of basketball in a non air conditioned gym, the thought of running the stairs at the stadium just popped in my head and I could not get the thought out of my head. You know that feeling....something that just pokes at you until you do it. So when it cooled down...around 8:30pm I was gone.

 iPod charged, I jumped into my car and drove to the stadium. As I approached the stadium I noted that the gate was closed and it appeared latched. Hmmm..... part of me wanted the gate to be locked so that I had an excuse to go back home, but I got out of the car to check and the gate was latched but unlocked. So in I went.

I did not hesitate. Soon as I hit the track I started jogging. I jogged a quarter mile and felt pretty damn good. So I looked at the steps...which are high and steep, and I veered off of the track and up the stadium stairs. Woa....I could feel it in my legs the first 25 steps up, but I pushed ahead to the top and over about 25 feet the down 25 stairs, then over about 25 feet then up 25 stairs and over then down 25 steps to the track for another quarter mile and then I repeated that entire sequence 4 times.

I did not stop, heart beating fast, excitement in my body as I felt my body doing this thing! I started getting more motivated, smiling as i did my 3rd and 4th leg of this drill...or whatever you call it.

I finished strong and then I walked a quarter mile around the track feeling like a champion whooping and hollering. Yeah baby, Annette is back in this thing...woohoo. The wind seemed to be just perfect, the leaves in the trees seemed to be cheering for me, I felt unstoppable! I wanted to keep walking, but it was getting dark and I was in that big stadium all by my common sense told me to get back to the car.

Nothing feels better than the endorphins that pour out after a great cardio workout. Can I get an Amen?? I have not felt this good in a long time.

So, I played my Rocky Balboa theme song about 10 times after my workout and I play it as I am typing this blog. Yeah, I am such a geek... but I am a motivated geek.

Rocky Theme Song

I wanna do it again!!

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