Friday, June 28, 2013

I need some calves!!!

OMG...what an eye opening experience!!! Video taping my training has helped me to see my body as other people see me. I never knew my calves were so majorly underdeveloped. Yikes. Hopefully I can gain some mass on those calves...considering that my genetic disposition to puny calves is strong.

I did not meet my weight goal of 145 sad. I weighed in this morning at 147. 8. I am EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED!! I am trying hard to stay positive, but I am pissed when I do everything right (this past week) and the scale doesn't reflect my efforts. I did not have cheat meals or my usual weekend splurge. I really don't want to go on an extreme cutting diet, but maybe that is what I will need to do to get the fat off a little faster. This inch-by-inch deal is starting to mess with my mind.  Damn it !!!!On a good note, I do not look terrible or overweight and my clothes are starting to fit again. 
I will take progress pictures tomorrow morning and post them. 


Here is Day 3 Video Link... I did take the time to edit it to make it shorter
My Video Link

Day 3 routine starts with the leg press machine. My husband and I went to the Cybex room and there was one guy doing leg exercises. He was doing leg curls and he looked a bit perturbed when I ventured over to the leg press machine. Politely I asked him if he was using the machine and he told me to go ahead, not to worry about it. I asked him if he was sure because I could do a different exercise. He said no go ahead. So my hubby took my iPad out and proceeded to tape my warmup set on the leg press. The guy stopped doing his exercise and started watching me. I felt a bit uncomfortable with that so I asked him again if he wanted the machine. He laughed and said no, I am going to sit here and watch you. 

Awkward!!! And that dude watched me do all 3 sets. I should have worn yoga pants instead of shorts. 

Leg Press
75 x 10 warmup
125 x 10 
145 x 10
165 x 10

65 x 10
90 x 10
90 x 10

Standing calf raise
160 x 10
160 x 10
160 x 10

Step ups
I did 3 different versions of BW step ups to get a good leg/butt workout

Stir the pot
This ab exercise kills me...I am not good at it yet...but I get better at it each week.
I did 2 sets of 10 each side.

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